The 4 Best Snowmobile Garage Mats – Reviews 2024

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Garage mats for snowmobiles are always a good idea because snowmobiles, while intensely fun, so require some intense maintenance when they’re not in use. And part of that maintenance is creating a space in your garage or shed where you can store your snowmobile during the off-season and between runs.

Many first-time snowmobile owners may think that a standard garage mat is enough to have underneath a snowmobile to keep it after they’re done running it. However, the truth is that a standard car mat doesn’t do enough for snowmobiles, and it can even damage a snowmobile’s frame or engine for multiple reasons.

As a result, the best snowmobile mats for a garage are the ones that provide traction for the rear track, promote air circulation, and prevent the track from sitting in one spot for an overly-long time.

This means that you may pay more than you’re accustomed to paying for a garage mat to ensure the overall health of your snowmobile, but the investment is worth the payout. When you have the right snowmobile mat for your garage, you can rest easy knowing that your favorite ATV is safe from rust and ready for the next time you want to take it out.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best snowmobile garage mats on the market:

Caliber 13210 TraxMat Snowmobile Traction Mat – 54”

The Caliber 13210 TraxMat snowmobile traction mat is an excellent choice for any garage that’s used to store a snowmobile. This traction mat is designed to provide outstanding traction and break control when you’re moving your snowmobile into position. Because of its simple design, you can also use this traction mat on the back of a trailer to haul your snowmobile wherever you’d like. That’s why this mat also has outstanding air circulation, ensuring no spot in your garage (or on your trailer) collects standing water at any time.

If you’d like to use this mat on your trailer, you can use the included installation kit to secure it to the deck. Installation works best during warm weather when the traction mat’s rubber is warm and pliable.

Whether you use this snowmobile mat in your garage or on your trailer, the 3/8” thickness of it also provides reliable support for the back tread of your snowmobile.

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Raider Snowmobile Mat Protection Trax Trailer Track

The Raider Snowmobile Protection Trax trailer track mat is a multipurpose option for anyone who wants to use a snowmobile mat either in their garage or on their trailer. This track mat is designed to provide outstanding traction for your snowmobile’s rear track to ensure it can climb an incline into your trailer or settle perfectly into your garage for storage.

The main benefit of this snowmobile mat is that it comes with a proprietary design to the underside that allows air to travel quickly and efficiently. This ensures water and snow melt can’t collect underneath the track itself, which prevents wood rot, mold, mildew, and other hazards that come with storing a snowmobile when it’s not in use.

Stainless steel hardware is included if you want to mount this track to your trailer, and it’s sized perfectly to fit in the side of a garage that has a little extra space. When used in conjunction with glides, this snowmobile mat can provide ideal support for your snowmobile in storage. This is one of the best snowmobile garage mats for the money.

Trailer Trax Snowmobile Mat – 18” x 72”

This Trailer Trax snowmobile mat measures 18” x 72”. It’s the heavier version of the Caliber product listed on this page, clocking in at a full 16 lbs.

This mat itself is 1/2” thick, which is thicker than many other competitors, and is made of a semi-soft material that makes it easy to install in warm weather. In addition, it’s important to note that this snowmobile garage mat isn’t made entirely out of rubber, and installation hardware will leave holes if removed.

The Trailer Trax mat also comes with shallower grooves than other competitors, which makes it better for garage use than trailer use. As a result, it’s an affordable, simple, and convenient opportunity for anyone to store a snowmobile for the long haul in a garage.

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Caliber 13211 TraxMat Snowmobile Traction Mat

The Caliber 13211 TraxMat snowmobile traction mat is an extra-long, durable, and reliable option for anyone who wants to keep a snowmobile in a garage or load it on a trailer.

This traction mat is specifically designed for traction, making it reliable in almost any conditions for loading and unloading a snowmobile. In addition, it’s made to promote airflow underneath the mat itself to prevent the buildup of water and snow melt when it’s not in use.

With a 72”-long track, this snowmobile garage mat is a great option for anyone with a two-seater snowmobile. Weighing in at 14 lbs., it also carries a satisfying weight that implies quality.

Snowmobile Trailer Traction - TraxMat by Caliber

Which Is the Best Snowmobile Garage Mat for You?

Now that you’ve seen the best snowmobile mats online, which one should you get for your garage?

The Caliber 13210 TraxMat snowmobile traction mat is a good mix of affordability and quality. It’s not exactly the largest garage mat for your snowmobile, but it’ll work for most snowmobile models without breaking your bank.

The Raider snowmobile protection track mat is made first and foremost for traction. This is the mat you’ll want to use if you plan to install the mat on your trailer during the in-season and use it in your garage in the off-season since it can support a snowmobile on an incline.

The Trailer Trax mat (see full specs) is a somewhat generic but still powerful solution to storing a large snowmobile, like a two-seater. The 1/2” thick material is also excellent for reliable support of a bigger, heavier model.

Finally, the Caliber 13211 TraxMat snowmobile mat (see full specs) is similarly made for bigger and heavier snowmobile models, but it comes with a proprietary design on the underside that maximizes airflow to prevent water buildup, mold, and mildew.

Are you ready to pick the best snowmobile garage mat? Take a look at our list now! Good luck!

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