The 4 Best Jacks for Lifted Tacomas – Reviews 2023

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Your lifted Tacoma is the pride and joy of your garage, and for good reason! To keep up with all of the maintenance your Tacoma needs, it’s crucial that you get the best jack for a lifted Tacoma as soon as you possibly can.

Getting a jack specifically for your lifted Tacoma means you’ll be able to get under your favorite pickup for regular maintenance, a quick oil change, and any other tune-up your truck needs. So how do you know which jack is the right one for your pickup?

It has to be strong. It has to be durable. It has to extend to a workable height. And most importantly, it has to keep you safe while you’re working. Those are all easier said than done, and finding a jack that does all four of those jobs well can be a pain.

So let’s start with what we know. Your Tacoma was manufactured with about 9 1/2” of clearance from the ground. With your modifications, you’ve certainly lifted it higher than that. That means you need a jack that’ll get you at least a foot and a half of clearance while you work, if not more! But where do you find that jack? Well, without further ado . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best jacks for lifted Tacomas on the market:

Best Jack for Lifted Tacoma 1: PowerBuilt 620471 Unijack – 6000 lb. Capacity

The PowerBuilt 620471 Unijack is an all-in-one jack and jack stand that’s built to support even the heaviest, tallest pickups. In fact, it’s specifically designed to provide reliable performance at a price point that won’t break the bank!

On top of that, PowerBuilt made this jack so that it exceeded safety standards set by third-party organizations. That way, you know you can use it in your garage with minimal risk. Plus, with its 6000 lb. capacity, you can be sure it’ll support the weight of your Tacoma. (It could actually support the weight of a whole camper!)

Naturally, this single-body jack also comes with a safety bar lock so you can set it between 11” and 21” while you work. Altogether, this jack is great for the Tacoma owner who loves to work on his truck, but doesn’t do it every day.

Powerbuillt all in one 3 ton jack and jackstand combo

Best Jack for Lifted Tacoma 2: Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

The Torin Big Red hydraulic trolley floor jack is the professional and reliable way to get your lifted Tacoma off the ground.

This floor jack is made with a trolley layout so you can quickly and easily move it around your garage. The casters are also lockable so you can keep it in place while you work underneath your truck.

Best of all, this jack is specifically made for heavyweight pickup trucks and SUVs, including custom-lifed models! The jack itself is capable of holding up to 6000 lbs., and it even has an extra-long neck that extends up to 21”.

If you want a jack for your Tacoma that’s going to work hard, look great, and provide simple conveniences, this is the selection for you!

How to Bleed a Jack - trolley jack

Best Jack for Lifted Tacoma 3: PowerBuilt 640422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb. Triple Lift Jack

The PowerBuilt 640422E heavy duty triple lift jack is an all-in-one, trolley-style jack that’s made for custom vehicles.

This jack is mounted on casters for convenient maneuverability, and it extends to the perfect height to get your Tacoma off the ground. It also has a patented stand on the top that conforms to any truck’s frame, making this ideal if you’ve done more work to your Tacoma in addition to lifting it. That adaptability makes this jack a great value for other vehicles and even ATVs as well!

Last, this jack is held in place with a heavy-duty locking bar (see full specs) that securely keeps the jack at the extended height. All of that comes together to help this jack support 4000 lbs. at a time while meeting ANSI safety standards.

If you’re looking for an adaptive jack that’ll work for just about any vehicle in your garage (including your Tacoma), this is the pick for you!

TRIPLE LIFT - Vechicle Jack

Best Jack for Lifted Tacoma 4: Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack 

The Arcan XL20 black low profile steel service jack is made for vehicles that are close to the ground, but it’s capable of extending to a full 18 1/2”! That means this trolley-style jack is a reliable workhorse for your garage and your lifted Tacoma.

Made out of pure steel, the Arcan XL20 service jack is built with dual-pump action so you can lift your Tacoma in half the time of a normal jack. It also comes with a universal joint release mechanism that gives you complete, precise control over the extension height. There’s also an extra-low-profiled but pricier brother, the XL2T, available (see full specs).

A built-in safety valve prevents overloading as you work, and the entire unit is ASME PALD 2009 rated. It may cost a little more than the other jacks on this list, but the Arcan XL20 (and its smaller brother, the XL2T), is a professional-grade solution to your lifted Tacoma.

Arcan Ultra Low-Lift Garage Jack - 2-Ton Capacity, Model# XL2T

Which Jack Should You Get for Your Lifted Tacoma?

No one knows your Tacoma like you. That’s why we can’t just tell you which one would be best.

Instead, it’s important that you go back to the criteria laid out at the top of this page. When you answer those for yourself, you can find the best jack for your Tacoma.

How much strength do you need? How important is long-term durability? What height do you need the jack to extend? And is the jack rated safe enough for you to trust it with your life?

Additionally, it’s also important to consider your price range. The first item on this list is easily the most affordable, and the final item is the most expensive. How much cash do you have to drop on a jack for your lifted Tacoma? Getting your budget together is key — you don’t want to find the jack you need only to discover it’s out of your price range!

With all of this information in order, you’re ready to make the call on which jack is best for your lifted Tacoma. Check out each of these jacks now—each and every one, in its own way, could qualify as the best jack for lifted Tacomas! Good luck!

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