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Finding good lightweight ATX cases for your computer can take a lot of time, energy, and research on your part. But why does it have to be such a chore?

The right lightweight ATX cases are the ones that’ll house the components of your dream computer, whether you use it to boot up Steam or export a brand-new 4k video for your growing YouTube channel. Regardless of why you want a lightweight ATX case, the fact remains that you need one to get the PC you want!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the a list of lightweight ATX cases that’ll let you go crazy with your favorite computer builds. These cases combine best-in-class functionality with a light weight, and none of them are configured for mATX (or mini-ATX) usage. That means these cases are all rated to use actual ATX motherboards — not the smaller versions!

These are our recommendations for the 4 best lightweight ATX cases on the market:

FSP CMT210(BLK) Translucent Window Panel ATX Case

The FSP CMT210 case is an affordable and great-looking option for anyone on the market for a new computer.

This ATX case has a black exterior complete with a translucent window panel on the side, giving you the complete view of every single component of your computer at any time. This is ideal for when you have graphics cards or processors with internal lights or sleek designs that make your rig look as powerful as it actually is.

Despite the name, this lightweight ATX case is not just for gaming PCs. It has ample room for the high-powered motherboard, processor, and other requirements that you’d need for a robust multimedia machine. Altogether, this computer case has the potential to house anything you would need to turn out top-rate images, podcasts, videos, and more.

Best of all, this case clocks in just over 10 lbs. so if you want a smart combination of size, function, style, and affordability, the FSP CMT210 ATX is among the best lightweight ATX cases around!

Thermaltake Versa H22 SPCC ATX Case

The Thermaltake Versa H22 ATX computer case is the lightweight and high-powered solution to keeping your computer cool on a budget!

This compact computer case weighs in just under 10 lbs., making it perfect for anyone who wants the lightest-of-the-light from their computer structure. However, even though it’s light, this case still packs an internal cooling system to keep your computer working in top-notch condition. On top of that, the case itself is designed for minimal noise, meaning any PC you build inside this ATX case won’t contribute to the noise of your surroundings.

Complete with USB ports, multiple hard drive trays, and more, this ATX tower is the affordable solution to building the lightweight PC of your dreams!

Thermaltake Versa H22 Special Edition Unboxing, Dimensions, and Initial Review

Rosewill Challenger ATX Computer Case

The Rosewill Challenger black ATX tower computer case is the high-end solution to building your own computer without breaking the bank.

This ATX case is entirely black to help it blend in with your garage, no matter its color. The case itself is designed for high-powered gaming computers, meaning it has some of the most advanced and well-engineered cooling systems that you can find in an ATX tower. It also comes with headphone, mic, and USB jacks right at the top of the unit!

The Rosewill Challenger ATX case comes with three pre-installed fans that deliver outstanding cooling, even in warmer environments like a summertime garage. You can also modify the interior without altering the cooling system, giving you a huge range of opportunities for installing new drives or components. Altogether, this case uses almost every inch of its interior and exterior, allowing you to fit three 5 1/4” drives and seven 3 1/2” drives — all at the same time!

Customizable, cool, reliable, and powerful — the Rosewill Challenger ATX mid tower gives you a ton of opportunities and variety so you can create the perfect computer and continuously upgrade it, thereby making it one of the best lightweight ATX cases for the money.

Newegg TV: Rosewill CHALLENGER-U3 Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Overview

Phanteks Eclipse Steel ATX Case

The Phanteks Eclipse ATX mid tower is another 13-lb. ATX case that’s significantly lighter than most of the other cases out on the market today.

This premium light weight ATX case comes with a fully metal exterior for a sleek appearance and outstanding durability. The fully-integrated cooling system keeps all of your high-powered PC parts cool — including your ATX motherboard — while the transparent side panel and illumination options give you tons of different ways to make this case look great wherever it’s located.

Because of the all-metal exterior and aesthetic options, this light weight ATX case might cost more than some other cases. It accounts for any concern you could have for functionality and gives it an outstanding appearance so your computer doesn’t have to be an eyesore in your workshop.

With all of that in mind, this premium lightweight ATX case is the smart option for anyone who wants to build a PC and pull out all the stops.

Phanteks Eclipse P300 - Overview

Which Is the Right Lightweight ATX Case for You?

If you’re cost-conscious, go with our first option, the FSP CMT210 (see full specs). This ATX case may not seem like much, but it’s reliable enough to house any high-powered PC, provided the interior can fit the parts you want.

If you’re primarily concerned with the weight of the case, go with Thermaltake! This is the lightest case that we could find while still able to support an ATX motherboard.

If you’re more interested in opportunity and upgrades, then go with the Rosewill Challenger ATX case (see full specs)! This computer tower comes with an enormous amount of customizable drive bays and built-in fans that give you phenomenal airflow while allowing you to add your own spin to the interior. Overall, this is a great case for the money, if you have the time to really make it your own.

Finally, if you’re looking for an ATX case that’ll give you all of the essentials with an outstanding appearance, then our fourth option, the Phanteks Eclipse, is for you! You definitely pay for the style, durability, and appearance of this case, but it’s well worth the cost if you have a few extra bucks in your budget.

Are you ready to pick the best lightweight ATX case of your dreams? Check out our list for yourself! Good luck!

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