The 4 Best Machinist Safety Glasses – Reviews 2024

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The right machinist safety glasses are the ones that fit well, resist damage, and (most importantly) protect your eyes! As a result, it’s a challenge to find the perfect machinist safety glasses, especially if you don’t wear standard-sized eyewear. So what can you do when you want to pick up a pair of machinist safety glasses?

We’ve scoured the Internet to find the best pairs of machinist safety glasses around. These glasses are all made to stand up to different types and degrees of damage. Some work better as being cut resistant. Others may work better for being impact resistant. We recommend this variety of machinist glasses because the best person to judge the perfect pair of safety glasses is you!

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best machinist safety glasses on the market:

Magid Classic Black Safety Glasses

Magid Classic black safety glasses are probably the most affordable pair of protective eyewear that you can find on the market. These glasses are stylish above all else, removing the common phobia of looking “geeky” or “nerdy” when you’re hard at work. While that may sound trivial compared to the safety of your eyes, it’s a deliberate choice on Magid’s part to promote worker compliance, if that’s a concern of yours.

Beyond that, these machinist safety glasses also come with clear, protective side lenses that give you terrific peripheral vision while protecting your eyes from the sides. The lenses themselves are hard-coated polycarbonate in a black nylon frame. The nylon gives the glasses some flexibility and bend to prevent breakage, and the polycarbonate lenses simply stand up to damage like nobody’s business.

Best of all, the finish on the lenses prevents them from fogging and eliminates harmful UV rays before they reach your eyes. Altogether, this pair is among the best machinist safety glasses for the money. They’re outrageously affordable, conscientiously stylish, and all-around durable.

NoCry Safety Glasses with Wrap-Around Lenses

NoCry machinist safety glasses are designed first and foremost to keep your face safe from damage. These safety glasses feature a wrap-around lens design that’s common in most shop and garage glasses these days. It’s a timeless appearance that makes these glasses immediately recognizable as safety eyewear — not regular eyeglasses.

To go along with that look, the arms of these glasses are painted a bright and vibrant green to make them stick out in your garage. All things considered, you probably don’t have too many tools that are that color, which means these glasses will be easy to find, even when they’re covered in sawdust.

Just like our last glasses, the NoCry lenses are treated to reduce UV rays by 90% to 100%. They also come with adjustable nose pieces so you can take a one-size-fits-all pair of glasses and make them work for your own face.

Plus, to ensure you get the very best in terms of visibility, these lenses are treated to stand up to scratching, reduce fog, and even eliminate glare. With all of that in one pair of glasses, it’s never been easier to see, work, and stay safe all at the same time.

3M Solus 1000 Series Protective Safety Glasses

The 3M Solus 1000 series protective eyewear is a top-notch pair of machinist safety glasses produced by one of the world’s leading industrial brands – 3M.

These glasses carry the hallmark appearance of a 3M product with their sharp colors and unique design. The lenses themselves are chemically bonded to an anti-fog agent, among other beneficial qualities. The coating can last through more than 25 intense washings as well, ensuring these glasses will last you for weeks, months, or even years with proper care.

In fact, you can wash these glasses in harsh disinfectants, like diluted bleach, without losing any of the clarity of anti-fog qualities on the lenses.

Finally, if you’re concerned about safety standards, these 3M machinist safety goggles meet ANSI and CSA qualifications so you can concentrate on work instead of worrying about whether your goggles will keep you safe.

Unpacking 3M™ Solus™ 1000-Series Safety Glasses

Bouton 249-5907-400 5900 Traditional Safety Glasses

The Bouton 249-5907-400 5900 traditional eyewear is unusual for a pair of machinist safety goggles. These, more than any other pair of safety glasses, looks like a vintage pair of eyeglasses.

However, that appearance is deceiving! These safety glasses are equipped with anti-UV lenses that are also scratch resistant. With a full polycarbonate construction, the lenses can stand up to a surprising amount of punishment before losing their clarity or anti-fog qualities.

The peripheral protection on these glasses is excellent as well. While the textured exteriors of the side-mount lenses may reduce peripheral vision, it does an outstanding job of catching dust particles. With a molded bridge nose and smart-looking frames, these are among the best machinist safety glasses period and also most attractive if you’re into that vintage look.

Which Pair of Machinist Safety Glasses Is Right for You?

At the end of the day, the only person who can judge the right machinist safety glasses for your needs is you!

That’s why it’s so important to retroactively look at what’s important to you in a pair of safety goggles.

To start, how much do you care about the overall durability of the goggles? If you’re looking for something that’s proven to be strong and durable, look to a brand like 3M (see full specs). Their reputation for strong, industrial-grade products is known worldwide.

If you’re looking for something affordable, check out the Magid pair of safety glasses. They’re strong enough for home use, and they’re so affordable that you could buy two pairs for the same price as one of the others.

If you’re most interested in safety compliance or the overall appearance of your goggles, look at the Bouton pair. Bouton makes good-looking safety eyewear, and they don’t skimp on the quality!

Finally, if you want a good, vintage mix of quality, durability, and affordability, check out NoCry (see full specs). They have their name for a reason – there’s no dust, scratching, or breaking when you have a solid pair of NoCry machinist safety glasses on your head.

Are you ready to get the best machinist safety glasses for your needs? Check out our list for yourselves! Good luck!

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