The 4 Best Schick Pipe Wrench Clones – Reviews 2023

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The best Schick-like pipe wrench is the one that most closely looks, feels, and works like the genuine article. Schick was one of the best manufacturers of pipe wrenches in the entire country and their wrenches were prized for their outstanding durability, which allowed many of them to last lifetimes.

But then, as the world and economy changed, Schick went out of business. Today, Schick pipe wrenches are still around — and other manufacturers create Schick-like pipe wrenches that come awfully close to the real things. So when you don’t have a Schick pipe wrench, how can you get the best Schick-like pipe wrench around?

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best Schick pipe wrench clones on the market:

Generic 14” Aluminum Pipe Wrench

This 14” pipe wrench is a combination of a lot of factors that Schick pipe wrenches often had — namely, durability. However, this Schick-like pipe wrench’s all-aluminum construction makes it significantly lighter than actual Schick wrenches. The wrench still retains all of its power and torque though, thanks to its stainless steel jaws.

The entire wrench measures 14” long, which makes it just about perfect for any DIY hero’s toolbox or garage. The jaws extend to a maximum of 2 1/2” as well — enough to easily accommodate household plumbing needs.

With a handle long enough for both hands and a convenient hanging notch at the base of the grip, this is the ideal Schick-like pipe wrench for anyone on a budget.

Tradespro 836159 14” Aluminum Pipe Wrench

The Tradespro 836159 14” aluminum pipe wrench is a powerful, professionally endorsed hand tool that mimics Schick’s awesome strength.

This Tradespro pipe wrench measures 14” long, which is about standard for a good wrench. It’s also completely made of aluminum for the lightest possible weight. That makes this wrench ideal for handymen who are constantly on the go or hauling their toolbox all over the place. The jaws extend to the standard 2 1/2” wide to accommodate any pipe or nut you’d need to work with, and the whole product weighs in at just over 2 lbs.

Most importantly, this wrench is backed by the full faith and confidence of Kawasaki, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of mechanical goods. It’s pretty affordable, to boot! This is one of the best Schick pipe wrench clones for the money if you want a lightweight solution to maintaining your home’s plumbing.

RIDGID 31100 Model 818 Pipe Wrench

The RIDGID 31100 Model 818 straight pipe wrench is an outstanding and powerful solution to maintaining plumbing lines, just like you would with a Schick pipe wrench.

This heavy-duty wrench measures 18” long so you can get the best possible leverage on stubborn nuts, rusted, bolts, or stripped hardware. This heavy-duty pipe wrench also won’t wear you out nearly as much as the old-school versions since it’s made of lightweight aluminum, giving it a total weight of 4 lbs.

The wrench itself is made of an I-beam handle with a convenient hanging loop in the base for convenient storage. The forged hook jaws come with a non-stick adjustment nut that makes them easy to extend to their maximum capacity of 2 1/2”. Plus, the self-cleaning threads ensure this wrench stays clean, strong, and rust-free for years after you purchase it. In the unlikely event that your jaws do get damaged, you can easily swap them out with replacement parts in no time.

If it sounds like RIDGID has thought of everything, that’s because they have. This wrench isn’t cheap, but that’s because this is on a professional-grade use. With so much power in such a lightweight tool, this is among the best Schick pipe wrench clones around and can completely change how you approach fastening hardware in plumbing and carpentry.

VEVOR 48” Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench

The VEVOR 48” straight pipe wrench is similar to Schick wrenches in that it’s designed for maximum strength, durability, and torque.

This pipe wrench is four feet long so that you can exert as much leverage as you need to release even the most stubborn hardware or pipes. The aluminum construction makes it 40% lighter than other heavy-duty wrenches of the same type, although you can only do so much for a 48” wrench. All in all, this tool clocks in around 16 lbs.

Still, this pipe wrench is worth its weight — literally. The I-beam handle makes it easy to get a firm grip, even when you’re wearing thick gloves. The hook and heel jaws are completely replaceable in the unlikely event of damage, and it even comes with a spring assembly for fast and easy jaw adjustments.

All told, this Schick-like pipe wrench is the most faithful to the old-school wrenches from the early 20th Century. It’s strong, powerful, reliable, durable, and huge compared to most other pipe wrenches. If you’re looking for straight-up power from your pipe wrench, this is the model for you!

Which Is the Right Schick Pipe Wrench Clone for Your Needs?

Still not sure which pipe wrench will work for you? Let’s break down the benefits of each one!

Our first item, the generic 14” pipe wrench, is a smart solution for anyone who wants an affordable tool. It won’t cost too much, and it’ll probably be enough for most residential-level jobs you need to fix.

The Tradespro 14” pipe wrench is the same length as the first item on our list, but it’s a tried-and-true workhorse of a residential toolbox. This is the only item on our list to come with the full backing of a third party, and that third party is world-renowned manufacturer Kawasaki. If you want something that’s vouched by someone else, then this is the pipe wrench for you!

So what if you’re looking for a Schick-like pipe wrench that’s more faithful to the original thing? Check out the RIDGID 18” (see full specs) straight pipe wrench. This wrench will stand up to just about any punishment you can throw at it, and it’s the first one on our list to come with replaceable parts. Got a broken jaw from an especially-stubborn nut? Don’t get a new wrench — just fix this one!

Finally, let’s say you’re looking for the real deal. You want a Schick-like pipe wrench that’s so powerful that it’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing. That’s where the VEVOR 48” (see full specs) pipe wrench comes into play. This is an absolute mammoth of a wrench, and it’s capable of fixing professional-level problems. If you want a pipe wrench that you can gift to your grandkids, this is the one to choose!

Ready to get the best Schick pipe wrench clone for your needs? Check out our list now! Good luck!

How to Use a Pipe Wrench

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