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On stock Road King handlebars, “comfortable” is not a word that usually comes first. The handlebars that came with your Harley-Davidson are iconic, to be sure, just like the motorcycle itself. But if you’re not 6 feet tall (or taller), you’ve probably noticed that Road King handlebars get to be uncomfortable on long rides. This could also be true if you’re especially tall and the handlebars just don’t feel right in proportion to the rest of your body.

That’s because of a combination of reasons, including the fact that your hands have to be so high above your heart for an extended period of time. This makes it hard for blood to reach your hands, which can cause tingling and, in worst-case scenarios, numbness. The vibration from your motorcycle can make this even more apparent, especially if you custom-fit the engine or exhaust.

So what can you do if you love your Road King, but the handlebars don’t work for you? On this page, we’ll cover several of the best Road King handlebar replacements that you can use. Each has different advantages and disadvantages, and they can each be more comfortable than the stock handlebars that came with your motorcycle.

These has our recommendations as the 4 most comfortable Road King handlebars on the market:

Bagger Brothers HD-HB-20-CH Chrome Ape Hanger Handlebars

The Bagger Brothers HD-HB-20-CH chrome ape hanger handlebars are made specifically to work with Harley-Davidson Road King and Road Glide motorcycles.

These handlebars are made out of pure steel with a chrome finish to give them the iconic look of your stock handlebars. They’re also pre-drilled to accommodate wiring, allowing you to truly customize your handlebars from bottom to top. (However, please note that these handlebars do not work with a hydraulic clutch.)

These handlebars stand apart because they only weigh about 10 lbs. total, meaning the handlebar mount on your Harley-Davidson does all of the heavy lifting for you. You won’t feel the strain of supporting excessively-long handlebars since these only measure 12” on either side.

Because each handlebar measures 12”, that means you can steer your Road King from a much more comfortable height, preventing your hands from tingling or going numb. This is ideal for longer rides (3+ hours) since it means you can reliably and comfortably steer without the risk of veering, swerving, or crashing because of numb hands.

All told, these are among the best Road King handlebars that are also affordable and are excellent for anyone who wants more comfort handlebar on their motorcycle.

Ape hangers and riding like a pro

FMB MHBM-10-FMB Hellbent Custom Ape Handlebars

The FMB MHBM-10-FMB Hellbent custom ape hangers are one of the most compact handlebar sets that you can find for a Harley-Davidson Road King. Each handlebar on this set measures just 10”, giving it an ultra-low profile, and they’re powder coated matte black for a dark and sleek appearance.

This is ideal for anyone who wants to take their Road King on an exceptionally long ride — including anyone going cross-country — since the 10” height makes these handlebars almost unnoticeable in terms of strain or hand numbness.

The handlebar structure itself is made out of 1 1/4” diameter steel tubing with TIG welded seams for outstanding durability. They also come with pre-drilled holes that allow for custom wiring so that you can truly create the most comfortable Road King handlebars for your taste.


Dominator Industries 1 1/4” Road King Special Handlebars

The Dominator Industries 1 1/4” Road King special handlebars are hand-crafted for taller riders who actually NEED a lift in their handlebars.

Dominator Industries handlebars measure 16” high, and they come pre-wired so that you just have to mount them, connect them, and ride. They’re made from 1 1/4” diameter steel tubing, coated with a matte black finish, and completely cleared of slag for a problem-free interior with wiring. Best of all, these handlebars are made specifically for Road Kings, so you just need to bolt them onto your ride to get started.

The real selling point of these Dominator handlebars is that they’re ideal for anyone over 6’ tall. These handlebars will be far too high for any average-height rider, but they’re likely the best Road King handlebars for someone who wants their Harley to make a big impression at all times.

Hill Country Customs 1 1/4” Chrome Narrow Ape Hanger Handlebar Kit

The Hill Country Customs 1 1/4” chrome narrow ape hanger handlebar kit is the ultimate handlebar replacement for a Road King and a rider that’s taller than average. These 16” high handlebars are perfect for someone who’s taller than 6’ and wants to take a long ride.

The real benefit of Hill Country Customs is that they come with absolutely everything you need to make a one-for-one replacement of your stock handlebars. They come with braided steel brake cables covered in an extra armored coat, protective inner liners to reduce friction between the handlebars and the cables, and a full suite of controls at your fingertips. The vendor even offers heated grips for riding in the early spring or late fall.

All told, the Hill Country Customs handlebar kit is a great replacement option for your Road King if you have the need for all of the details and enjoy riding during the off-season. And if you’re tall, these could be among the most comfortable Road King handlebars for the money.

Which Are the Best Road King Handlebars for You?

So which handlebars should you buy?

If you’re looking for something affordable, sleek, and simple, go with our Bagger Brothers option. These handlebars are also at a nice height for anyone who tends to lose feeling in their arms on long rides.

If you’re really in need of something more ergonomic, choose the FMB handlebars. These just measure 10” in height, which makes them far shorter than your stock handlebars, but they’re ideal for longer rides.

If you’re taller and you have the opposite problem — that the Road King’s handlebars might feel too short — we recommend choosing the Dominator Industries handlebars (see full specs). These are also pre-wired for fast and simple installation.

Finally, for the tall rider who wants everything in one kit, pick the Hill Country Customs handlebar kit (see full specs). This is perfect for any Road King rider who’s especially tall and wants to do a complete overhaul of their handlebars (while maintaining a sleek chrome appearance).

So which are the most comfortable Road King handlebars for you? Choose from our list and find out! Good luck!

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