The 4 Best Truck Bed Liner Tool Boxes – Reviews 2023

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The right bed liner toolbox will always be the one that sits perfectly in your truck’s bed. It’ll come with plenty of space for all of the hand tools and power tools that you need for any job, and it’ll be well within your price range so you don’t have to break the bank to buy it.

Most importantly, you need to know that the toolbox won’t rust when it’s in the bed of your pickup truck. Unless you want the hassle of loading and unloading your toolbox every single time you need to take it somewhere, your truckbed toolbox will almost always stay right in your truck. It’ll be exposed to the elements on a regular basis, so it needs to be hardy enough to stand up to rain, oxygenation, and more!

Here are our reviews of the 4 best truck bed liner tool boxes on the market:

Yaheetech 30 x 13″ Bed Liner Tool Box w/Lock Pickup

The Yaheetech 30” x 13” aluminum toolbox is one of the strongest aluminum boxes you can find for your truck bed. This unit is made entirely out of high-intensive, corrosion-resistant aluminum that keeps it strong and reliable through any kind of poor weather. Plus, because it’s made of aluminum, it’s significantly lighter than comparable toolboxes made of steel!

To ensure the safety of your tools, this truck bedliner toolbox comes with a simple seal ring design that ensures water, snow, and even dust can’t enter the toolbox when it’s closed. Each side of this toolbox has an integral handle as well so you can easily pick up and move your tools whenever you need.

With a 30” x 13” footprint, this bed liner toolbox is sure to fit in any conventional pickup truck wherever you need. At such a low price, it’s the smart buy for anyone who’s budget-conscious about their next handyman upgrade!

Auto Dynasty 39″x13″x10″ Aluminum Truck Bed Liner Tool Box

This 39” x 13” bedliner lock storage tool box is the secure and affordable way to keep your tools with you at all times. This toolbox features full-body aluminum construction that’s treated to withstand the harsh weather of outdoor use. It also comes with five bar tread patterns all along the exterior to add extra strength for long-term durability.

The lid of this toolbox is deliberately designed with an overhang to prevent water and dirt from entering the toolbox itself. It also includes aluminum handles on either side so you always have a convenient place to grip, pull, or carry your toolbox.

Best of all, this black bed liner toolbox features a locking hasp between the lid and the body. This lets you ensure your tools are always safe from theft when they’re in the back of your truck, even if you have to leave your vehicle outside overnight. With all of that durability, reliability, and security at a reasonably low cost, this is the best truck bed liner tool box for anyone who lives or works in an area with theft.

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Liner Tool Box / Storage Box

The UnderCover SwingCase truck storage box is a well-designed, high-strength, and ultra-convenient method of storing your tools right in your truck bed. The one above fits the Chevy Silverado, but UnderCover makes them also for all other popular trucks models (see them here).

This toolbox features a unique shape because it’s designed to fit into your bedliner (through a cut relief) and then over the back right wheel well for seamless integration into your truck bed. This design makes your toolbox an extension of your truck, even structurally!

The toolbox itself features a swing-out design for quick and easy access. With a 75 lb. weight capacity, you can load this toolbox up with all of your best hand tools to keep them in one convenient location. Plus, the whole toolbox locks so you can securely keep your tools inside when they’re not in use.

Altogether, that makes the UnderCover SwingCase an excellent bed liner toolbox that holds your tools and becomes a solid addition to any pickup truck.

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Box Review - MotoUSA

Dee Zee DZ8170TB Truck Bed Liner Tool Box

The Dee Zee DZ8170TB red label crossover toolbox is the heavy duty, high-grade solution to keeping your tools safe and secure on your pickup. This bed liner toolbox measures 74” x 25” x 17” to give you the most space possible to store just about anything you need! Plus, with its top-mounted overhang, this toolbox conveniently sits on top of your truck’s bed easily and securely.

The toolbox itself is made out of non-rusting aluminum that’s treated to withstand outdoor hazards. The whole unit is coated in a protective black gloss as well for even longer durability. Best of all, the lid securely locks so you never have to worry about theft when you’re not using your tools.

The body of this toolbox features foam gaskets that create an air-tight seal between the lid and the body every time the lid is closed. A series of internal bends add even more strength to the toolbox’s structure, and the lid is built with a hidden hinge and self-adjusting strikers for slow, easy closing every time. You also get interior organization trays to keep all of your screws, nails, and hardware. If you want a bed liner toolbox that’ll stand the test of time, then this is your best choice!

Which Truck Bed Liner Tool Box Is Best for You?

Finding the perfect bed liner toolbox or your needs is always a challenge.

If you’re concerned with affordability above all else, then go with the Yaheetech option on our list. This is a strong and sturdy toolbox that can last you for quite a while. Just remember – it’s priced to sell!

If you’re looking for something a little more secure, go with the Auto Dynasty 39” x 13” toolbox. This one comes with a locking lid, and it’s otherwise very similar to the Yaheetech solution.

Third, the UnderCover SwingCase is a great pickup for anyone who wants to integrate their toolbox with their truck bedliner to provide maximum storage space and minimal space consumption in your truck bed.

Finally, the Dee Zee toolbox (see full specs) on our list is the ideal tool storage solution for anyone who wants the best of the best truck bed liner tool boxes. This is also the most expensive toolbox on our list (though price fluctuations do happen), but for good reason. With the combination of strength, convenience, security, and longevity, this is simply the top tier bed liner toolbox on our list!

Are you ready to get the best bed liner toolbox for your needs? Check out our list now! Good luck!

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