The 4 Best Tent Trailer Propane Heaters – Reviews 2023

tent trailer propane heater

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The right tent trailer propane heater is the one that keeps you warm while you camp and safe while you sleep. While propane heaters were once common in homes, especially cabins and rural houses, they’re now an important component of camping in the fall and winter. The best propane heaters can warm up a tent trailer in no time, and they’re built with safety features that give you peace of mind as you sleep under the stars.

But what’s the best tent trailer propane heater? And how can you get it for yourself? We’ve done the hard part for you and found the best options for your campsite.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best tent trailer propane heaters on the market:

Tent Trailer Propane Heater 1: COSTWAY 15,000 BTU Propane Tank Top Heater

The COSTWAY liquid propane tank top heater is one of the most convenient, affordable, and impressive heaters you can use when you’re out camping.

This propane tent trailer heater sits right on top of your propane tank so you don’t have to worry about hauling extra hoses with you when you rough it for a weekend. Once it’s turned on, the heater pulls propane directly from the tank, heats up the steel emitter, and warms up to 700 sq. ft. at a time. That’s all thanks to its variable temperature control, which is capable of 9,000 – 15,000 BTUs at any time.

A small, high-efficiency radiator surrounds the heat emitter to provide heat in any direction you need. It also comes with a rust-proof emitter guard that keeps the whole unit safe to use for months or years on end. With a porcelain coated back, rear safety grill, and tip-over safety all included in this super-simple heater, it’s never been easier (or cheaper) to keep yourself warm.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable heat source for your camping trips, this is the purchase for you!

Dyna-Glo 15K & 30K LP Tank Top Heaters TT15CDGP, TT30CDGP

Tent Trailer Propane Heater 2: Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy

The Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy indoor heater is specifically made to heat small, compact spaces. This is important because that means it has less opportunity for failure, malfunction, or overheating compared to other heaters! The Little Buddy tent trailer heater can warm up to 95 sq. ft. of space at a time. While it’s not recommended to use in motorized vehicles, it’s still great for traditional tent trailers, cabins, cottages, and more.

This propane heater comes with an adjustable heat that lets you aim where the heat will go. It runs off of a 1 lb. disposable propane cylinder (not included) for about 5 ½ hours at a time. As long as you have a venting area of at least 4” behind this propane heater, it’ll run at the proper temperature without a problem until it runs out of propane!

The low-oxygen sensor in this heater ensures it shuts off whenever there’s a chance of malfunction or harm. It also comes with tip-over shutoff safety switches that ensure the unit can’t keep operating when it’s tilted. Altogether, that makes this one of the safest and smallest tent trailer propane heaters you can find!

Mr. Heater Little Buddy Indoor/Outdoor Propane Heater - 3800 BTU, Model# MH4B

Tent Trailer Propane Heater 3: Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy indoor propane heater is the suped-up version of the last item on our list. This tent trailer heater features 4,000-9,000 BTUs of output to heat 200+ sq. ft. at a time. With that kind of output in such a small unit, this is one of the most popular trailer heaters for the money today!

This propane heater burns at nearly 100% efficiency to ensure that your tent trailer never fills up with harmful exhaust fumes. In addition, it comes with automatic shutoff, tipover protection, and low-oxygen safety switches that practically eliminate the risk of malfunction or accidental fires.

The whole unit consumes about 0.1 gallons of propane per hour, allowing it to run for 3 hours at a time on maximum output. Complete with a fold-down handle, swivel-out regulator, and wire guard over the emitter, the Mr. Heater Buddy model is just a smart purchase for any outdoorsman. If you want a safe, powerful, and portable heater for your tent trailer, pick up the Mr. Heater Buddy!

Hot Tent Camping in the Tahoe Gear Tipi with the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater

Tent Trailer Propane Heater 4: Mr. Heater MH18B

The Mr. Heater MH18B portable propane heater is the rugged, no-nonsense, high-output solution to keeping yourself warm while you’re enjoying the outdoors. This trailer heater is capable of emitting between 4,000 and 18,000 BTUs at a time, making it one of the most powerful and versatile units available! It can also heat up about 450 sq. ft. of space at a time, which is roughly the size of a studio apartment.

The low, medium, and high settings give you complete control over the heater’s output at any time. Plus, once it’s connected to your propane tank, it can run for hours and hours — even when it’s pumping out 18,000 BTUs! In other words, it’ll heat your tent trailer just fine!

Because this is another Mr. Heater branded product, it comes with the best safety features you could want in a propane-fed heater. It automatically turns off when oxygen is low in the area, it kills its burn whenever it tips over, and it completely shuts off if the pilot light goes out.

With all of that power in such a small footprint, the Mr. Heater MH18B portable propane heater costs a bit more than the other items on this list (though price fluctuations do happen). But it’s well worth the investment!

MyMiniCamperVan: Mr. Heater Buddy vs Mr. Heater Little Buddy

Which Tent Trailer Propane Heater Is Right for You?

Now for the fun part — how do you know which propane heater is right for you and your tent trailer?

The Costway tank top heater is the most affordable and straightforward heater on our list. This unit pumps out a surprising amount of heat, and it sits right on top of your propane tank for convenience. It kind of looks like it was assembled with scrap from a junkyard — but it’ll get the job done.

The Mr. Heater MH4B is an ultra-compact heater, but it’s helpful when you don’t need to heat a big space. Ideal for everything from a full tent trailer to single-person popup tents, this unit is completely portable and comes with all of the safety features that’ll let you feel comfortable keeping it on while you sleep.

The Mr. Heater F232000 (see full specs) is the next level up from the previous unit. It’s got a stronger output so you can heat a larger space, and it’s intended for heavier-duty use than most other Mr. Heater products.

If you’re looking for something that’s powerful, reliable, and durable, then the Mr. Heater MH18B portable heater (see full specs) is your best bet. This little guy can heat a small apartment, which means it’ll be more than enough for your tent trailer!

Are you ready to pick the best tent trailer propane heater for your needs? Check out our list for yourself! Good luck!

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