The 4 Best TV’s for Cold, Unheated Garages – Reviews 2023

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Finding the best TV for your cold garage can be a challenge, but because demand for weatherproof televisions has skyrocketed for patios, man caves, and garages, they’re now more affordable than ever before.

This doesn’t mean that cold weather TVs are cheap. In fact, they’re generally more expensive than their indoor counterparts because of the weatherproofing processes that go into protecting the fragile electronics within the televisions themselves. But now that they’ve become so much more common, there’s never been a better time to pick up a television for your garage that can withstand the cold weather.

So which TV is the best purchase for your garage? Which one will be able to make it through the winter? We’ve compiled a list of great televisions that you can use for that exact purpose.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best TV’s for cold garages on the market:

Best TV for Cold Garage 1: Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Series 49” TV

The Furrion Aurora Partial Sun series 49” weather proof 4k LED television is an outstanding addition to any garage that’s prone to cold weather. This television is 49” from corner to corner and boasts a crystal-clear picture in ultra-high definition.

This television is engineered for outdoor use, meaning it can stand up to more punishment than it’d experience in your garage. It can withstand rain, snow, salt, fog, direct sunlight, humidity, and even insects, all while maintaining crisp audio and video performance. The media ports even come with built-in seals that let you seal them air-tight when they’re not in use.

With an ultra-responsive screen, you’ll have a clear view of everything on this television even if partial sunlight can creep into your garage. The LCD screen also prevents glare from both the sun and your garage’s lights.

With a one-year warranty, Furrion stands behind their outdoor televisions. And because you’ll be using it in a garage, you can bet it’ll withstand cold weather.

Furrion Aurora™ TVs — Made for the Outdoors

Best TV for Cold Garage 2: SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor 55” TV

The SunBriteTV weatherproof outdoor 55” Veranda 4K television is an immense step forward in terms of meshing an outstanding television experience with the rugged durability required of an outdoor TV. SunBriteTV specializes in creating outdoor televisions, and they’ve become an established brand with a powerful reputation for quality.

The most important part of this garage television is that it’s been designed from the ground up to handle weather of all kinds. It has an exceptionally durable aluminum case that’s sealed to prevent rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust, and other contaminants from ruining the television itself. It also has a completely self-contained audio system that boasts impressive sound, meaning you don’t have to purchase a separate sound bar to actually hear your television in your garage.

This TV also features media connections that you can cover when not in use, and the screen prevents glare to ensure a flawless viewing experience. Want the best LED TV in unheated garages? This just might be it.

How much abuse can Sunbrite's outdoor TV take? We found out.

Best TV for Cold Garage 3: SAMSUNG 75” Class QLED 4K UHD

SAMSUNG’s 75” Class QLED The Terrace outdoor smart TV is one of the leading televisions that’s used outside and in garages. SAMSUNG is synonymous with quality overall, and it’s long been a preferred brand of technology aficionados, particularly those who want the ideal television.

This QLED TV — from SAMSUNG’s The Terrace product line — is optimized to display in outdoor and changing light conditions. Its vivid image is peerless in terms of crispness, even if you have sunlight coming through your garage door windows and striking your television screen directly.

SAMSUNG has also weatherproofed this television to the strict standards of IPS5 in terms of weather resistance, particularly against water and dust. As the two most common contaminants in a garage, this makes this SAMSUNG television ideal for a garage in cold weather.

Best of all, this is a smart TV that can directly connect to your WiFi or pairable devices. It comes with Alexa built-in, and you can add your favorite apps right to the home screen.

In terms of size, control, reliability, and durability, this SAMSUNG television is one of the best. Just keep in mind that you’ll pay for that quality up-front.

Samsung 75" 4K QLED HDR TV Review

Best TV for Cold Garage 4: Mirage Vision Diamond 4K QLED Outdoor TV

The Mirage Vision Diamond 4K QLED outdoor TV is an ultra-thin, high-end viewing experience for anyone who wants the best television in their garage during cold weather.

This television features an ultra-high definition picture with a barely-there profile that’s hardly visible from the side. In addition, Mirage makes their televisions as strong as they are beautiful, complete with weatherproofing, cryptoshield coating, water resistance, and a vivid picture even in full sunlight.

Because Mirage often makes higher-end televisions, they’re not the most affordable options on the market. However, the cash you spend is visible from the moment you mount your television, and its weather treatment makes it safe to use in chilly garages.

4K QLED tv | Mirage Vision Diamond 4K QLED tv | QLED gaming monitor

Which TV Is Right for Your Unheated Garage?

So which television should you get for your garage in cold weather?

If you’re looking for a nice budget option, the Furrion Aurora TV is a great way to go. It still gives you a great picture, and the audio is nice to boot. It could get a little pricey because it’s made for the outdoors, but it’s a fair price to use in your garage.

The SunBriteTV 55” television is a good bet if you want something from a trusted brand that only makes outdoor televisions. If anyone in the world knows how to make a TV last in a patio, gazebo, or garage, it’s SunBriteTV.

Next, the SAMSUNG option (see full specs) is perfect for someone who’s okay with spending more money to get a high-end, name-brand television to use in their garage. SAMSUNG is synonymous with cutting-edge quality, and it shows in their televisions.

Finally, the Mirage television (see full specs) is ideal for someone for whom money is no object. If you want the best, the longest-lasting, and the most stunning television you can find, Mirage is your answer.

So which one is the best TV for cold, unheated garages? Pick from our list for yourself and find out. Good luck!

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