The 4 Best Chainsaw Files – Chain Saw Sharpener Reviews 2023

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The ideal chainsaw files are the ones that are safe, easy, and convenient to use while giving you sharp, refined, and aggressive blades. While you have a lot of options when it comes to identifying the right chainsaw files for your needs, there are a couple of key factors that you can keep in mind when looking to ensure you get the proper product.

Namely, these factors are the aggressiveness of the file, the safety of the file, and the durability of the file. Now that we have those important factors down, let’s dive into what we recommend when it comes to chainsaw files, then, later in the article, we’ll go into more depth as to what criteria you should pay attention to when selecting files. So . . .

Here are our reviews of the 4 best chainsaw files on the market:

Oregon 5/32-Inch Chainsaw File – 2 Pack 40459

The Oregon 5/32” chainsaw file is the affordable standard to cleaning and sharpening your chainsaw’s blades. This file is actually a pack that contains two files, giving you double the value of a typical purchase.

Oregon is known for creating chainsaw files that remove a lot of material with one swipe. However, they maintain their integrity for a long time and throughout dozens of uses. That means you can aggressively sharpen and clean your chainsaw with these files without having to replace them for long bouts of time.

In addition, the files are made out of durable steel that’s designed for smooth cleaning and sharpening action. The simple design and thin 5/32” diameter also helps avoid clogging in the long run.

Please note that these files do not come with handles. With that in mind, Oregon chainsaw files are great for anyone to use — but only use them if you have the experience required to keep your hands protected while you work!

Oregon professional filing guide quick view

3 Piece Chainsaw Chain Sharpening File Rod Set Durable Carbon Steel

This three-piece chainsaw sharpening file rod set is the safety-conscious alternative to using traditional chainsaw files.

This kit comes with three different-sized files that have an easy-to-grip handle. The sizes include 5/32”, 7/32”, and 3/16”. This variety in one pack makes this kit excellent for anyone who has to use different chains on their saws for different purposes. In a nutshell, you can clean just about any chainsaw teeth you need with this single kit!

The files themselves are made of high-carbon steel for outstanding durability, and each file is 8” long. If you’re new to sharpening and cleaning chainsaw blades, these are among the best chainsaw files for the money. They give you the most variety, comfort, and safety of any other item on this list!

Katzco 8 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

The Katzco eight-piece chainsaw sharpener file kit is the most robust and handy solution you can find to maintaining the integrity of your chainsaw’s blades.

This kit comes with the following items to give you the ultimate control over your chainsaw: 5/32” file, 7/32” file, 3/16” file, wood handle, depth gauge, filing guide, and tool pouch.

This kit empowers you to mix and match the files with the included wooden handle so you can easily attach, remove, and replace files as you need to work with different chainsaw blades. The wood handle itself is also made for a comfortable and firm grip, while the depth gauge helps you evaluate measurements while you work. You can keep all of these tools in the included pouch to stay organized.

Finally, if you’re new to sharpening chainsaws, this kit also comes with a filing guide to show you how to work. Altogether, this is a versatile and robust sharpening kit that’s great for chainsaw newbies and veterans alike.

Oregon 70503/80503 3/16-Inch Chainsaw File

The Oregon 70503/80503 3/16” chain saw file is a variation of the first item on our list. However, these files stand apart because of their size and the quantity you can purchase at once.

Each file is designed with a 3/16” diameter, which is significantly larger than most other files. The Swiss double-cut design of the files gives them precise cutting capabilities when it comes to refining your chainsaw’s blades, and the files maintain a perfectly uniform diameter throughout the length of their bodies.

Most importantly, these files are sold in bulk. That means they’re specifically packaged for professional or commercial use where you have to regularly maintain your chainsaw.

If you’re just an occasional user of your chainsaw and you only use it every once in a while, you will absolutely over-purchase if you choose these files. However, if your job depends on your chainsaw, then these are perfect for you.

It’s also important to note that these chainsaw files are only files and do not come with handles. If you need those, you’ll have to supply the handles yourself!

Which Are the Best Chainsaw Files for You?

As we mentioned in the introduction, chainsaw files come down to aggression, safety, and durability.

First, it’s important to note how aggressive the file is with your blades. Some files will be designed to remove more materials from your chainsaw blades, which is great for cleaning. However, that coarse design will also remove more metal from your chainsaw teeth when you got to sharpen the blades themselves.

Second, consider the safety factor. Some files are made to be held directly by hand, while others may work with tools or at least come with an easy-grip handle. If you’ve never used a chainsaw file before, purchase the safer option.

Last, look at the file’s durability compared to other files on the market. Low-durability files may be more affordable, but you’ll also have to buy more of them over the course of your chainsaw’s life. It all depends on the cash you have available now and the longevity you want out of your chainsaw and chainsaw file.

If you want an aggressive file that’ll work quickly, pick one of the two options from Oregon on our list (see the Oregon 70503 here). They’ll give you some reliable and outstanding performance — but they’ll also eat away quickly at your chainsaw’s teeth!

If you want something that’s designed for safety, look at one of the other kits that we mention on this page (like the Katzco 8 Piece). Both kits include either files with attached handles or handles that you can manually attach to files yourself. It may sound overly-protective to suggest that you use a file with a handle since your chainsaw will be off when you’re filing it. But one simple slip of the file could take your hand directly into dirty, hot chainsaw blades — so use a handle!

Finally, consider the durability of the file you want. If you’re looking for something that’ll last through repeated use, check out the kits we discuss above. If you’re looking for something you can use in a commercial setting that’ll probably wear away more quickly, the Oregon files are your best bets.

Ready to find the best chainsaw files for your needs? Check out our list! Good luck!

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