The 4 Dirt Bike Truck Tool Boxes – Reviews of Toolboxes 2024

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When you have a dirt bike, buying a tool box for your truck bed can be challenging, whether you have a short or long bed. Of course, the problem only gets worse when you have a short bed. Unless you want to leave the tailgate down whenever you are hauling your bike, you need a tool box that isn’t going to get in the way of the space required to put your bike in the bed and close it. What we found is that the right choice would be wheel well or side-mounted boxes.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best dirt bike truck tool boxes on the market:

DNA Motoring Right Side Truck Bed Tool Box

Rather than talking about each of these wheel well-mounted tool boxes separately, we’re going to cover them both at the same timen (the rightsided one’s above; the left-sided one is here). Both boxes are made from heavy-duty ABS plastic with a matte black finish that won’t show your greasy fingerprints. They come with a handy removable tray. To help keep moisture out and your tools protected, the lids seal and feature built-in locks with keys.

One of the cool things about these boxes is that they are designed to swivel out, making access to your tools much more manageable. They come with a full set of mounting hardware. These features are part of what put them on our list of best dirt bike truck tool box.

UWS EC20021 18-Inch Truck Bed Tool Box

This tool box from UWS is made from a single piece of 0.058-inch aluminum to help keep sticky fingers out. Perfect for mounting behind the wheel (you could put one on each side for even more storage). This toolbox features five heavy-duty ABS drawers (easy to keep clean) mounted on roller slides for smooth operation.

A foam seal is running around the door opening to help keep the dust out. It comes with all mounting hardware and a stainless-steel handle that will let you in, no matter how much snow and ice are on the ground.

UWS EC30001 48-Inch Driver-Side Tool Box

This is another tool box from UWS, but this one is designed to go over the top of your truck’s wheel well, giving you more storage space. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, this toolbox features UWS’s patented RigidCore lid, in which the lid cavity is filled with a solid foam. This helps to improve rigidity and prevent the top from binding during opening and closing.

Behind the locked door at the rear of the toolbox (see full specs) are two 2″-inch, one 3-inch, and one 4-inch deep drawer. All handles are made from stainless steel to help prevent corrosion and loss of function. Hands down, this is one of the best dirt bike truck tool boxes for the money.

UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck Box

Maximize the space in front of your wheel well with this over the side style tool box. Not only does is offer a deep interior that you can access from the side of your truck but the support legs give you a place to stash and anchor some of your gear. This toolbox uses a stainless-steel locking mechanism designed to keep your tools secure.

The lid features a micro-seal gasket that helps keep dirt and water out and a RigidCore foam filling that helps to ensure overall rigidity. It also has self-opening struts that lift the lid and keep it open until you are ready to close it.

UWS | Truck Side Tool Box Tour with Low Profile

Choosing the Best Dirt Bike Truck Tool Box

There is more to choosing the right dirt bike truck tool box than meets the eye. It’s all too easy to be taken by the shiny polished aluminum diamond plate. But, like many things in life, there is far more to this book than its cover. Let’s take a look at the properties to look for as you shop for a tool box.

Tool Box Materials

There are three basic materials used to make truck toolboxes, ABS plastic, aluminum, and steel. Each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • ABS plastic is the least expensive, impervious to weather, and moderately secure.
  • Steel is typically quite heavy, is highly secure, susceptible to corrosion, and tends to be expensive.
  • Aluminum is much lighter, just as secure as steel, is less expensive, and impervious to weather.

Tox Box Style and Size

Beyond your choice of material, these are probably the most important considerations. Since you haul at least one dirt bike, any toolbox you choose has to leave you enough room for your bike and hopefully be able to close the tailgate, but at the same time, it needs to be big enough to hold any tools you plan to take with you. Truck bed tool boxes come in three basic styles, crossover, wheel well mount, and side mount.

Crossover – these toolboxes are designed to rest on the sides of the bed and cross from one side of the truck to the other. While these are the most common truck toolboxes, they take up more room in the back of your bed than you may be able to spare.

Wheel well mount – these are designed to sit behind and on top of your trucks wheel wells. They offer the advantage of leaving the length of your bed entirely open for your bike and gear. Some are simply a deep open space; others have drawers built into them. Most come with all hardware needed to install them.

Side mount – there are several different styles of “side mount’ truck bed toolboxes. Some are designed to be mounted in front of or behind the wheel well; others are designed to be installed to or on the side of the truck bed. And finally, there are those designed to hang from the side of the bed and have support legs that allow them to hold more weight.

Tool Box Security

No matter which toolbox you choose, you need to know that everything you put in it will be there when you come back. The ideal dirt bike truck tool boxes have heavy-duty latches and sturdy locks made from stainless steel. The level of security is also determined by your choice of material and its thickness. While you might have to pay a little more for an aluminum or steel toolbox, you may find the extra security worth the cost.

Weather Resistant

You certainly don’t want your tools and gear to get wet, so be sure to look for toolboxes that feature a foam or rubber gasket for the lid and any drawers or doors. Most top-quality toolboxes have a weatherproof foam seal that will keep out moisture, dust, and dirt. Don’t settle for anything less.

Dirt Bike Truck Tool Boxes – To Sum It All Up

When it comes to finding the best dirt bike truck tool box, there is a lot to consider. However, when it comes right down to it, you need to decide what you plan to carry in it and whether or not you are going to leave your tools in the toolbox all the time (important when deciding about security).

From this point, you can start looking at the various styles and materials available. Keep in mind that while price should always be a consideration, it should not be your primary consideration. It is quite possible to get the best dirt bike truck tool box without spending a fortune. Hopefully, this information will help you find the perfect tool box to fit your needs! Good luck!

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