The 4 Best Winches for Toyota Tacoma – Reviews 2024

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The right Toyota Tacoma winch for you will be the one that combines the proper power and weight while offering a solution to your problems.

Most car owners don’t understand how important a winch is to a fully-functional pickup truck. Winches are essential for off-roading for whenever you or your friends get stuck in the mud. They’re also the go-to tool whenever you’re stuck in the mud, especially when you’re in dire need of a strong tree or another source of leverage to get yourself back on sturdy ground.

So how do you pick the right winch for your Toyota Tacoma? We’ve compiled the best-in-class front-runners so you can choose for yourself!

These are our reviews for the 4 best winches for Toyota Tacoma on the market:

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch – 9500 lb. Load Capacity

The Smittybilt 97495 XRC winch is the dream solution for any hobby mudder who owns a suped-up Tacoma and wants a winch to go with it.

This winch features 6.6 hp in a waterproof motor, complete with a 3-stage planetary gearbox for added torque. Altogether, this powerhouse of a winch is rated to haul up to 9500 lbs. in a single load! At such a low price point, that’s almost too good to be true.

The whole unit runs on hydraulic fluid, so this winch also has an integral solenoid valve that keeps the pressure from building up too much. It also comes with a wired remote that makes it possible for you to operate this winch from a safe distance, if required.

Best of all, this Tacoma winch comes with all of the wiring you need to integrate it with the rest of your Tacoma. With that all in one kit, you can be up and good to go in no time — and all for less than half of a similar winch!

2016 Jeep JK XRC 9500 winch

WARN 26502 M8000 8000-lb Winch

The WARN 26502 M8000 winch is an excellent combination of durability and affordability for any Tacoma owner.

This Tacoma winch is capable of pulling up to 8000 lbs. in a single load, making it outstandingly strong for its price point. It comes with a 100 foot long wire rope that’s 5/16” thick, and its electrical controls make it a cinch to operate at any time.

The 4.8 hp motor comes complete with a sliding ring gear freespooling clutch as well, giving you reliable, no-slip action while the winch is in use. It also has a 3-stage planetary gearbox, and the automatic drive cone brake system adds an extra safety feature. It also comes with a hand-held remote for convenient operation.

Best of all, this Toyota Tacoma winch is made with a low-profile design that you can mount in a variety of ways on your truck. It also has a completely separate control box, giving you incredible versatility and options when you lock your winch and controls in place.

Overall, this winch may look like it costs a lot. But for the strength and convenience, it’s one of the best winches for Toyota Tacomas around.

Warn Winch M8000 Install on CBI Hybrid Bumper

Mile Marker H-Series Hydraulic Winch – 10,500-Lb. Capacity, 12 Volt DC, Model# H10500

The Mile Marker H-series hydraulic winch is a high-powered, well-crafted solution to pulling anything with your Toyota Tacoma.

This winch features a two-speed, 12-volt motor that’s capable of gradually pulling something toward your truck or yanking it hard toward your position. It’s mounted on stainless steel tie bars with stainless steel fasteners as well, which makes the winch operable under water (not that that’ll happen when it’s attached to your truck, but you never know). All in all, this hydraulic winch is one of the most powerful and resilient units ever made.

This Toyota Tacoma winch also comes with an integrated solenoid valve to maintain proper pressure while the motor is in use. Without this valve, it’d be all too easy for the hydraulic oil to become over-pressurized and potentially burst through the winch’s piping.

Altogether, that makes the Mile Marker H-series hydraulic winch a no-brainer for anyone who wants a strong, reliable, and relatively affordable winch for their pickup!

Typical Winch Challenge (Hydraulic Milemarker Winch)

WARN 68801 16.5ti Thermometric Winch

The WARN 68801 16.5ti thermometric winch is a powerful unit for your Toyota Tacoma that emphasizes form, function, and strength above all else.

This Tacoma winch is rated for weights up to 16,500 lbs. — more than enough to pull you or your friends out of the mud on a rainy day thrashing through an open field. The whole unit is powered by a 12 volt, 4.6hp wound motor that’s specifically designed to withstand the intensities of hard work.

It comes with a remote control with a range of up to 12 feet, and the remote also comes with an integrated flashlight so you’re never hung out in the dark while you’re using your winch. The remote for this winch also comes with a thermometric indicator and S2 elements to ensure you get the best possible accessories to go with your best-in-class Tacoma winch.

Weighing in around 130 lbs., you can bet this winch will add some heft to the front of your Tacoma’s cab. But when you put it to work, it won’t let you down!

WARN 16.5ti Winch Lineup

Which Is the Best Toyota Tacoma Winch for You?

So how do you figure out which of these Toyota Tacoma winches is right for your needs?

If you want an affordable unit that can haul huge weights without breaking the bank, go with the Smittybilt winch. This bad boy can haul up to 9500 lbs, and it’s at a great budget price.

Do you want something that’s better than the minimum? The WARN M8000 is a winch that gives you a huge amount of power with a low-profile design, allowing you to mount it just about anywhere you want on your Tacoma.

Next, you can consider the Mile Marker H-series winch (see full specs), which can pull up to 10,500 lbs. at a time. That outrageous amount of power gives you tons of options when you need to use a winch, and it’s practically guaranteed to handle the toughest jobs you can throw at it.

Finally, there’s the WARN 68801 thermometric winch (see full specs). This Tacoma winch can handle loads up to 16,500 lbs., which is 65% more than Class V shipping equipment. Basically, if you had that amount of power on a tractor trailer, you’d be able to haul three Caterpillar bulldozers at the same time!

Are you ready to pick out the best winch for Toyota Tacomas? Pick from our list now!

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