The 4 Best TV’s for Garages – Reviews 2024

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Putting a TV in your garage is what elevates it from a workshop or a lounge to a full-on man-cave or she-shed. Whatever you use your garage for, if you spend a lot of time there you’re going to want a quality TV in it.

The type of TV you buy will depend mainly on what you use the garage for. If it’s a workshop and you just want a TV to provide light entertainment in the background while you work on your hobbies, then a small or even portable TV might be all you need. But if you want to turn your garage into a home sports bar to watch NFL games in each Sunday, you’re going to want something bigger.

Either way, the main considerations will be price, picture quality, sound quality, and screen size. This all that ever matters when selecting a television, it’s just that you’ll place more value on some of those features than others, depending on what you want the TV for.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best TV’s for garages on the market:

Tyler 7″ Portable TV

If you want a small, portable TV, this model from Tyler is your best bet. It’s also a good option if price your biggest consideration. It comes with a built-in antenna so you’ll receive the local broadcast stations.

You can also connect it to other devices like DVD or Blu-ray players, or a streaming box. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and an AC power cord if you don’t want to rely on battery power. It even comes with a remote, which is not always an option with small portable TV’s.

TCL 32 Inch Roku TV

When it comes to combining quality and value, TCL is the best on the market. Their TV’s consistently receive good reviews and their prices are always reasonable. This 32 inch TV is a great garage TV. It’s got a decent screen size, good picture quality, and it won’t break the bank.

The picture quality is 720p, which is a lot lower than most modern TV’s, but on a screen this size you can’t tell the difference between 720p and 4k resolution. As a bonus, this is a smart TV, so you can stream Netflix and Hulu to your garage with no added equipment.

You can place this TV on a stand or table, or you can mount it on the wall. Hands down, this is one of the best TV’s for garages around.

32" TCL Roku TV Unboxing & Impressions!

TCL 40 Inch Roku TV

Another TCL product. This one is generally a little more expensive (but price fluctuations do happen) but has a bigger screen and a better picture. This might be a little too big if you just want a TV on in the background while you work, but for any other purpose, you’ll appreciate the extra screen size.

Like the 32 inch model above, this TV can stand on table or a shelf or you can mount it on the wall.

onn. TV Unboxing 40" Class FHD (1080P) Roku Smart LED 3 HDMI inputs Full HD 500,000+ movies and TV

Samsung 55 Inch 4k TV

This is it. This is the one you want if your TV is the focal point of your man cave. The huge screen and 4k HDR picture make this a perfect television for sports, movies, and video games. It’s the most expensive model on the list, so it’s not for everyone.

That said, if your garage is going to be a lounge or media room, this is the TV you want. Mount it on the wall, or buy a stand for it. Shell out the dough, cry once, and then you’ll have likely the best TV for garages of anyone you know.

Garage TV Conclusion

People buy garage TV’s for all sorts of reasons. Most of you will probably be fine with one of the first two TVs on the list. They’re affordable and they’ll get the job done. The second two are really only for people who intend to watch a lot of TV in their garage, not people who want a TV to watch while they work.

The smaller, portable TV is cheap, but has its limitations. If you want to stream Netflix, you’ll need extra equipment for it. It has a bigger screen than your phone, and doesn’t have to rely on battery power. Those are two big advantages there.

The 32 Inch TCL gives you an affordable TV with a decent screen and built-in streaming ability. It’s more expensive than the Tyler, and it’s not truly portable.

The 40 Inch TCL is a compromise between affordability and quality. It’s a good TV with a large screen and built-in streaming, and it’s still an affordable model.

The big Samsung (see full specs) is the best overall TV on the list, no question. It’s also the most expensive, but with a 55-inch, 4k HDR screen it’s not nearly as expensive as it could be. This is the ideal model for someone looking to turn their garage into a media room or home sports bar.

When looking at resolution and picture quality, remember that for screens smaller than 50 inches the difference between 4k and 1080p resolution is indistinguishable, and below 40 inches the same is true for the difference between 1080p and 720p. That’s because those numbers refer to the density of pixels on the screen; the smaller the screen, the lower the density of pixels you need to make a good picture.

You’ll also notice that, other than the Tyler, these are all standard TVs. Nothing special about them. That’s because, generally, your garage TV won’t be exposed to anything your other TVs wouldn’t be. You don’t need to spend extra money on tough outdoor model here. Any TV can be a garage TV.

All of these TVs except the Tyler can be wall-mounted. That’s usually a better choice than using the stands they come with, since the wall mount is more secure and lets you hang the TV up and out of the way.

You’ll also want to consider a sound bar (see a bunch here). All of these TVs have built-in speakers, but even the best TV speakers are mediocre. If you want a TV just to have on while you work, then there’s no problem with that. If your garage TV is going to be a primary source of entertainment, a sound bar is a necessity. Because no TV can truly qualify for the best TV for garages if it has substandard sound. Good luck!

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