The 4 Best Machinist Tool Boxes – Tool Chest Reviews 2023

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The right machinist tool box is one that lets you organize all of your tools while keeping them easily accessible. For centuries, machinist tool boxes have been used by everyone from hobby carpenters to professional construction contractors to keep everything in order from hand tools to hardware.

So how do you find the machinist tool box that’s perfect for you? You can find the machinist tool box you want by looking for the proper size, material, and security. In this article, we’ve found some of the top machinist tool boxes that can appeal to a wide range of individuals from the occasional hobbyist to the 30-year experienced mechanic.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best machinist tool boxes on the market:

TRINITY TWM-3501 Wood Machinist Tool Box

The TRINITY TWM-3501 wood tool box is an old-school machinist’s dream. This tool box comes with eight pull-out drawers and a top concealing lid that gives you enough space for just about every hand tool and piece of hardware you could need.

The exterior is a fine wood that gives your whole garage a more refined and sophisticated appearance, while the interior of each drawer is lined with green felt, similar to the traditional top of a pool table. You can also conceal every drawer with a front lid that latches for security.

Throughout the tool box, you’ll find nickel-plated hardware that’s designed for durability, including the handles, drawer bearings, and corners. The whole unit is mounted on silicone feet as well, ensuring you won’t scratch the surface on which this tool box sits.

Overall, this is among the best machinist tool boxes for the money, especially for anyone looking for a useful storage addition to their garage that has an attractive, vintage appearance.

Grizzly H0837 3 Drawer Middle Machinist Tool Box Chest

The Grizzly H0837 three-drawer middle chest is a compact, durable, and function-driven solution to storing your tools.

This machinist tool box is made out of high-durability metal and powder-coated for strength and rugged dependability. It comes with three drawers, one of which is double-deep to store larger or thicker tools. The recessed handles on the drawers make them easy to grip, and the ball-bearing slides ensure the drawers almost never stick. With convenient carrying handles on either side, this is one of the simplest machinist tool boxes you can find.

If you’re looking for a machinist tool box with a 1950s appearance and the strength to stand up to regular use, this is the solution for you!

Kennedy Manufacturing MC28B 2-Drawer Machinist’s Steel Tool Box Storage Chest

The Kennedy Manufacturing MC28B two-drawer machinist tool box is the dream of any hobbyist filling out their garage and an outstanding foundation for storage in a commercial setting.

This machinist tool box is made of 100% high-durability metal with absolutely no fabric used. The top drawer is lined with felt to give some friction to tools or hardware that you want to stay in place, and a simple tubular lock keeps the box’s contents secure when it’s not in use.

The footprint of this unit — 28” x 10” — also makes it compatible with other Kennedy roller cabinets and machinist chests. In the event that you already have a Kennedy storage unit in your garage, the MC28B machinist’s tool box makes an excellent addition to what you’ve already purchased. Specifically, this machinist chest is compatible with Kennedy models 295, 297, 348, 526, and 52611.

If you’re looking for a standalone storage unit that you can use as a modular chest for a variety of other high-grade models, the Kennedy MC28B machinist tool box is the choice for you!

Kennedy Manufacturing 52611B 11-Drawer Machinist’s Tool Box Chest

The Kennedy Manufacturing 52611B 11-drawer machinist’s tool box is the ultra-durable, ultra-spacious solution to storing tools and hardware.

This storage chest comes with 11 drawers and six adjustable drawer dividers so you can organize a huge variety of different items in this chest. Just like the previous model, there’s absolutely no cloth used in the construction of this machinist tool box, while a felt-lined drawer lets you keep precision-aligned tools safely in place when not in use.

In addition, this chest comes with a drop front panel that you can use to completely conceal all 11 drawers. This panel comes in addition to a tubular locking mechanism to keep everyone out of your tool chest unless you explicitly let them use it.

As the ideal combination of size, durability, security, and price, the Kennedy Manufacturing 52611B is the turnkey solution to storing your most valuable tools and hardware on-site.

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Which is the Best Machinist Tool Box for You?

Let’s talk about the three major points that go into choosing a machinist tool box.

First, let’s talk about size. If you need a lot of space for your tool storage, go with the fourth option on our list, the Kennedy 11-drawer tool box (see full specs). It costs more than the others, but it’s well worth the price for the amount of storage you get. Remember the saying: the cheap man buys twice.

If you need something smaller, go with the second or third option on our list. These are machinist tool boxes that give you some options, but they’re not going to take up a ton of space in your garage.

Second, let’s look at material. If you want something that has a vintage, old-school carpenter aesthetic, choose the first option on our list since it has a wood exterior with bright green interior felt. That’s a great look for any garage, and it pairs well with other vintage tools and equipment.

If you want something more 1950s, choose the second option, the Grizzly (see full specs), on our list. The green color alone is enough to make it look like it’s 70 years old and in mint condition. This is the tool box Andy Griffith would’ve used.

Finally, choose the third or fourth option on our list if you want something more modern. These are the function-focused, heavy-duty machinist tool boxes that’ll keep for years on end!

Third, let’s talk about security. If you’re not interested in high-grade security, choose the first option on our list since it’s made of wood.

If you want the best security you can find, go with the fourth option. It’s durable, heavy, concealable, and lockable all at once!

Ready to find the best machinist tool box for your needs? Check out our list now!

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