The Best Rough Country Lift Kits – Reviews 2024

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If you want only the best when you’re raising the chassis of your vehicle, then you may want to invest in a Rough Country lift kit. They make some of the best around, and you can rest assured of quality once you’ve installed them on your vehicle.

Of course, knowing which the best Rough Country lift kit is isn’t easy. We’ve snagged some for common vehicle models in order to show you a sampling of their greatest kits, and then we’ll discuss what makes them so special.

So, without further ado, below are our Rough Country lift kit reviews:

An Overview of Rough Country Lift Kits

For the most part, your kits are going to fall into one of the following categories:

Leveling kits will remove the factory tilt on your vehicle. This is mostly a cosmetic detail but the kits are easily installed at home since they usually consist of just spacers. Not all leveling kits will give you a 100% even stance and the amount you’ll need varies from brand to brand but it’s usually in the realm of 2.5”
• Smaller lift kits are great for those who tow heavy. If you’re looking to increase performance on the road while you’re hauling your toys or travel trailer then look for something in the 3” to 4” range.
• Larger lifts, particularly those in the 6”+ range are designed to increase off road performance by providing superior ground clearance to your OEM standards.

The best part about Rough Country lift kits is undoubtedly the fact that they come with everything that you’ll need in order to ensure that you not only get a lift but also that your suspension performs up to par.

They’ll look a little bit expensive compared to simple things like spacers, which are often used by amateurs, but you can actually increase rollover risk if you go too high without making sure that your suspension is up to the task.

We strongly recommend going with a kit for anything over a 3” lift, and even then you should go with a quality kit if you can fit it in your budget.


Installation of these kits is pretty easy if you know your way around the underside of the truck already, and if you don’t then you may want to look up a video or two. Most people will be able to get it done at home in the matter of a couple of hours.

That’s a big difference to be made in your own driveway.

Of course, since each manufacturer does things just a little bit differently, you’re going to want to make sure that you match things off to your truck’s year and model. These kits are available for just about everything out there, so don’t worry too much if you didn’t see your exact model listed above, Rough Country even makes their kits for uncommon trucks like Internationals.

Rough Country offers the best price point for complete kits on the market, and their reputation precedes itself.

If you’re still wondering if this brand is right for you, however, read on and we’ll show you who they’re best suited for.

Sizing Up the Rough Country Difference

Rough Country’s suspension and lift kits offer an awesome price for what you get.

For the most part, all of their kits are competitive in quality when you’re under the 6” point. Those with a true feel for trucks in the stratosphere may want to look into more expensive brands, however, especially for off-road competition use.

For those who just want to have some fun on the dunes or in the mud, they’re a great way to get going. Many people have found that the kits are both affordable and easy to install as well, since you won’t have to disassemble everything.

Keep in mind we only listed a few, if you click through you should be able to find something to fit just about any truck out there.

Let’s put it this way: if you go any cheaper the suspension you get is going to be absolute trash.

Nitrogen-charged Shocks

Nitrogen charged shocks are favored over hydraulics by most people, especially when you’re looking at high-performance usage.

The way they work is pretty simple: with standard hydraulic shocks the piston comes down and forces air against the fluid which causes the slight amount of bounce.

This setup is remarkable, but it has one issue: you’ll find that over time there will be a slight distance between the piston and the hydraulic. The air will eventually foam the oil as it gets introduced repetitively, causing the shock to lose efficiency over time.

Nitrogen shocks simply last much longer since the charge keeps the piston in constant contact with the hydraulic oil.

Easy to Install

Of course, one of the big advantages of these kits is that they can almost always be installed in the home garage. The “bolt-on” factor is a big draw for many people, and the usual time estimated to place them is only a couple of hours.

Of course, if you’re not familiar with mechanical stuff then you may be out of luck. In that case, look up a suspension shop near your home and you should be able to get them installed for a fairly low price.

So, Who Will Benefit?

If you’re still unsure, see if any of the following sound like you:

• Leveling out a truck in order to give it a more pleasing stance than the factory tilt.
• 3”-4” lifts to increase towing performance
• 5”-6” lifts for getting your truck dirty in the mud or in the dunes with increased clearance and great shock absorption


If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality lift kit in the 3”-6” range then we strongly recommend you take a good look at finding the best Rough Country lift kit you can. They’re fantastic, priced just right for the end-consumer and offer easy installation. There’s not a whole lot more you can ask for, unless you’re willing to get into the really expensive brands. Good luck!


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