Top 4 Best Off-Road Lights for Jeep Wranglers – Reviews 2023

best off road lights for jeep wrangler

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Why is finding the right off-road lights for Jeep Wranglers so important? Well, the Wrangler is an impressive piece of machinery, no doubt, able to climb pretty much anything and go pretty much anywhere right out of the box. But you’re not going to get very far if you can’t see, and this makes finding the right off road lights super important if you’re planning on doing some high level trekking.

This essential bit of electronics is often overlooked, which is why we’ve dug up four of the best for you (and after our reviews, we go into details what you should be searching for when selecting the right off-road lights). But first . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best off road lights for Jeep Wranglers:

Autosaver88 2PACK 7″ LED Off Road Pod Off Road Lights Bar

This two-pack of off-road pod lights are some of the brightest and most reliable models available for Jeep Wranglers.

This package of off-roadling lights comes with two LED pods that contain 17 individual bulbs behind a shatter-proof casing. At 7” in diameter, each pod generates 5100 lumens of pure white light, which practically turns night into day right in front of your Jeep!

The crystal clear front of these pods is rated to withstand water and dust damage, ensuring you get a consistent bright light from your pods at any time. Because each pod has so many LEDs in such a tight footprint, you can also use these lights to see extreme distances through the dark — even when it’s pitch black outside!

With radial heat sinks and durable aluminum backs, these are, for the money, among the best off-road lights for Jeep Wranglers.

Nilight 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo Led Off Road Light Bar

The Nilight five piece light bar and LED pod package is one of the best combinations of value, power, and convenience that you can find when you’re off-roading.

These LED lights (see full specs) are packaged together so that your Jeep Wrangler can light up the space around it at every angle. You can also point every light straight forward and practically transform night into day with the combined luminosity of these high-intensity, low-heat lights!

The light bar itself is ideal for mounting across the top of your Wrangler, just above the driver and passenger seats. This bar uses 126 watts of pure light in a 100 sq. in. footprint to cut through darkness, rain, and even dust.

The accompanying light pods are adjustable to 45 degree angles to ensure that you can point them in the best directions to help them light up whatever you want. With their own cool-burning, high-output lighting systems, you can see for hundreds of feet in any direction so you always know what’s coming down the path!

Each light in this kit is built with a clear face that can stand up to poor weather, dusty conditions, and rugged use. The backs are all made of high-grade aluminum as well, each of which uses a radial cooling system to get rid of heat buildup as quickly as possible.

The results are one of the best kits of high-grade lights that you can find, all packaged together to give you the power to see for yard after yard. Whether you go mudding in fields, offroading in the woods, or cruising on back country roads, these lights can make all the difference between seeing what’s coming and being surprised by the unexpected.

Nilight 126w 20" LED bar install

YITAMOTOR 52 Inch LED Off Road Light Bar

It’s not the brightest on the market, but coming in with 27,000 lumens you’re definitely not going to be left wanting for illumination if you opt to work with these. This 52” bar is perfectly adapted to sit atop your Jeep and the framing is pretty much shock-proof (see full specs).

If you’re on really rough terrain, you can rest assured that this bar isn’t going anywhere. Keep yourself safe and keep on going with confidence, knowing that you’re not going to be let down by this off road light bar.

LED Light Bar 30 inch – Off Road Light

This top-quality LED Light Bar is packed with more features than you’d expect for the price. It’s fully water and dust proof, so you can use it in any weather conditions and have no problems with durability. It can be mounted almost anywhere on your vehicle: front bumper, lower bumper opening, hood, grill, roof rack, you name it.

The antistatic design guarantees safety is the advanced cooling system means you’ll never have to worry about this bar overheating. It has multiple settings, too. There’s a spot beam for long distances, a flood beam for broader views, and a combo beam to give you the best of both worlds. No matter the conditions, this light bar will always give you crystal clear visibility.

You’ll also notice there’s no wind noise on this light bar, so it’s an absolute pleasure to drive with it.

It comes in six different sizes, ranging from six inches to fifty inches, depending on where you want to install it and how much lighting you need.

You can also purchase this as part of the 4WDKING full automotive lighting system, if you choose.

Picking the Best Off Road Lights for Jeep Wranglers

If you’ve had the forethought to look up a bar, chances are that you know they’re one of the most important pieces you’ll ever buy for your safety. It’s easy to get lost while out hunting or just tooling around in the back country and being able to get back in the dark with confidence is a nice bonus to have.

The old halogen style bars have been pretty much entirely replaced with LEDs. They use less energy, they generate less heat, they’re brighter, and they last longer. There’s just no reason not to use the latest and the greatest, especially when you consider the prices.

You’ll want to take note of the following before you make a final decision.

Off Road Light Lumens

The Lumen count attached to a set of lights will give you a rough idea of how powerful it is. This measurement came into use because LEDs simply provide way more light per watt of power than any of their counterparts.

For comparison, a standard house lightbulb puts out about 800 lumens of light, whereas your new off road lights will generally be measured in tens of thousands.

More lumens means more light, but that’s really not the only measure of how much visibility you’ll get.

Off Road Lights – Straight vs. Curved

With new curved bars coming out, there’s a new factor to take into account. Both have their advantages and this will usually be the determining factor.

A straight bar will provide the most light directly in front of you. This is fine for work light applications or when you’re in fairly easy terrain and just looking out for pot holes and other simple obstructions. Just jam it and go.

Curved bars really shine in cluttered environments. If you’re planning on going off road to hunt deer or anywhere you might run into trees and shrubs you’ll find that you gain a huge advantage by being able to increase the field of view. Curved bars will allow light outside of the immediate front of the vehicle.

Which one you choose to go with will largely depend on your preferred terrain. If in doubt, a curved bar is usually a better option. They’ll perform a bit less well directly in front of you but the trade-off in field-of-sight is enormous.

Off Road Light Mounting

You need a good mounting setup which won’t add a ton of weight to your Jeep. The best are made of aluminum, but if you don’t go with any of our recommendations you want to avoid plastic mounts at all costs. They just don’t hold up.


Making sure you have the best off road lights for Jeep Wranglers is one of the first steps to making sure your vehicle is prepared for anything. Once you’ve picked out the right bar you’ll be good to go, just install it and hook up the wires and you’re on your way to an even broader range of adventures. Good luck!

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