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If you own a Jeep Cherokee XJ and like to take it off road on a regular basis then you should consider adding a lift kit package to it. There are a lot of lift kits out there to choose from and we have taken a good look at several of them. Of the kits we chose to review we made sure they had to be easy to install and always positively reviewed by those that had purchased and installed them.

Here are the 4 best XJ lift kits that we came across (and we go into detail what you should look for in Jeep XJ lift kits after our reviews):

Rough Country – 623N2 – 4.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit w/ Premium N2.0 Shocks

This is an amazing and not too pricey Jeep XJ 4.5 lift kit lift from Rough Country. They are a company that pretty much wrote the book on raising Jeep Cherokee XJ’s, which were built from 1984 – 2001.

The kit (see full specs) has everything you need to do the job right and even comes with four superior grade N2.0 shocks that are perfect for off road vehicles that have been lifted. You will also get such other great features as lifted coil springs, sway bar links, lower tubular control arms, brake line relocation brackets and a hardened tubular transfer case drop kit for the front and ride smoothing Add-a-leaf springs for the rear.

If you have the right tools and workshop most people can have this kit installed in the better part of a day. The easy installation instructions that come with it will help here.  Without a doubt, it’s one of the best XJ lift kits period.

Rough Country – 670N2 – 3-inch Suspension Lift Kit w/ Premium N2.0 Shocks

Here is yet another highly rated suspension lift kit from Rough Country that is perfect for those 1984 – 2001 (the only years XJs were built) Jeep Cherokee XJ owners who are looking to add about 3” in height to their vehicles.

The key component to this kit (see full specs) is definitely the four nitrogen gas shocks which are made to strict military specifications for off road use. You will also get such other nice features as two 3-inch lifted coil springs for the front and two Add-a-leaf springs for the rear plus all the necessary hardware to make the installation go smoothly. This kit is designed to go on your vehicle in 3 – 5 hours depending on how familiar you are with this type of work.

Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit Deluxe

The key word with this lift kit by the reputable company Supreme Suspensions is definitely “Strength.” To make this lift kit able to stand up to the rigors of driving your Jeep Cherokee XJ off road it includes a set of high crystalline Delrin coil spring spacers and also a set of high strength carbon steel add-a-leafs. This kit also contains detailed instructions and a pro pack hardware kit for easy installation.

This kit fits all Jeep Cherokee XJ’s built from 1984 – 2001. It allows you to raise your ground clearance so you can add larger rims and tires without affecting your Jeep’s factory drivability settings. The easy bolt on installation takes most people less than 5 hours to complete.  It should be on anyone’s list of the best XJ lift kits.

Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit Pro

If you want a lift kit for your Jeep Cherokee that is priced extremely well and can be installed in just a few hours then this highly rated kit from Supreme Suspensions may be just right for you. Many of those jeep owners that have installed this kit rave about how it evens out the chassis level of the vehicle. They also like the fact that the rear suspension part of this kit is adjustable to meet their needs.

The kit comes with everything you need to do the job the right way including simple but detailed installation instructions. It is all bolt on construction for durability and with this kit you will also maintain the important factory ride quality. Included in the kit are two crystalline Delrin spring spacers, two carbon steel lift shackles and all the necessary hardware for the installation.  And at this price, it’s likely the best cheap Jeep XJ lift kit–cheap being in price only and not quality.

Key Factors in Your Jeep XJ Lift Kit Purchasing Decision

You will notice there are some common factors among the Jeep XJ lift kits we have featured here and recommended. They are really important to have on any lift kit you decide to purchase. Make sure the kit you buy has:

1.    Easy Installation and detailed instructions

Most people that add these lift kits to their vehicles do-it themselves so it is extremely important to look at the manufacturers estimated install time. Most people with a medium or better level of mechanical aptitude will be able to install the product within a few hours of this estimated time. Detailed instructions are a must to smooth out the installation process.

2.    All the necessary hardware for the Install included

You don’t want to stop your install several times to run to the hardware store to get a part and you especially don’t want to wait to have a part mailed to you. Make sure the kit states all the necessary hardware for installation comes with the kit.

3.    All bolt on Installation

Not many people have a welder at their disposal or enough knowledge to use one for installing a lift kit. Make sure the lift kit you purchase clearly says it’s “all bolt on construction.”

Hot Tip on the Best XJ Lift Kits

Body lift kits will give you extra tire clearance while maintaining your factory drivability. Suspension lift kits allow you to put on bigger rims and tires for increased clearance and traction.

A lift kit truly offers you a lot of advantages when taking your Jeep Cherokee XJ off road. Any of the kits that were very favorably reviewed above will be an affordable and welcome asset to your Jeep Cherokee XJ when you leave the pavement and head off road on an adventure.

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  1. I am going to be installing the kit myself so as you said it is important for the kit to be easy to install. Thank you for the tip on getting everything before I start the lift kit. I once went to replace the radiator in my jeep once and found I was missing some essential parts. It ended up taking way too long to finish.

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