The 4 Best WIFI Extenders for Detached Garages – Reviews 2023

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The right WiFi extender for detached garages is a bit tricky to find. It requires you to have at least one wireless Internet router located in your home that’s close enough to your modem to relay the Internet radio signal. But there’s so much technical mumbo-jumbo involved in finding the right WiFi extender. What do you do when you just want to find a WiFi extender that’ll work for your detached garage?

That’s where we come in! With these extenders, you’ll be able to have your primary modem/router in your home and a crystal-clear WiFi signal in your garage.

These are our reviews for the 4 best WIFI extenders for detached garages on the market:

WIFI Extender for Detached Garages 1: TP-Link EAP225 V3 MU-MIMO

The TP-Link EAP225 V3 MU-MIMO may be a mouthful of a name to say, but it provides an equally huge opportunity for ultra-fast wireless Internet in a detached garage.

This WiFi extender is capable of transmitting 1200 megabits per second — also called gigabit Internet — to supply the fastest residential Internet service available. You need gigabit service from your Internet provider. If you have anything less, you can be sure this WiFi extender will deliver speeds as close to your paid speed as possible.

This extender also comes with dual-band capability, meaning it can broadcast and receive an Internet signal on two radio frequencies (5 and 2.4 GHz). Using both bands helps prevent “drops” in WiFi coverage because if one band drops, then the other band will still transmit data.

If you want a powerful and reliable WiFi extender that’ll reach your detached garage and deliver awesome Internet speeds, then this is your best bet for the money!

TP Link EAP225 Outdoor: Unboxing, firmware tour and range testing

WIFI Extender for Detached Garages 2: Google WiFi System 3-Pack

The Google WiFi system is a brand-new creation from the creators of the world’s most famous search engine.

This WiFi system creates what’s called “mesh” WiFi around your residence. It comes with three WiFi extenders that actually replace your current router. Then, you can place these extenders at different points on your property to ensure your WiFi reaches as far as possible. All told, this mesh system can cover up to 4500 sq. ft.!

The “mesh” style WiFi extenders are helpful because they provide extra coverage in certain parts of your property that would otherwise be “dead.” By using multiple, smaller access points, you can cover your entire home and detached garage with WiFi extenders that provide a range well beyond the physical walls of your garage.

Plus, if your detached garage happens to be exceptionally far from your modem/router, you can always use one Google WiFi extender at the edge of your home and another one just inside your garage. The two WiFi extenders will still deliver outstanding speed while keeping your devices connected to WiFi as you travel between your garage and home.

If you need to cover an enormous amount of space on your property, then the Google WiFi system 3-pack is the best choice for you!

Google Wifi: Home Wi-Fi, simply solved

WIFI Extender for Detached Garages 3: Eero Home WiFi System

The Eero home WiFi system is a cutting-edge approach to providing seamless Internet coverage in your home and detached garage.

This system comes with three WiFi extender units that act in the same way as the Google units — replacing your traditional router and re-broadcasting the signal from multiple locations. Still, the technology that powers the Eero system is more reliable and advanced than in other WiFi extenders.

These WiFi extenders can reach your detached garage by changing and adapting to different circumstances to ensure you get a consistent and powerful Internet signal in your garage. They’re twice as fast as last-generation units, and it literally takes minutes to completely set up. Plus, if you’ve already used Eero products in the past, these second-generation WiFi extenders will work with what you’ve previously purchased.

That kind of convenience, power, and compatibility is only found in Eero. If you want an extensive mesh WiFi system that covers your house, garage, and then some, this is the purchase for you!

eero Home WiFi System Unboxing Review

WIFI Extender for Detached Garages 4: NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S w/EX8000

The NETGEAR Nighthawk X6s tri-band WiFi range extender is a dual-unit solution to providing incredible Internet coverage along a huge range.

First, you get a replacement router that’s universally compatible with Internet service providers and up to 3 gigabits per second — more than three times faster the top limit for most residential areas!

On top of that, it also comes with hard-wired Ethernet ports so you can still connect wired devices to your modem, delivering up to 4 gigabits per second of pure, uninterrupted Internet service.

You also get the NETGEAR WiFi extender itself. While the router claims to be universally accessible, NETGEAR still makes the best compatible router to deliver consistent, fast speeds. It also incorporates tri-band WiFi service. That means you have triple redundancy if one of your wireless signals go down, essentially making it impossible for you to ever lose service unless your Internet service provider fails to deliver.

But NETGEAR didn’t stop there. The WiFi extender comes with hard-wired USB ports that let you use thumb drives and other data storage solutions. That lets you take files form any wirelessly-connected device in your house and place them onto a secure drive in a matter of seconds. You can also retrieve those files and place them on another device in a snap.

While the price for this dual-unit WiFi extender setup may be a bit high, the reliability, power, and service it provides are second to none. The incredible range is sure to reach your detached garage, and the units’ capacities for speed will serve any residential area that’s online. Just don’t tell your neighbors your WiFi password!

Netgear X6S wireless extender

Which WiFi Extender Will Reach Your Detached Garage?

So which WiFi extender should you buy to reach your detached garage?

If you want the affordable solution, go with the TP-Link EAP225 WiFi extender. It’s affordable, it’s simple, and it’s reliable without breaking the bank.

If you want to create a larger and more robust WiFi system for your whole property, use the Google WiFi system 3-pack (see full specs). One of these units will replace your current router while you can use the two “beacons” to rebroadcast the signal up to 1500 sq. ft. Unless your detached garage is in another county, this mesh WiFi extender system will work for you!

So what if you want something even more reliable and powerful? Then go with the Eero home WiFi system. This is another mesh WiFi extender system that uses more powerful and cutting-edge technology to give you a secure, reliable, and powerful Internet connection when you’re in your detached garage.

But what if you want something so powerful that it’s practically guaranteed to never fail? Then go with the NETGEAR Nighthawk. This router-extender combo will take your signal, broadcast it on three radio wavelengths, and even physically connect to your nearby devices. It delivers world-class speeds — literally some of the fastest on the planet — and it’s sure to cover your entire property in reliable, consistent Internet access.

Ready to find the best WiFi extender for detached garages? Check out our list now! Good luck!

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