Electric vs Propane Garage Heaters – Which Are Better? (ANSWERED)

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For your garage, electric and propane heaters are the best options to garage warm during the fall and winter. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they can both keep your garage warm perfectly well. So why do people make such a big deal of picking between these two heater types?

The answer breaks down to preference. Ideally, you want the heater that makes the most sense for your needs and for your geographic area. As a result, you may disagree with someone on whether electric or gas heaters are best.

On this page, we’ll first take a quick look at two of the best electric and propane heaters available, then, after these products, we’ll go into the nitty-gritties of the pros and cons of using each fuel type. Then you’ll know who’ll win in the Battle of Electric vs Propane Garage Heaters.

DONYER POWER Electric Heater

The DONYER POWER electric radiant heater is an exceptional show of durability, warmth, and energy efficiency. This garage heater is ultra-quiet so that you don’t have to deal with background noise in your garage, and it comes with two simple settings to heat up your garage or keep it warm at any time.

The heater itself uses quartz tubes for ultra-efficient warm-up and heat retention. It also comes with a tip-over safety switch that automatically shuts the unit off if it no longer sits upright. The unit also shuts off automatically if it overheats.

With a small footprint and minimal energy usage, the DONYER POWER electric radiant heater is a surprisingly effective and affordable electric option to heat your garage.

3G Plus 21” Electric Heater

The 3G Plus 21” electric fireplace heater is the stationary, reliable, and stately way to keep your garage warm using only electricity. This electric fireplace features a fine wrought-iron design that makes it look good just about anywhere, including your garage. With a quiet blower and realistic-looking logs, this heater makes your garage feel a bit more “homey” than others.

On the flip side, this heater requires installation within your garage to ensure it works properly. However, this is relatively quick and easy with all of the included hardware, and the heater itself only weighs 12 lbs.

Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heater

The Mr. Heater Corporation MH18B portable propane heater is a staple of convenient gas heating equipment. Mr. Heater is a leading brand in the world of propane heaters, and their products are known for reliability, consistency, and warmth.

Specifically, this propane heater comes with three output settings to get your garage to temperature and keep it there. It comes with an automatic shut-off switch in the event it detects low oxygen in the garage, and it also shuts off immediately if it tips over. The heater itself is designed to work with approved accessories only, which also makes it ultra-safe for use with standardized propane containers.

Altogether, the Mr. Heather Corporation MH18B propane heater is a simple, affordable, and portable option to warming your garage with propane.

Mr. Heater Big Buddy Propane Heater

Mr. Heater Double Tank Top Propane Heater

The Mr. Heater MH30T double tank top propane heater is a function-first solution to keeping your garage warm. This heater is designed to install directly on top of your propane tank so you can attach it and move your tank as needed.

The heater itself is a system of two heat lamps that warm up quickly and output a single heat setting to keep your garage warm. It’s efficient, convenient, and sturdy, and as long as your propane tank is upright, the unit will continue to warm your garage.

It’s also worth noting that this ultra-simple heater is also ultra-affordable, making it a great option for the propane enthusiast on a budget.

Keeping Propane Heater Lit

Electric vs Propane Garage Heaters: Electric Advantages & Disadvantages

Electric heaters come with several advantages and disadvantages that could help change your mind on what you want to buy.

First, electric heaters have the advantage of convenience. You plug them in, turn them on, and they work. It can’t get any easier than that.

Second, electric heaters are common. You can find them anywhere.

Third, electric heaters are improving in terms of efficiency and cost, so you can purchase a relatively cheap model that can keep your garage warm without running up your electric bill.

However, electric heaters tend to be more fragile than propane heaters. Electric heaters also commonly produce heat below body temperature, so the heat they make can actually feel cold against your skin. Finally, and most obviously, electric heaters are vulnerable to power outages, which can completely stop your heat.

Electric vs Propane Garage Heaters: Propane Advantages & Disadvantages

First and foremost, propane heaters are warm. They burn more efficiently and output more heat than their electric counterparts.

Second, propane is a clean-burning fuel. Since most electricity is made using “dirty” means (like coal), using a propane heater is better for the environment.

Third, propane is entirely self-contained, which means it can be used during power outages. This is ultra-handy, particularly during violent weather and snowstorms.

On the flip side, propane fuel is an explosive, and storing it indoors is not recommended and may even violate your local fire code. You also have to get your propane tank refilled regularly, which can be a hassle or impossible during inclement winter weather. Finally, propane excels at heating small areas quickly, and it can take quite some time for it to heat an entire garage.

Electric vs Propane Garage Heaters: Final Choice

So . . . which heater is right for your garage — electric or propane?

If you want something simple, go with electric. If you want a heater that gives you raw heating power, pick a propane unit.

The DONYER POWER electric radiant heater with quartz tubes is a great option for anyone who wants an affordable, simple, and effective heater. No muss, no fuss.

The 3G Plus electric fireplace heater (see full specs) has a bit more character to it and looks nicer than a portable electric heater. As a result, you’ll usually pay a bit more, but you can still keep your garage warm.

The Mr. Heater Corporation MH18B (see full specs) portable propane heater is a well-known and celebrated “old reliable” of portable propane heaters. It’s small, it’s a workhorse, and it lasts for years.

The Mr. Heater MH30T double tank top propane heater is the budget option for propane. It’s not the best-looking propane heater on the market (but you’re wanting it to heat up your garage, not marry it), but it’s ultra-simple and it’ll get the job done.

Are you ready to pick the best heater for your garage? Pick from our list today! Good luck!

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