The 4 Best Mini ITX NAS Cases – Reviews 2024

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The right mini ITX NAS case is the one that combines all the power of a mini information technology extended (ITX) motherboard with the convenience of network attached storage (NAS). But why is it so hard to find a worthwhile PC case that has both of those options available?

We’ve done the work for you by tracking down some of these cases. All of these products are rated for use with mini ITX motherboards with NAS functionality built-in or available at your discretion. Some of them are more durable than others. Some are more affordable. Each gives you a different option so you can determine which mini ITX NAS case works best for your needs!

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best mini ITX NAS cases on the market:


The CORSAIR CARBIDE AIR 240 mini-ITX case is the compact solution to creating a NAS system for your home or small business.

This mini-ITX case isn’t specifically designed to act as the central databank in a NAS system, but it has ample room for a mini-ITX processor and the hard drives or SSDs that would give you the centralized storage of NAS.

The best part about this case is that it’s designed first and foremost for cooling efficiency. When you have multiple hard drives in one case, complete with a high-powered mini-ITX motherboard, then you’re going to have a lot of heat. This case is made to maximize airflow, regardless of how much empty space is available.

With that main advantage, this case is a strong contender for anyone who wants to start a NAS system. While we wouldn’t recommend it for more advanced or high-storage applications, we can say that it’s an excellent starter case for someone who wants to take their first steps into NAS and networking in general.

Complete with fans, radiators, water cooling, and transparent sides, this mini-ITX NAS case is the perfect fit for a budget-conscious tech enthusiast.

How to Build the Corsair Carbide Series Air 240 (Corsair Labs)

Thermaltake Core V1 Snow Edition Mini ITX Case

The Thermaltake Core V1 mini ITX cube computer chassis is the organized and structured way to create your own NAS system for a home or small business.

This mini-ITX case is designed according to the chambers concept of computer cases, meaning the top has constant cooling while the bottom houses all of the essential power hookups. As the cool air sinks from the top, it keeps the removable hard drives (or solid state drives) at the optimum running temperature while also eliminating the heat from the power supplies.

The device racks can hold drives either 2.5” or 2.3” in thickness, and you can swap out the side panel to expose the inner workings entirely to cool air. Best of all, every cooling component on this mini-ITX NAS case is removable so you can quickly clean and maintain it at any time.

If you want a compact solution to creating a NAS system with a mini-ITX motherboard, this is the computer case for you, easily one of the best mini ITX NAS cases for the money.

Thermaltake Core V1 ITX Case ($50 ITX Case!)

Supermicro Superchassis Mini-Tower ITX Case

The Supermicro Superchassis CSE-721TQ-250B mini-tower is another computer case that’s compatible with mini-ITX motherboards with the potential to host an entire NAS system.

This mini-ITX case is designed with security in mind above all other factors. It comes with a lockable front door and key to protect all of your hard drives once you have them installed to create your NAS. Along with that, the case’s exterior is built for rugged durability to stand up to unwanted intrusion from blunt force, cuts, and more.

This is an ideal mini-ITX NAS case for individuals who want more security for their files. This case works well for keeping your data physically safe while leaving the digital protections to you. Still, the case is exceptionally small and may be prone to heat buildup during periods of high demand.

Still, if you want a reliable case that can stand up to physical force and even potential burglary, this is the best mini ITX NAS case for you!


The CORSAIR GRAPHITE 780T full-sized computer tower is the solution to creating your mini-ITX computer to the footprint of a conventional desktop PC.

This computer case is designed to be a mini-ITX, NAS-compatible case that you can pack full of high-end PC gear to keep it running fast, smooth, and hot throughout the day. Best of all, because it’s intended to house powerful gaming gear, this mini-ITX desktop case is designed with convenient cooling mechanisms and systems.

The sleek exterior goes great in any den, basement, or garage, and using a mini-ITX motherboard gives you tons of room for extra hard drives, extra-large graphics cards, and other important parts. In fact, the case comes with six modular hard drive shelves in case you want to do that exact thing!

With a durable exterior, spacious interior, and mini-ITX / NAS-compatible construction, the CORSAIR GRAPHITE 780T computer tower is the premium case for your custom-built PC needs.

New PC Setup Corsair 780T Full tower case with fixed line water cooling

Which Mini-ITX NAS Case Is Best for You?

So which mini-ITX NAS case is going to be right for your computer, server, or databank?

If you want an affordable first-step into the world of NAS systems, then go with our first option, the Corsaid Carbibe Air 240! It’s small, priced low, and specially designed to work with mini-ITX motherboards. With it, you can learn just about anything you’d want to know about NAS so you can grow your understanding and expand your skill set at the same time.

If you’re looking for a compact, ultra-cool NAS case for your data storage needs, then go with our second, Thermaltake, item. It has a small footprint with a high-powered cooling system that’ll keep your hard drives or solid state drives at the prime working temperature.

If you want a security-focused solution to storing smaller amounts of vital data, then our third option, the Supermicro Superchassis (see full specs), is for you! This is the only mini-ITX case on our list to feature a lockable front door so you can limit access to your most important information both digitally and in the real world!

Finally, if you want a reliable, self-cooled, and high-potential mini-ITX NAS case for your data requirements, then Corsair Graphite Series 780T (see full specs) is your best fit. This full-sized computer case is built for high-powered gaming parts that often run hot. With that in mind, your central NAS unit will stay cool and run strong throughout the day.

Are you ready to get the best mini ITX NAS case for you? Check out our list for yourself! Good luck!

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