The 4 Best Welders for Auto Body Work – Reviews 2023

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Getting the right auto body welder is important if you’re one of those people who like to do auto body work personally or professionally. The question is, with so many choices out there, which one do you purchase? This article will definitely help you with that decision.

When selecting the right welder for auto body work, we’ve taken a look at such as versatility, price, performance and reviews to come up with the right list. And after the reviews, we also the difference between the two major types of categories these welders fall into. So, off the races we go . . .

Here are our reviews of the 4 best welders for auto body work on the market:

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Wire Welder

There really are no bigger names when it comes to welder manufacturers than Hobart. They have been turning out quality welding products for years. This is a highly rated and versatile MIG welding machine that is in the medium price range for portable welders.
It is powerful yet still only requires 115V to run which means it can be used virtually everywhere there is a power outlet.

Folks have raved about how well its spooling system feeds the wire as you work. It has a wide variety of metal types and sizes that it can be used to weld also. You can weld something as small as 24 gauge metal or something as thick as ¼” mild steel. It also features adjustable output controls that will let you weld at anywhere from 20 to 140 amps and it features a quick change, dual groove spool roll too..

Forney 324 190-Amp MIG/Stick/TIG Multi-Process Welder

This is a nice little machine that gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to welding because it can do both MIG and TIG welding. That ability makes its costly price a little more understandable, but the price is still on the low side for TIG welders (don’t forget to buy the optional TIG welding kit if that is what you are going to be using it for).

Those who have tried this machine (see full specs) rave about its versatility and the amount of control you have over the machine settings on it. Adding to its versatility is the fact it can be toggled between 220V and 115V depending on the power requirements for what is being welded with it. If plugged into 220V you have an amazing 190 amps of welding power if so desired.

Other than the optional TIG welding setup it comes with pretty much everything else you need to get started right in the box. Hands down, this is one of the best welders for auto body work.

LOTOS TIG200 Welder

This medium-priced unit is one of the lowest=cost TIG welders but don’t confuse that with lack of performance. This is another dual powered machine that will let you do a large variety of welding tasks

Its manageable 58-pound weight makes the product (see full specs) portable enough to go just about anywhere you need some welding to be done. It can even be run off of DC voltage which makes it even more portable than most other welders. It has everything needed to get started right in the kit it comes in. This should be on anyone’s list of the best welders for auto body work.

LONGEVITY Migweld 140 – 140 Amp Mig Welder

If you are looking for a bargain when it comes to MIG welders, then this nice little machine by longevity should do the job just fine. It is consistently highly rated by those who have purchased and used it. This welder conveniently runs off of 115V electricity and can handle welding up to 3/8” thick mild steel.

The Longevity Migweld 140 has a lot of adjustability built into its many different control settings and that makes this machine ideal for doing many different thicknesses of welding projects, especially auto body work. It can easily handle being loaded with a 10-pound spool of wire so that you don’t have to pause in the middle of a big welding project to reload it. This is without a doubt one of the best MIG welders for auto body.

HOT NEW Longevity Migweld 140 REView

Auto Body Welders — More Thoughts

Really, you really can’t go wrong purchasing any of the machines mentioned above to help you with your auto body welding needs. Deciding which one is best for you will most likely come down to your budget constraints and how much you will be using it. If you don’t know the difference already, you should also know the difference between MIG and TIG welding when it comes to auto body work.

Auto Body Welder: Difference Between MIG Welding & TIG Welding

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding

MIG welding is great for novice welders. It is much easier to learn and do than TIG welding is. The machines also run far less money than TIG welders do. One of the reasons why they are so easy to run is they continuously feed welding wire as you work so there is no reloading of rods.

They work great for typical metals you will find on cars such as light steel, stainless steel and aluminum. You can do thicker metals with them too but it takes a little more practice in order to do this right.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding

TIG welders do a magnificent job on smaller gauge metals so it makes them ideal to use on auto body work. The process goes much slower with a TIG welder, and they are harder to use than a MIG welder. However, the quality of the work produced with them is usually better than that of a MIG welder. This makes them great if you are doing such things as restoring old automobiles. There also is much less metal splatter as you work than with a MIG welder.

The process goes more slowly because you have to occasionally insert metal rods into the welding tip. These definitely require a much finer welding technique and are much less forgiving than a MIG welder when using them, but if you are experienced, go for it.

So . . . we hope you’ve found best welder for auto body work here, and above all, be careful and safe. Good luck!

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