The 4 Best Sounding BOV’s — Blow Off Valve Reviews 2023

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Turbocharged cars are awesome to own and drive for sure but there is one thing that is sadly lacking with them and that is performance-type sound when shifting.

Well, that does not necessarily have to be that way. With the proper Blow off valve (BOV) installed on them they can make an attention getting sound and help performance as well. We’ll go into what you should look for in the best blow off valve sound products after our reviews. So without much ado . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best sounding BOV’s on the market:

HKS (71008-AK001) Super SQV4 Sequential Blow Off Valve Kit

This is a great BOV kit from HKS. It is another highly rated kit that has great performance characteristics. Those who have purchased it rave about the way it makes their turbo-boosted engines have that clean, crisp whizzing sound that the best BOV’s make when activated.

It comes with just about everything you will need to install the BOV on your turbo boosted vehicle including the BOV, C- clips, Vacuum filter, O- ring, 2 “T” fittings and even 3 zip ties to hold it in place. It also comes with a complete set of detailed instructions to help make the installation process go smoothly. (One caveat: the flange mount [see a bunch here] needs to be purchased separately at this time so be sure not to forget to buy this.)

This BOV is relatively compact despite all of its innovative futures. Still, it measures 6.8″ x 6.8″ x 3.5″ so make sure you have enough room to install it. As a testament to how popular it is it is one of the most copied BOV’s on the market so also make sure you are purchasing the original made by HKS.

GReddy (11501665) Blow-Off Valve

Not to be outdone by other blow off valve manufacturers, this is a nice little and quite universal model BOV from GReddy. GReddy is a manufacturer with a solid reputation in the industry and this model BOV is highly rated by those who have purchased it. It is in a similar price range to other BOV valves that are solidly built to perform well, easy to install, and have a nice sound enhancement to them.

This model is a compact 9 x 5 x 7 inches and weighs under 1 ½ pounds. Its small size makes it easy to locate and install without having to move engine hoses or other parts that normally may get in the way. The kit comes complete with all the necessary tubing, an Allen wrench and gasket; the only thing you will need to purchase separately is the flange which is typical with many BOV manufacturers. It also comes with an excellent installation manual. It should be on anyone’s list of the best sounding BOV.

Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 Blow-Off Valve

This is another BOV that scores consistently high marks for the crispness of its whoosh sound when it’s activated by letting off the gas pedal. One of the best things about this blow off valve is that it is midrange in price but has the same performance characteristics as many BOV’s that are priced higher than it.

It is a solidly built and good looking valve that installs easily too. Its 7 x 6 x 5 inch size means it is a valve that is easy to handle while installing and does not require a lot of space to locate either. The valve itself only weighs 7 ounces too which also makes it easy to hold in place when you go to install it. This Turbosmart product has the capacity to both improve the shifting in your turbo boosted engine and also turn some heads in your direction with the superior sound it produces.–9kzR1IrKw

GFB 02-07 WRX / 04-10 STI TMS Respons Blow Off Valve Kit

This is likely the priciest BOV on our list (though price fluctuations do happen), but it’s also a straight 5-star rated product that justifies that price based on the performance it delivers. This is a complete kit that comes from the reputable engine performance company GFB. It has everything you need for easy installation including the blow off valve, gasket, and 5mm wrench. The one above is for Subaru STI’s and Impreza WRX’s (the other models can be seen here).

It delivers both an impressive sound and an impressive performance when properly installed, which should not be a problem with the detailed installation instructions that are included with it. Once of the best things about this valve is it has fully adjustable settings so it can be fine-tuned to help the performance of any turbo boosted vehicle that it fits on. It is also a very sturdily built product that will hold up well for long life. All this performance also comes in an easy to locate and install compact 8” x 4” x 8” size. It’s among the best sounding BOV’s.

Tip: Beware of Knockoffs

We’ve already mentioned under the HKS review that it was one of the most copied blow off valves on the market. It seems to be quite a common theme throughout the industry and there are a lot more copies out there than there should be.

What are some signs that a blow off valve is a copy? Two of the key things to look for are price and construction materials. If you are looking at a blow off valve that is made of plastic and has a super-low price, you can be pretty sure it is a copied part.


Keep in mind that not every BOV fits on every type of turbo boosted vehicle. Make sure you check the package any blowoff valve comes in to make sure it is compatible with your type of turbo boosted vehicle before purchasing. Every BOV needs a flange (see a bunch of them) to mount it on also, so if one is not included in the kit you buy make sure you order it separately to avoid the waiting time of having it shipped.

The best sounding BOV’s are welcome additions for any type of turbo-boosted engine. They’re great not just for enhanced sound but also for engine performance and turbo protection. Any of the models mentioned above would be excellent BOV choices if they are compatible with the turbo boosted vehicle you own. Good luck!

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