The 5 Best Tacoma Winch Mounts – Toyota Reviews 2023

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The right Toyota Tacoma winch mount is the one that’s in your price range and provides a sturdy attachment for your favorite winch. Winch mounts are characterized by their materials, the amount of space they take up, their weight, and their long-term durability. When you have the right combination of those factors at a comfortable price point, you know you’ve found the right Tacoma winch for your pickup!

But where do you even start to look when you know you want a winch mount? We’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Below, you’ll find some of the best winch mounts that work with Toyota Tacomas. Some of these mounts are small, some of them are big, some of them are affordable, and others are relatively pricey. But when you find the one that’s right — that’s all that matters! Be sure, however, that the winch you buy matches the YEAR of your Tacoma. So, without further ado . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 5 best Tacoma winch mounts on the market:

WARN 100044 Tacoma Winch Mounting Kit (Years 2016-2018)

The WARN 100044 mounting kit is specifically designed to work with midframe winches on vehicles like your Toyota Tacoma. This mounting kit is actually a full add-on to your Tacoma’s front bumper that installs quickly and easily. You don’t even have to move the winch control pack to get it in place!

This winch mount also includes two recovery points for shackles for extra versatility. Plus, because of its low-profile design, it’ll blend right into the factory-fresh design of your Tacoma. Compared to some other winch mounting kits, this model is relatively light at just 83 lbs. Still, the whole unit is made out of steel for long-lasting durability. Dirt, rain, corrosion — this winch mount stands up to it all and then some!

If you’re looking for a semi-hidden, low-profile way to attach a winch to your Tacoma, the WARN 100044 mounting kit is for you!

WARN Semi Hidden Kit Winch Mounting Systems 100044 Review on Tacoma 2018 in 4K

ECOTRIC 10x 4 1/2 Cradle Winch Mount

The best winch mount you can buy has to be affordable enough for you to actually buy it. Unfortunately, a lot of the affordable winch mounts on the market don’t work well, or are cheaply made. The ECOTRIC mount is shockingly affordable but they didn’t skimp on quality.

The ECOTRIC winch mount will fit on any truck, not just a Tacoma. This cradle style winch mount is made with 1/5″ powder coated steel for incredible durability. The steel is protected from rust by the powder coat, and it’s the perfect thickness for a combination of strength and light weight. It can handle anything from eight to thirteen thousand pound winches.

The hitch pin and clip are included, and it will fit on any 2 inch receiver hitch. As long as that’s the size of your receiver hitch, this winch will fit on your truck.

If you’re on a tight budget, this might be the mount for you. The price is unbeatable, making it easily one of the best Tacoma winch mounts for the money.

Body Armor 4×4 TC-19335 Steel Front Winch Mount Bumper (2005 to 2011)

The Body Armor 4×4 TC-19335 black front winch bumper is the end-all-be-all for Toyota Tacoma owners (the one above fits 2005-2011 Tacomas). This front bumper comes complete with everything you need to mount a winch on your pickup truck. It takes the place of your entire front bumper, and it has integral headlights so you can actually add some shine to the front of your truck.

The one-piece construction is made of 3/16” thick steel, and it’s powder-coated to ensure it can stand up to harsh weather and corrosion — even after years of use! Best of all, you can just bolt this front bumper onto your Tacoma and mount your winch! Installation is a snap.

The only possible drawback to this winch mount is the weight. Either have some equipment on hand to get it to the proper mounting height or have a few buddies come by to do the lifting while you bolt it in place. At 202 lbs., this winch mount is no joke! But this also means it’s also one of the strongest and most reliable Tacoma winch mounts you can find. If those are two important factors to your purchase, then this is the right winch mount for you!

ARB 3423020 Winch Mount Compatible Bull Bar (1995 to 2014)

The ARB 3423020 winch compatible bull bar is the simple and effective way to install a winch on your Tacoma while completely redoing the front of your vehicle. This bull bar replaces your front bumper and reaches just over the top of your hood. It gives your headlights ample space so you don’t lose any luminosity at night, and it dramatically improves the overall appearance of your favorite pickup.

In addition, this bull bar comes with a winch mount in the bottom center. You don’t even need a winch plate to get started — you just mount the winch as-is! On top of that, this bull bar is airbag approved for safety, and it comes with multiple towing points, light mounts, and antenna mounts.

With that said, it’s important to remember that this bull bar winch mount doesn’t actually include the winch, antennas, or lights that can mount on it. This bull bar is also bare bones, so if you want all of the extra bells and whistles, you’ll have to pick them up yourself!

ARB Bull Bar Bumper Install on a Toyota 4Runner (ARB PN: 3423020)

ARB 3423140 Front Deluxe Bull Bar Winch Mount Bumper (2012 to 2015)

The ARB 3423140 front deluxe bull bar winch mount bumper is one of the sleekest, strongest, and best-looking winch mounts you can get for a Toyota Tacoma. This bull bar winch mount is made entirely out of steel for outstanding, rugged durability. It’s also powder coated black to go with any color truck, and the thick coating helps the steel stay strong against rain, snow, dust, and more.

The bull bar itself raises just above your headlights to ensure you don’t lose any visibility when you drive at night. However, the bumper itself doesn’t align perfectly to every Tacoma’s factory fog lights. If you purchase this winch mount, be aware that you may have to do some work to get the fog lights in the proper position!

Otherwise, this is simply one of the best Toyota Tacoma winch mounts on the market!

Installing the WARN Mid-Frame Winch into an ARB Bull Bar Bumper

Which Toyota Tacoma Winch Mount Is Best for You?

The best Toyota Tacoma winch mount is the one that works for your needs and budget—and, most importantly, the year model of your truck (once again, be sure to check the model years under the product headings!).

If you’re ultra-budget conscious, then go with the TRAIL-GEAR mount. It’s small, affordable, and discreet — perfect for anyone who loves the factory appearance of their Tacoma.

Next, the Body Armor winch mount is ideal for anyone who wants to spend a bit more today so that they’ll never have to spend on a winch mount again. This front bumper winch mount provides the right amount of strength at a good price point, especially when you consider that you’ll use it for years to come.

Third, the ARB winch mount bumper is the super simple, no-nonsense solution to mounting a new winch on your Tacoma. It comes with bonus attachment points so you can mount lights and antennas as well.

The ARB front deluxe bull bar winch mount bumper gives your Tacoma a powerful appearance while providing the best strength possible for its uses. If you want the best — no questions asked — then here it is!

Finally, the WARN semi-hidden winch mount is the sleekest option when it comes to attaching a new winch to your Tacoma. This mount is discreet, strong, and reliable, making it perfect for anyone who wants to get a winch without compromising the factory-fresh appearance of their Tacoma.

Are you ready to get the best Tacoma winch mount for your pickup? Check out our list today! Good luck!

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