The 4 Best Tents with Vestibules for Bikes – Reviews 2023

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If you like bikes, a tent with a room vestibule is the ultimate traveling home. But there’s a lot to consider when you want such a tent, especially because the best-quality options can start getting pricey in a heartbeat.

So how can you find the best vestibule tents, and how can you be sure that they have a big enough vestibule to safely store valuables like your bike? We did the hard work for you. On this page, we’ll take a look at some of the best tents with built-in vestibules that you can use to store your bike, among other valuable possessions.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best tents with vestibules for bikes on the market:

Luxe Tempo Tent with 2 Vestibules

The Luxe Tempo 2-person, 2-door, and 2-vestibule tent is the ultimate in affordability and convenience. This tent is just large enough to comfortably house two people with the ability to have an open-air vestibule at either entryway that could easily fit bikes and other valuables that need to be kept dry.

This tent comes with standard aluminum poles for lightweight durability, and it’s coated in a reflective material along the outside to prevent overheating during the spring and summer. It also features a double-layered roof construction to keep the interior safe from rain.

In addition, this tent comes with loft storage, reinforced corners, and a footprint compact enough to fit just about anywhere in the great outdoors. Whether you want to take this tent to an overnight park, music festival, or any other outdoor event, it can keep you comfortable while safely storing all of your equipment.

Best of all, for the money, this tent makes it ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors on a budget.

Luxe Tempo 2 person four season tent?

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent with Vestibule for 4 to 6 People

The Ayamaya pop up tent with vestibule is designed first and foremost to comfortably house groups of four to six people. It features a convenient vestibule at the front that’s completely enclosed, providing shelter from the elements and added security for your valuables. The vestibule itself is large enough for a wide array of camping gear, including bikes, and even a large dog.

The tent itself is made entirely out of double-layer material with a thin cushion of air in-between that allows for comfort, dryness, and air circulation in any environment. It also includes access ports for electrical cords, pockets for convenient storage, and a compact carrying bag for mobility. It also comes with sturdy aluminum poles that are specifically intended for quick setup and teardown.

Best of all, the exterior is coated with an extra layer of waterproofing material to make 100% sure that you and your friends don’t get stuck in the rain, even during hard storms. All things considered, for the money, this is among the best tents with vestibules for bikes around.

AYAMAYA pop up tent installation instruction

KAZOO Large Family Camping Tent with Sun Shade Vestibule

The KAZOO large family camping tent provides spacious and convenient cover to you, your friends, and your family whenever you’re enjoying the great outdoors. This tent comes with an open-air sun shade that doubles as a vestibule to keep your camping gear dry in the event of inclement weather.

The tent itself is a cabin tent, providing an outstanding interior with a deceptively short setup and teardown time. It comes with ultra-high-grade aluminum poles that are made to be the perfect combination of lightweight and strong. In addition, the tent itself is made of polyester and ultra-fine mesh, all of which comes together to provide near-perfect waterproofing to keep you dry during even hard storms.

The layers also allow for outstanding air ventilation to prevent moisture and odor buildup while in use. With smooth-action zippers, an exterior rip-stop fabric, and a carry-at-will lightweight structure, the KAZOO large family camping tent is a steal for the price.

For the frugal camper, this vestibule tent also comes with a two-year warranty to help set your mind at ease. This should be on anyone’s list of the best tents with vestibules for bikes.

KAZOO SATURN: 4 Person Family Camping Tent Large Waterproof Pop Up Tents

Harley-Davidson Dome Tent with Vestibule Motorcycle Storage

Harley-Davidson understands that its motorcycles are not just vehicles — they’re part of a greater lifestyle. As a result, they created a spacious and convenient camping tent that speaks to that lifestyle, complete with a vestibule large enough to store a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (and if it can store a Harley, it can most definitely store a pedal bike!).

This tent can comfortably house up to four people at a time, and it’s made specifically for use during warm weather. The combination exterior materials make the tent comfortably breathable while actively prohibiting insects, and the reinforced floor seams prevent dew and moisture from seeping into the tent itself.

With 14 aluminum tent stakes, a compact footprint, and an effortless carrying weight of just 12 lbs., this dome tent is remarkably spacious, comfortable, and convenient. Naturally, you pay for those benefits (and the benefit of knowing this tent comes from Harley-Davidson), and it amounts to a bit more than you’d pay for a similar tent from another vendor. 2010-13 - Gadget12 - Tente Harley-Davidson

Which Vestibule Tent Is the Best for You?

So which vestibule tent should you buy? The answer comes down to determining what you want out of a tent. Naturally, there’s bike (or motorcycle) storage, which all of these tents could allow. However, there’s also the questions of quality, price, and covered vestibules, which could change which option you want to purchase.

If you want the budget option, go with the Luxe Tempo tent. It’s small, lightweight, convenient, and portable. It’s perfect for two people who want to cover their camping equipment at night.

If you want something a bit more covered and secure, the Ayamaya pop up tent is your choice. It could cost a bit more (though price fluctuations do happen), but it allows you to store bikes and gear indoors instead of just underneath a covering while giving you the option to take pets with you on your camping trips.

The KAZOO large camping tent (see full specs) is the best option for a family that wants cabin-like comfort. This tent is large, and its open-air vestibule also doubles as a convenient sun shade for warm summer days.

Finally, the Harley-Davidson dome tent (see full specs) is great for Harley-Davidson riders who want to take their motorcycles with them on their camping trips. The size of this tent is a definite selling point, and if it can hold a full-sized Harley in the vestibule, you know you can basically store anything else there as well.

So which among these best tents with vestibules for bikes is right for your needs? Pick from our list today! Good luck!

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