The 4 Best UTV Winches – Winch Kit Reviews 2024

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Living in South Louisiana we are about to enter one of my most favorite times of the year. That favorite time of the year is when hunting season opens. There is a lot of preparation that takes place during the process of getting prepared for opening day. This one piece of equipment alone would be one of the most versatile as well as the most important addition to your outdoor equipment.

Make sure the winch you choose will be strong enough to be able to pull the weight of your ATV to pull it from the mud as well as having the pull power to retrieve the game you have killed from hard to reach places such as creeks and ravines. The most expensive winch is not always the winch that will be a fit for you. The size and type of ATV you are using should also be considered when making your choice of the horsepower and pull strength of your winch.

Here are, in our opinion, the 4 best UTV winches for the money:

Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 4500lbs

This is a great winch that Terra has for you. No matter how deep you are in the woods you can have the confidence that the power to get you out of whatever situation you get yourself into. The Superwinch (see full specs) comes with a common four bolt pattern on the plate that makes mounting this unit almost universal.

The 4,500 pounds pull rating that tugs on a ¼” synthetic rope that is 55’ long will give you ample room to take care of a sticky situation or pulling some of the bigger objects such as fallen trees and logs out of your path. A rubberized 10 foot cable will be enough of cable to put you out of harm’s way but still give you the precision control you need at your fingertips. A lifetime limited warranty is available with this unit. This is also an easy unit to mount on any ATV. This is easily one of the best UTV winches on the market.

Champion Power Equipment 13004 Power Winch Kit – 3000 lb. Capacity

This is a great winch from Champion Power Equipment that will offer you 3,000 lbs. of line pull at a very reasonable price. This smaller unit comes spooled with 45’ of galvanized super-duty aircraft cable. The powerful 1.3 horsepower motor is big enough to get you out of a pinch when you need to. This unit is controlled by the switch mounted on the handle bars. With a length of just over 12” it is a smaller unit that will not crowd your UTV. Also with a weight of only 19 lbs. you will not have the added weight that you can get from the bigger winches. The winch comes with a universal mounting channel that will help you mount this unit to any ATV. If you’re on a budget, this is the best UTV winch period.

Superwinch (1140230) Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV

This is a smaller unit that has a lower price but still carries a 4,000 lb. punch. This unit (see full specs) is also easy to mount but is not as large same of the other stronger winches. This smaller unit is a great unit if you are looking to save room or mount the winch in a smaller more compact location. It is loaded with 50’ of 3/16” Dyneema Synthetic Rope. The rope is a strong lightweight alternative to the steel cable found on older models and is a safer option than cable when it comes to breaking fibers and creating a cutting hazard.

You will also get great service from the 1.4 horsepower permanent magnet motor. The longer 12’ remote cord will help you to stand back from the powerful action to keep you dry and safe. The free spooling option will help you get the rope to the location you need it with almost no effort at all. At a weight of only 22 pounds will also help you from adding unwanted weight to your utility vehicle. A manufacturer’s warranty is available with this unit in if your unit becomes defective. This should be on anyone’s list of the best UTV winch kits.

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC

This unit is a lower priced unit that will get the job done. This small unit has 3,000 lbs. of line pull. This is more than adequate to take care of the task we come across in the terrain. This unit also has a handle bar mounted rocker switch as well as a handheld remote when you need to get out of the way.

With a 1.2 horsepower permanent magnet motor, you will get the job done but you will not have a powerful amperage draw from this winch. The remote has a 12’ extension cable and the winch spool is loaded with 50’ of durable cable wire. Like most units the clutch allows for free spooling and the mounting plate will allow for mounting on most popular models of utility vehicles.


Be sure to give careful consideration to the UTV winch that will serve the purpose you need. If you are using a winch that will be in a wet location you should consider a winch with a metal cable. A synthetic rope cable will absorb the water and when using the rope it will be wet and will wind tighter causing it to be harder to release your rope during free spooling.

One great option when choosing a winch is the remote extension. Be sure to choose a winch that has at least a 10’ or 12’ extension on the remote.

Another very important aspect that you need to consider is the wattage a winch will need to operate. The stronger the winch is, the more the winch will drain power from you ATV battery. Check your ATV to see how much wattage you are producing and purchase the winch that will give you the most power with the least wattage. This will help you ATV last longer as well as your winch. You can judge the size winch you need according to the purpose you use your winch. Good luck!

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  1. Having a winch is crucial when hunting or four-wheeling so I’ll have to look into getting one soon. I like how you’ve listed the top winches and their reviews. I’ll have to look through your reviews and do some comparison research before making a decision but this is very helpful. Thanks for the useful post.

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