The 3 Best Bike Racks for Rockwood Tent Trailers – Reviews 2024

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Finding the right bike rack for a Rockwood tent trailer might not seem like a big deal, but once you start your search, you will find the number of choices on the market can be a bit mind-boggling. However, if you are a weekend warrior or a serious cyclist who likes to spend every minute on your mountain bike exploring the backcountry, you cannot go anywhere with your bicycle unless you have the right bike rack.

The last thing you want is a bike rack that lets your bikes fall off or be stolen on the way to your next adventure. To help ensure you enjoy many wonderful days out in the fresh air on your bicycles, we looked at several bike racks for your trailer.

These are our recommendations for the 3 best bike racks for Rockwood tent trailers on the market:

Futura GP RV Bike Rack for Travel Trailer

Take your bikes with you whether you plan to camp or not. This may be the best bike rack for Rockwood tent trailers or any other camper out there. The A-frame mount is designed to mount securely on the hitch of your trailer. Not only will it hold two bikes, but they can be locked securely in place.

The hooks have a rubber coating on them to help protect your bike’s frames from damage. The entire rack can be assembled and installed on your trailer in ten minutes. To make things even better, this rack comes with an adaptor that lets you use it on your car by sliding it into the 2″ receiver.

Pro Rac Systems Inc. Tent Trailer 4-Bike Rack / Carrier

For those of you whose whole family is into cycling, you need a bike rack that can handle more than two bikes. This rack from Pro Rac Systems is just the ticket. While advertised as being for four bikes, it can hold up to six with the available extension kit. With this bike rack, you get everything you need to install it on your Rockwood tent camper.

The Pro Rac is a fork-mount bike rake, meaning you will have to remove the front wheels from your bikes and find somewhere safe to store them, such as on the floor of the camper. This rack also telescopes to adjust to the height of your trailer.

ProRac Bike Rack for Tent/Popup Camper

ProRac RVPB-020-1 Tent Trailer Proformance Bike Rack – 2-Bike Carrier

ProRac also offer a trailer hitch tongue mount rack for 2 bikes. One thing you’ll probably find comes in handy, the uprights can be adjusted up or down to fit both your bikes and trailer height. Since this bike rack clamps onto the trailer tongue, there are no holes to drill in the body of your trailer. No holes, of course, means no risk of water leaking into your trailer and causing damage.

The bike rack is front loading for ease of use and features a unique front fork skewer. The skewer locks your bikes securely in place, ensuring they don’t fall off as you cruise down the highway.

Buying the Best Bike Rack for Rockwood Tent Trailers

If you had a full-size RV, you could use a simple ladder bike rack, but with a pop-up tent trailer, you need something a little different. While the trailer might be using the hitch on your tow vehicle, there are other options available designed to make carrying your bikes with you on your next camping trick. There are a few things to consider while looking for bike racks for a Rockwood tent trailer.

Start by Asking Yourself a Few Questions

  1. How many bikes do you plan to carry?
  2. What types of bikes will you be carrying?
  3. What accessibility issues do you have?
  4. Do you have a preferred way to secure the hitch on your trailer?
  5. Do the front wheels on your bikes come off easily?
  6. And finally, which ones are best suited for your Rockwood pop-up tent trailer?

Now let us address each of these questions a little deeper:

1. The type of bike rack you choose must be able to carry the number of bikes you plan to take with you. Typically, these racks come ready to handle 1, 2, or 4 bikes. Occasionally you can find bike racks like the Pro Rac (see full specs) that can hold up to six bikes with the available extensions.

2. The same basic concept applies to the types of bikes you plan to carry. While most are versatile and can hold most bike models, you will come across those that are designed with a specific style of bike in mind. The right bike rack for a Rockwood tent trailer is one that can handle virtually any style of bike you might need to transport.

3. No matter where you choose to mount your bike rack, it is likely to get in the way at some point. For example, attaching a rack to the “A” frame part of the tongue could make accessing the back of your vehicle difficult, but then again, these mounts also help keep your bikes out of the wind, eliminating drag and keeping them out of the way. These are, all things considered, the ones we recommend.

4. This is the time to sit down and decide how you would like your new bike rack to mount on your Rockwood pop-up trailer. There are several choices, including a roof rack (you must drill holes in the roof or sides of your trailer to install these. Because this can void your trailer’s warranty, we did not include them).

5. This question concerns taking the front wheel off each bike, which is required when using a roof mounted bike rack. It also requires you to have space to store the front wheels while in transit. Roof mounted bike racks cause significant drag and can reduce your fuel economy significantly, which again, we don’t recommend.

6. As to which one is going to be the right bike rack for a Rockwood tent trailer or more specifically your trailer? In the end it is up to you to decide this based on the information at hand and your budget. And, as mentioned earlier, we recommend bike racks attached to the tongue mounts.


As you can see, there is a lot that goes into finding the best bike rack for a Rockwood tent trailer. Much of which depends on your preferred style of mount. Each of the different styles has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In making your decision you should consider more than just the style of rack you are most interested in. You should factor in things like the types of bike you plan to carry, any accessibility issues, the ability to securely lock your bikes in place, and while not the most important factor, price.

Hopefully, the information we have provided here will help make finding the ideal bike rack for a Rockwood tent trailer a little easier. Happy trails!

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