The 4 Best 3D Glasses for BenQ W1070 – Review of Compatible Glasses 2023

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The BenQ W1070 and 3D glasses go hand in hand. After all, a home theater projector with 3D support can help you truly emulate the movie going experience in your own living room, but to take advantage of this feature, you’ll need to invest in the right pair of specs.

As is often the case with newer technology, a definitive standard hasn’t yet been established for 3D content viewing. The BenQ W1070 uses DarkChip3 DLP technology, with 144Hz DLP-Link 3D. We’ve picked out great options compatible with the technology used by the BenQ W1070.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best 3D glasses on BenQ W1070 on the market:

3D Glasses for BenQ A1070 Product 1: Elephas DLP Link 3D Glasses

The color and brightness you’ll get through the Elephas DLP Link 3D Glasses is impressive. Where some 3D glasses can make the image look dark and dull the colors, the image looked just as vibrant through these Elephas glasses as always. They also use a wider 178° viewing angle, so there’s no distortion at the edges even on large screens.

The charge capacity of the Elephas DLP Link 3D Glasses is a bit on the low side. You’ll get about hours of viewing time on a single charge—certainly plenty for family movie night, but you’ll find yourself charging them more often than other glasses.

Aside from this minor quibble, we love the Elephas DLP Link 3D Glasses. They’re super comfortable, even after wearing them for the length of a movie (or two). The 144Hz refresh rate makes them one the best 3D glasses for BenQ W1070 owners.

3D Glasses for BenQ A1070 Product 2: 3D Heaven DLP Link 144Hz Glasses

For the ultimate 3D experience, you’ll want to check out the 3D Heaven DLP Link Ultra-Clear Shutter Glasses. They’re a bit pricey for a 4-pack (though price fluctuations do happen), but the durability, comfort, and overall quality are worth the money if you have it to spend.

The 3D Heaven DLP Link Shutter Glasses are by far the most comfortable 3D glasses for a BenQ W1070. This is mostly thanks to the softer, rubberized frame. Hinged earpieces help them fit a wider range of users. And they’re built well, with thick frames and steel hinges that aren’t likely to wear out.

With a range of refresh rates to choose from, you can use the 3D Heaven DP Link Shutter Glasses with most 3D-capable projectors on the current market. Newer BenQ projectors may put off too strong of a signal, but they work beautifully with the BenQ W1070. They also have a long life between charges, perfect for movie binges.

3D Glasses for BenQ A1070 Product 3: RetroDepth LT Lightweight Rechargeable DLP Link 3D Glasses

We love the old-school look of these RetroDepth LT Lightweight 3D glasses, first of all. They’re not just designed for appearance, either. They feel very comfortable once you put them on, with a lightweight and flexible build that can adapt easily to different-sized heads.

We had no problem syncing these glasses with a BenQ W1070 projector. This eliminates problems with flickering and signal loss, allowing the RetroDepth LT DLP Link 3D Glasses to be frustration-free. With three different refresh rate options, they’re also versatile and can be used with other projector designs.

3D Glasses for BenQ A1070 Product 4: Boblov Active Shutter 3D Glasses

For those home theater owners on a budget, the Boblov Active Shutter 3D glasses are an excellent deal. They have a per-pair budget cost, probably not much more than you’d pay to go to the theater for a 3D movie. Boblov 3D glasses are versatile, as well, and can be used with any DLP projector, including those from BenQ.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price with these Boblov 3D glasses. They have the same fast refresh rate as more expensive options, and we didn’t notice any flickering or definition lost. They’re also very lightweight—you won’t even notice they’re there once you get immersed in the movie.

Like other 3D glasses, the Boblov Active Shutter glasses are battery-powered and rechargeable. They’ll last over 40 hours on a single charge and have an auto shutoff function so the battery won’t drain when you’re not using them. Overall, they’re an exceptional value and one of the best 3D glasses for BenQ W1070 owners.

Syncing Your BenQ W1070 3d Glasses

Pairing your new 3D glasses with your projector is easy with all of the models above. Each style does have its own unique design, so if you’re having trouble finding the pairing or power buttons, check the manual for the ones you bought. Once you’ve located these key buttons, the process is simple:

      1. Power on the projector and choose your 3D content.
      2. Once you see the right image on the screen, turn on the power on your 3D glasses.
      3. Make sure your 3D glasses are close to the projector (within 10 feet) then hold down the pairing button for 3-5 seconds.

Usually there will be a status light on the 3D glasses that tells you if they’ve paired correctly. You’ll often only need to do this process the first time you use the glasses with the projector. In some cases, however, they may un-pair if the battery in the glasses completely discharges. If this happens, just repeat the process above, and you should be back up and running in no time.

The Final Word on the Best 3D Glasses for BenQ 1070W

As you can see from the products above, the days of red and blue cellophane lenses are over. Today’s 3D technology is far more sophisticated, and the same is true of the glasses you use to view it, allowing for better user comfort and more visual realism than ever before.

All of these glasses will work beautifully with the BenQ W1070, and the per-pair cost of them is fairly similar, as well. In our opinion, the Elephas DLP Link 3D Glasses (see full specs) are the winner because of their high picture quality. When it came to viewer comfort, however, the 3D Heaven 3D Glasses (see full specs) beat their competition by a mile.

Whichever ones you choose, they’ll give you countless hours of 3D entertainment in your own home. Hopefully this article helped you pick the right one for your home!

How 3D Glasses Work

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