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The best barbed wire cutters are crucial to have when you need them. You may not use barbed wire cutters every day, but for the one time you have them, you’ll be grateful. On top of that, they’re just a handy tool to have around the house. After all, if a pair of cutters is strong enough to go through barbed wire, it’ll also cut through copper, plastic, and even thin PVC.

In that regard, the right barbed wire cutters aren’t even used to destroy things like fences, despite how they’re represented in books, film, and television. Instead, barbed wire cutters are helpful tools that you can use to build safe structures on your property or modify the existing structures on your property.

Additionally, not all barbed wire cutters are actually called “barbed wire cutters.” Some are characterized as bolt cutters, metal cutters, or another title. But these names are more of a suggestion than an indication of purpose. You can still use bolt cutters and metal cutters to shear off lengths of barbed wire.

However, you should avoid using products that might be called strippers or pliers since these tools are generally made for lightweight application. They may not even be able to cut through metal at all!

So how can you find the right barbed wire cutters for your needs when they’re not even called “barbed wire cutters” half the time? We have some outstanding products for you to see for yourself!

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best barbed wire cutters on the market:

TEKTON 8-Inch Mini Bolt and Barbed Wire Cutter

The TEKTON 8-inch mini bolt and wire cutter is the handiest and lightest of any tool on our list. With a small price point for such a small tool, these wire cutters are more than capable of snipping apart lengths of barbed wire for any application.

The jaws of these barbed wire cutters are made from a steel alloy that’s crafted to provide a clean cut every time. The handles are designed with a compound structure to make cutting easier on your hand, and the non-slip rubber grips give you superior handling — even in poor weather!

These are some of the most affordable barbed wire cutters, but they’re not sized or weighted for heavy-duty work. So if you’re looking for cutters to use occasionally, these are your best bet!

TEKTON 8 in Bolt Cutter & 9 -1/2in Scissors

WORKPRO W017004A Bolt and Wire Cutter

These WORKPRO bolt cutters provide an incredible amount of power in a powerful frame. As the name implies, these cutters are made to slice through most thin metals like butter, including barbed wire!

The dual-handle design (see full specs) gives you unbeatable leverage when you’re cutting through barbed wire. On top of that, the drop-forged molybdenum steel jaws give you a sleek, clean cut on just about any metal surface. These cutters are so powerful that you can even cut through chain links with them.

Best of all, the comfortable grips and compound action mean you’ll be able to cut for hours without feeling the fatigue in your arms. If you need a big pair of high-grade cutters for exceptionally thick barbed wire, these WORKPRO bolt cutters are for you! They’re truly some of the best barbed wire cutters for the money.

Olympia Tools 39-114 Power Grip Bolt / Barbed Wire Cutter, 14-Inch

The Olympia Tools 39-114 Power Grip bolt cutter is the practical and safe solution to slicing through everything from thin barbed wire to thick bolts.

Their 14” length ensures the barbed wire stays far from your body while you work, and the extra-wide handles reduce the amount of pressure required for each cut. The cutting heads are forged from CR-MO hardened steel as well, ensuring your cutters stay sharp day after day. Plus, the blades are specially aligned to cut straight even after hundreds of uses!

Best of all, these bolt cutters are specifically designed to stand up to rugged conditions. If you want an affordable and tough pair of barbed wire cutters that’ll stay strong each year, the Power Grip bolt cutter is your solution!

Knipex High Leverage CoBolt Wire Cutters, Fencing Cutter

The Knipex high lever CoBolt cutters are made for a handyman with a little extra cash in his pocket. These barbed wire cutters feature precision-matched cutting edges that are hardened to give you a nice, crisp cut during use. On top of that, the cutting mechanism itself features a 20-to-1 ratio, meaning you can cut with 20 pounds of force in the shears while applying only one pound of force with your hands.

That phenomenal ratio (see full specs) makes these cutters ideal for slicing through barbed wire. They’re even tough enough to cut through nails and rivets, all up to 5.2 millimeters in diameter.

All told, that’s a lot of strength in a small pair of cutters! You may pay a little more, but you’re paying for quality, which makes these among the best barbed wire cutters for the money.

KNIPEX Mini Bolt Cutter

Which Barbed Wire Cutters Are Right for You?

This is an excellent question, and in order to answer it, you actually have to answer several other questions.

First, how thick is the wire that you need to cut? If you’re using thin barbed wire, go for a smaller pair of cutters that’ll go easy on your wallet. This will deliver the value you need without you overspending on a tool you may only use once or twice.

Second, how much wire do you need to cut? If it’s a lot — even if it’s thin-gauge metal — then you’ll definitely need a pair of barbed wire cutters with comfort grips. These grips will pay for themselves when you’re cutting your 20th length of wire of the day.

Third, you should also consider where you’ll store the cutters when you’re not using them. If you’re going to keep them in a cool, dry place, then you can get an all-metal pair of shears without worrying about rust. On the other hand, a humid and warm environment will rust your barbed wire cutters that much more quickly. That means dull blades, unreliable pressure, and faulty mechanisms. If you live in an area prone to humidity, do yourself a favor and get barbed wire cutters that come with some form of rubber protection — even if it’s just over the grips!

When it comes down to brass tacks, only you can tell which barbed wire cutter is going to work for your needs. You’ll be able to find it in no time by answering those three questions! Good luck!

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