The 4 Best Lightweight MDF’s – Reviews 2023

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Lightweight medium density fiberboards (MDF) are going to give you reliable durability, easy pliability, and a price point that makes sense for what you’re getting. With that in mind, it’s easy to find the right lightweight MDF for any project revolving around amateur building, workshop hobbies, or even crafts for the family!

That’s why we took a look at all of the lightweight MDF we could find to create this list of the four best. Our list contains a variety of MDF that’s ideal for a wide range of applications.

Here are our recommendations for the best lightweight MDF’s on the market:

Jack Richeson Medium Density Untempered Hardboard (6 pack), 16×20

The Jack Richeson medium density untempered hardboard is the lightweight MDF solution that anyone can use in their home workshop.

This lightweight MDF measures 16” x 20”, a more-or-less standard measurement that lets you use each board as you bought it or to cut a board to the perfect length. Each board is also 1/8” thick to ensure it’s usable with nails and screws, but also allowing you to easily cut the board where you need. This also means that this lightweight MDF works best for crafts while also working for lower-intensity construction or workshop use.

Best of all, Jack Richeson packages this MDF with six boards in every single pack. With such a low price point to boot, that makes this MDF ideal for anyone who wants to start working with the material in large quantities, but may not have the budget for the ultra-high-quality MDF.

12” x 24” Sheets of 1/8” MDF, Perfect for Crafting or Laser Work

These 12” x 24” sheets of 1/8” thick MDF are the best picks for anyone who wants to use fiberboard as a craft medium.

These boards are all made to huge proportions, ensuring you can do just about anything you want in terms of crafts or spot-fixing wood fixtures. These 24 sheets of MDF fit in a standard USPS flat-rate shipping box for affordable transportation, and they give you an enormous amount of material to use in household projects.

Plaques, doll houses, laser engraving, CNC work — it’s all possible with these 24 positively enormous sheets of medium density fiberboard! These are among the best lightweight MDF’s for the money.

SJT ENTERPRISES MDF Wood Craft Plaque Sign 10 x 16-inches, 3-Pack (SJT00071)

This lightweight MDF is the generic version of many other MDFs on the market today. It’s primarily used for creating or mounting plaques, signs, and other objects that need to be hung on a wall. In addition, this lightweight MDF is also handy for finishing or replacing structural parts of picture frames and other small items that are used in interior decorating.

This MDF board ships from the factory completely blank, giving you total control over how your end project will look. Because it measures 10”x16” as well, this board is ideal for interior signage without the need for you to treat or seal it after you’re done working on it. In the event you wanted to use these boards outside, you’d only have to apply a few coats of sealant or weatherproofing before doing it.

Each pack of this MDF ships with three boards included. Each board also measures 1/4” thick, making it significantly stronger than the other boards on our list. While this MDF is not considered “heavy duty” by any stretch of the imagination, it’s still strong enough to provide structural support for a variety of low-impact applications. It’s even thick enough for you to engrave with a blade or laser!

Altogether, this lightweight MDF board is the most versatile option on our list. It’s a little pricier if you want to buy in bulk, but that price accounts for the extra thickness and durability that you can expect from these boards.

If you’re looking for MDF that has a little more strength to it, this is your choice!

WoodNShop Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) 1/8 X 24 X 48

This medium density fiberboard is the gold standard in versatile, reliable, and sturdy construction / craft material.

This MDF is perfect for patching holes in existing woodwork, adding a structural layer to existing furniture, and working with crafts in dozens of different ways. The 1/8” thickness also makes it easy for you to double-up this fiberboard, essentially creating 1/4” thick layers with better durability than a single sheet alone.

Best of all, this MDF easily paints, stains, and adheres with no problem. Just pick the paint or stain you want, apply it, and wait for the color to settle. The pock-marked surface also makes a great adherent for sticky-tack, decorative adhesive papers, and decals.

Altogether, this construction-grade MDF is an essential for any woodworker’s hobby shop.

Which Lightweight MDF Is Best for You?

So which lightweight MDF is the right board for your needs?

If you want a solid and affordable all-arounder, go with our first option, the Jack Richeson (see full specs). It won’t break your bank and you’ll get some decent materials that you can use in both craft and workshop scenarios.

If you want MDF that’s usable for both crafts and construction, go with our second option! These enormous MDF boards are so big that you’ll have a consistent, steady, and reliable supply of boards for any project you need, regardless of its size. With just one purchase, you’ll be stocked on high-grade MDF for months or years to come!

If you’re looking for MDF that you can use to create signage or interior decorations, then pick our third option from SJT Enterprises (see full specs)! These MDF boards are ultra-thick compared to the others on our list, and they’re specifically cut to be used as signs, wall accents, and more.

Finally, if you want a standard, generic form of MDF that you can use for construction or heavier crafts, then pick our fourth option! These boards are comparatively smaller than the others on our list, and you can layer them on top of one another to create a strong structural backing to cabinetry, dressers, entertainment centers, and more.

Are you ready to pick the best lightweight MDF for your needs? Check out our list today!

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