The 4 Best Mini Fridges for Kegerators – Reviews 2024

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The best mini fridge kegerators are focal points of an entire man cave, workshop, shed, garage, or even the house. Mini fridges that are specifically designed for kegerators (or to become kegerators) are compact, powerful, energy efficient, and — most importantly — convenient. After all, is there anything better than having a huge supply of your favorite brew right next to you as you work, tinker, or hang out with friends?

But where do you start with mini fridge kegerators specifically? This kind of beverage equipment includes a lot of complex parts, requirements, and terminology. If you’re not familiar with kegerators in the first place, finding the mini fridge is a total chore. That’s why we found the some of the best fridges for kegerators. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, giving you an excellent range of choices.

These are our recommendations of the 4 best mini fridges for kegerators on the market:

EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Brew Kegerator Mini Fridge

The EdgeStar KC1000SS kegerator is the truly “mini” solution to keeping your best brews close at hand.

This mini fridge kegerator can hold 1/6 kegs or Cornelius kegs one-at-a-time. While that may not sound like much from the standpoint of a bar, a 1/6 keg is still plenty for the workshop hobbyist who likes to have a drink while they tinker or a few friends who want to get together and watch a Sunday night game.

The mini kegerator itself is made entirely out of stainless steel for durability and stability. It also comes with all of the parts and equipment you need to make your kegerator fully functional, including gauges, couplers, and more.

The thermostat has a digital readout so you can check temperature at a glance, and the internal lighting makes it easy to see everything as you swap out kegs. If you want a simple, reliable, and affordable mini fridge kegerator, this is your prime choice.

Kegerator- Good, Better, Best

EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler Mini Fridge

The EdgeStar KC2000 kegerator may say “full size” in its name, but make no mistake — this is a mini fridge compared to standard refrigeration equipment. The “full size” part of the name refers to its size in relation to other kegerators, which are built to be about the same size for the convenience of bartenders and bar owners in commercial settings.

With that in mind, the footprint of this kegerator is still small enough to match many mini fridges. It can also hold half and quarter kegs, giving you a nice versatility in beers that you may want to have on hand.

This entire unit is made out of stainless steel with a powder black finish on the exterior, giving it outstanding dent resistance, durability, and rust-proofing. Because it’s made for commercial use, you can be sure this unit will stand up to years of repeated pouring and refrigerating without the risk of burning out or leaving you high and dry.

The major selling point of this mini kegerator is that it’s a nice balance between commercial-grade durability and overall price. Are you going to get the best-of-the-best that you’ll find at world class bars? No. But you will get a solid kegerator that’ll work for you day after day, year after year, with minimal risk of rust or breakage. This makes it one of the best mini fridges for kegerators in our book.

KC2000 Kegerator Set Up

Kegco K309B-1 Keg Dispenser Kegerator Mini Fridge

The Kegco K309B-1 mini kegerator is a top-notch dispensing solution for anyone who wants to keep their favorite beer close at hand.

This mini fridge kegerator is designed with a built-in tapping kit that makes it ultra-easy for you to install a keg of beer and pour your first draft. Also, while the kegerator’s footprint is small enough for this to be considered a mini fridge, the interior is so spacious that it can fit one full-sized keg. Naturally, that interior includes all of the refrigeration equipment and parts that’s needed to keep your beer at your favorite temperature.

This mini kegerator is also built to last in commercial environments, meaning there’s a strong chance you’ll never have to replace this unit after you buy it. The sleek exterior goes well in just about any room of your house, especially a workshop. The only maintenance you’ll need to perform on this mini fridge kegerator is cleaning.

Kegco K309 Kegerator

Danby Single Tap Spotless Steel Home Beer Kegerator Mini Fridge

The Danby single tap home kegerator is the first item on our list to be made specifically for residential use.

This mini fridge kegerator’s interior is spacious enough to hold one full keg at a time, and all of the dispensing parts are included with your purchase. While it lacks the durability and overall reliability of a commercial-grade unit, you can happily use this mini fridge kegerator for years after your first purchase.

Overall, you might be some more maintenance required for this unit compared to other mini kegerators on our list (but then again, its price might be considerably less too). But if you don’t want to spend a lot, then that maintenance is well worth saving some bucks, which makes this of the best mini fridge kegerators for the money.

Danby Kegerator Build Part 1

Which Is the Best Mini Fridge for Kegerators?

So which mini fridge for a kegerator should you get?

If you’re conscious about price and that’s your primary concern, go with our first option, EdgeStar KC1000SS. It’s the most affordable mini fridge kegerator on our list that will require some maintenance to keep in good shape. But if you’re willing to clean and maintain it, then it can last you for years.

Our second kegerator, the EdgeStar KC2000 (see full specs), is ideal for workshops, garages, and other areas where durability becomes a primary concern. If you want something that’ll stand up to dust, moisture, and exposure, this is your choice.

The third mini fridge kegerator, the Kegco K309B (see full specs), is the high-grade, commercial-level kegerator that you’d expect to see at a bar. It’s designed to stand up to regular use, spills, dents, kicks, and more. If you want something that you know will last in your basement or garage for decades after you buy it, this is your prime choice.

Finally, if you want something a little more durable and less labor-intensive, then our last kegerator, the Danby Single Tap, is the choice to make. You’ll still have to clean this mini fridge kegerator — but you won’t have to do anything substantial to keep it in working condition.

Are you ready to find the best mini fridge for kegerators? Pick one from our list now. Good luck!

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