The 4 Best Jack Stands for Lifted Trucks – Reviews 2023

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Owning a lifted truck means you get to show off your high-torque, high-powered vehicle everywhere you drive. But if you lift a truck, you need to have the hardware on hand so you can work on it. After all — that’s what makes it your own!

That’s why it’s so important to find the right jack stands for lifted trucks. You may not think of a jack stand right away when you’re cruising down your favorite back road or mudding in the wilderness, but you’ll wish you had one when it comes time for a tune-up!

Getting the right jack stand means you can pump your truck up to the perfect height to work underneath. Whether you need to change the oil or check for what’s making that rattle in the wheel well, a jack stand ensures your truck stays safely above you while you work. A reliable jack stand means a well-equipped garage, a fine-tuned vehicle, and a safe truck owner.

Here are our reviews of the 4 best jack stands for lifted trucks on the market:

Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands: Double Locking, 2 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair

Torin Big Red steel jack stands are some of the most reliable (and affordable) solutions to supporting your lifted truck.

These jack stands are designed with a double-lock mechanism that makes them a solid choice for supporting your truck. The jack stands come in a pair so you can evenly support the front or back of your truck as needed, and their U-shaped saddle is specifically to handle large loads. Their maximum extension is just over 16” as well, making them the perfect height for most raised trucks.

(If your truck is raised higher than 16”, these jack stands won’t work for you on their own.)

Each jack stand is made as a single piece, complete with a ratcheting mechanism to provide even support at the turn of a crank. Best of all, these jack stands meet ASME safety standards, so you know you’re in good hands with Torin!

Torin 2 Ton Jack Stands

Torin 6-ton Double-Locking Jack Stands

The Torin double-locking jack stands are a heavy-duty, high-reaching solution to supporting your lifted truck.

These jack stands come complete with a double-lock mechanism to ensure they’re safe to use on any vehicle, including your pride and joy. They’re made out of high-grade steel, and they’re coated with a grease-resistant paint so you can get as much value for your dollar when you buy them.

The single-piece frame is also designed with a ratchet so you can crank the jack stands from 15 5/16” to a full 23 13/16”! That’s two full feet of clearance whenever and wherever you need it, making these among the best jack stands for lifted trucks period.

ESCO 10498 Jack Stand, 3 Ton Capacity

The ESCO 10498 jack stand is a heavy-duty, commercial-level solution to keeping your truck safely suspended while you work. This jack stand is strong enough to support three full tons — 6000 lbs. — so that you’re guaranteed to support your truck whenever you need.

The jack stand comes with a handy pull-pin (see full specs) so you can easily adjust the height without a crank, and its tripod base ensures long-term stability. Plus, the saddle is soft enough that it won’t scratch the underside of your truck when in use!

Best of all, this jack stand can lift a truck up to 21 1/2”, making it an ideal selection for any truck lover with a lifted rig. The ESCO jack stand may be at home in a commercial garage — but it can do some solid work in your home garage too!

Esco Jack stand first impressions

Torin Big Red Aluminum Jack Stands: 3 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair

The Torin Big Red aluminum jack stands are crafted for reliable support and lightweight portability. The aluminum frame resists rust, and the telescoping design means you can easily store this jack stand when it’s not in use.

The whole structure of the jack (see full specs) is intended to lift heavy-duty vehicles like jeeps, UTVs, and trucks. The locking pins mean you can quickly and easily change the height of your jack stands without cranking anything, and the saddle is big enough to catch on just about any part of your truck’s frame. It also meets ASME safety standards so you can rest assured that this jack stand will keep you safe while you work.

On the other hand, these Torin Big Red jack stands only extend to a maximum of 15 5/8”, meaning you won’t be able to use these jacks if your truck is lifted more than two feet. With that caveat in mind, however, you can still be rest assured that this is one of the best jack stands for lifted trucks around.

TORIN Jack Stands Review

Which Jack Stands Will Work for Your Lifted Truck?

To find the best jack stands for your needs, you need to start with the floor height of your truck.

If your truck is only raised to about 16”, then you can choose any of the above jack stands for your vehicle.

But if your truck is lifted more than a foot and a half — or even more than two feet — your options become much more limited.

Go with the jack stand that meets your height requirements so you can be sure you’re getting a product to help you in the garage.

For truck owners with a lower lift, it’s smart to go with a jack stand that’s rated for safety over any other quality. Then, you can consider whether you want lightweight (aluminum) or heavyweight (steel) jack stands. Keep in mind that both will last about the same amount of time before they rust, and they’ll both need to be painted or treated to last any longer.

Third, consider the locking mechanism you want to use. If you’ll have enough space under your truck to operate a crank, then you can safely choose a ratchet-based jack stand. If you’re limited on space, it’s best to go with a pull-pin locking mechanism for convenience.

Finally, consider your truck’s weight. If you drive an unusually heavy vehicle, then go for the heaviest-rated jack stands you can find. If your truck is under three tons (like most others), you’ll probably make out fine with most jack stand options.

So . . . are you ready to get the best jack stands for lifted trucks? Shop the options above!

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