The 4 Best Ways to Store Mountain Bikes in Garages – 2023

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The best way to store a mountain bike in your garage always depends on the space you have available and the number of bicycles you want to store. It’s equally important to shop around for the right garage mount that’ll work for your mountain bike.

For example, do you need one that’s a basic hook-style holder? Do you need another that may offer more support, flexibility, and adjustability? Or maybe you’re in the market for a floor-style, multi-bay bike rack that’ll fit right in your garage? Regardless of what you need, we’ll break down the best ways to store mountain bikes in a garage on this page.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best ways to store mountain bikes in garages:

Mountain Bike Garage Storage Method 1: Stalwart 75-ST6016 Bike Rack Wall Hook

The Stalwart 75-ST6016 bike rack wall hook is an easy and convenient mounting mechanism for any standard-sized mountain bike.

This bike storage unit features an ultra-simple design with two hooks and a supporting backplate. Just anchor the backplate to your garage’s wall (or a similar backdrop), and you’re good to go! This fold-up bracket also lets you collapse it against the wall to save as much space as possible when you’re not using it to hold your mountain bike.

The hooks themselves measure 13 1/4” long, and they’re topped with EVA foam coatings to ensure the steel of the mount doesn’t scratch or harm your mountain bicycle’s frame. With a total weight capacity of 50 lbs., the Stalwart bike rack wall hook is the most affordable and sensible way to store your mountain bike in your garage.

Mountain Bike Garage Storage Method 2: Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Bike Wall Hanger

The Ibera horizontal bike wall hanger is a more sophisticated mountain bike mount that’s specifically designed to hold your bike perfectly level. This mountain bike storage rack includes adjustable hangers that can hold up to 40 lbs., while its aluminum construction makes it virtually weightless compared to steel units.

The arms of this mountain bike storage unit include padded ABS to protect your bike’s paint job as well. Once mounted onto an appropriate surface — such as masonry, concrete, or studs — you can fine-tune this bike hanger to work best for your favorite ride.

All in all, the Ibera horizontal bicycle wall hanger gives you more than the run-of-the-mill unit, but it’s still affordable enough for any mountain bike hobbyist. For the money, it’s one of then best ways to store a mountain bike in a garage period.

Mountain Bike Garage Storage Method 3: CyclingDeal 5 Bike Bicycle Storage Stand

The CyclingDeal 5 bike floor parking rack is the mountain bike storage unit that the whole family can use!

This bicycle rack mounts on the floor of your garage, giving you a convenient and compact location to store multiple bicycles for any period of time. With the floor-level accessibility, it’s also a cinch to get your bike, remove it from the rack, and go for a ride — no lifting or wall mounts to worry about!

Despite its size, this bike rack only weighs 10 lbs., ensuring you (or any other member of your family) can pick it up and relocate it at a moment’s notice. It also comes with all of the hardware you need to assemble the rack and get it in the best possible place in your garage.

Best of all, this rack’s aluminum frame is often softer than the carbon fiber or fiberglass used to create bikes, ensuring the rack can’t bend or dislocate any of the parts of your mountain bike. So while you may have to be worried if your disc rotor will be in direct contact with a public bike rack, this garage rack is soft enough to ensure your bike won’t be damaged from prolonged metal-on-metal contact.

With an affordable price point to top it all off, the CyclingDeal 5 bike parking rack and storage stand is one of the best bicycle bays on the market for the whole family!

Mountain Bike Garage Storage Method 4: Omni Bike Storage Rack

The Omni Bike storage rack is the durable, versatile, and convenient way to hang your mountain bikes from your garage wall. This bike rack takes up minimal space in your garage, and because it mounts directly to your wall, it ensures your bicycles take up minimal space as well!

The whole unit is comprised of durable steel. That gives it outstanding resistance to long-term use, and it helps the rack hold its shape whether it’s holding one bike or five! In addition, the length of the rack is completely adjustable to accommodate as many bicycles you need at a time.

With bays large enough to hold mountain bikes, street bikes, beach bikes, and hybrids, this is truly the one-size-fits-all solution to storing your bicycles off the floor to maximize the space in your garage. All you need to do is mount the unit against a sturdy wall — such as masonry or concrete — and mount your bicycles on the universal mounts.

Finding the Best Way to Store Mountain Bikes in Garages

Are you ready to pick out the best mountain bike storage solution for your garage?

The Stalwart wall hook is your standard, everyday bicycle mount that’ll work great for mountain bikes. It’s lightweight, it’s sturdy, it’s reliable, and it’s even coated to ensure you won’t scratch your bicycle’s paint job.

The Ibera bicycle wall hanger is similar, but it comes with adjustable features that make it more accommodating to different sized bikes. In addition, it’s also designed to hold your mountain bicycle at the perfect angle for you to store it or retrieve it at any time.

The CyclingDeal 5-bay bike rack (see full specs) is the only one on our list that’s designed to sit on the floor of your garage. With a relatively small footprint front-to-back, you can press this storage rack up against the wall of your garage, add your bicycles, and still have plenty of space for your tools, cars, and more.

Last, the Omni bike storage rack (see full specs) is a family-friendly multi-storage unit that mounts on your wall. Capable of holding hundreds of pounds of bicycle gear, this is the smart and long-term solution for anyone who wants the best bike rack available.

Are you ready to get the best mountain bike storage for your garage? Find the one that’s right for you in our list! Good luck (and please check out these bike-storing pointers while you’re at it)!

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