The 4 Best Outdoor Workbench Tops – Reviews 2023

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Finding the right outdoor workbench top means giving yourself a sturdy place to work and tinker. Getting an actual workbench is easy for the outdoors — you need a frame that resists rust, more or less.

But finding the right workbench top is a whole different issue. That’s because your workbench top isn’t just a place where you put things together or take them apart. It makes a statement about what you value and like when it comes to working with your hands.

With that in mind, finding the “best” top isn’t about finding the one that everyone else likes the most. Instead, it’s about finding the workbench top that’s the best fit for you. Fortunately, workbench tops come in all shapes and sizes. Manufacturers craft them with all kinds of materials as well, so you can get something more personal and meaningful than just a slab of steel.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best outdoor workbench tops on the market:

Edsal PW5301TA Tempered Pressed Wood on Steel Work Bench Top

The Edsal tempered pressed wood-on-steel workbench top is a strong, reliable, and affordable worktop solution.

This workbench top features pressed wood to give it a strong, dense, and flat surface. The steel siding and bottom ensure this workbench top retains its shape over long periods of time, preventing the wood from warping during periods of extreme hot or cold.

In total, this workbench top gives you 1440” sq. of space with which to work. That’s a lot of space — and you can be sure it’ll support almost anything you place on top of it since the workbench top is a full 1” thick. It won’t mar, it’s resistant to oil, and you can assemble it in minutes. Plus, the maple top will never splinter.

With that reliability and durability, it’s almost shocking that this workbench top is so affordable!

Grizzly G9912 Solid Maple Workbench Top

The Grizzly G9912 solid maple workbench top is manufactured for long-term durability and strength. In fact, Grizzly itself uses more than 200 of these tops in their own company, and they expect each top to last at least 50 years!

It’s always a ringing endorsement to hear that a company uses its own products. It’s even more impressive when you consider the fine craftsmanship that goes into each Grizzly workbench top.

The maple wood (see full specs) is safely sealed with a clear sealant, ensuring it stands up to moisture — even light rain! It also has a fine satin finish that lets you enjoy the maple’s natural grain with a low, attractive sheen.

Best of all, when your workbench top gets dirty, you can clean it with simple household chemicals like water-based bleach or even nail polish remover. The whole top gives you 864” sq. with which to work, and it’s 1 7/8” thick for superior durability.

If you want a smaller, more eye-appealing workbench top, this is surely one of the best outdoor workbench tops for the money.

Bally Block 24” x 60” Laminated Maple Workbench Top, 70 lbs.

This 24” x 60” laminated maple bench top is a heavyweight solution to working with your hands.

This top is made of solid maple and weighs an impressive 70 lbs., giving it the long-lasting durability you need to use it outdoors. It also has 1440” sq. of work space on its surface, and the wood is 1 3/4” thick. Plus, its clear, odorless sealant lets you see the wood itself in its raw form, complete with natural coloring and grain. In fact, the entire top is coated in ultraviolet-cured acrylic to stand up to years of drops, spills, and work.

Best of all, this workbench top is strong enough to stand up to solvent-based detergents. So if you need to clean up with some high-grade chemicals, this workbench top won’t show any damage, wear, or tear.

If you have a few extra dollars and you love the natural look of wood, this durable workbench top is the way to go!

Grizzly G9915 Solid Maple Workbench Top 72 3/4”; Wide x 3 3/4”; Deep x 1 3/4”; Thick

The Grizzly G9915 solid maple workbench top is another product that’s used in-house by the Grizzly team. They have so much trust in their workbench tops that they use each top themselves!

This workbench top (see full specs) specifically is made out of sugar maple wood to give it such a strong structure that you hardly have to maintain it! It’s also coated in a satin sealant that gives you the full view of each maple plank without compromising the wood’s integrity.

The edges of this workbench top are rounded to minimize damage in the event of a collision, and you can clean the whole unit with simple soap and water. In a pinch, you can even use nail polish remover to get rid of stubborn stains.

As long as you cover this workbench top when it’s not in use, it’ll serve you for years to come. With an incredible 2160” sq. of space on its surface, you can bet it’ll become the focal point of your outdoor shop every day.

How Do You Find the Right Outdoor Workbench Top?

The best outdoor workbench top is going to be the one that suits your situation the best.

First, consider the size you need. Can your actual workbench support a top that’s 2160” square? Or do you need a more compact 864” square? If you need something in the middle, just how much space to you have to use without compromising the safety of your work space?

Second, how important is eye appeal? Can you work with a pressed-wood workbench top that has a steel container around it? Or do you want something that’s 100%, pure wood?

Third, how much do you want to maintain your workbench top? If you just want to set it up and use it occasionally, go for a more affordable option that uses metal or pressed wood. If you plan to maintain your workbench to keep it free of stains or cover it in the event of a heavy storm, then you can pick up a maple top.

Last, what’s your price point? Outdoor workbench tops can be expensive in general. But what are you willing to spend that’ll let you comfortably use your workbench without thinking about how much it cost?

Once you’ve answered these four questions, you’ll have a much clearer idea of the best outdoor workbench top for you. Want to check them out for yourself? Just look at the workbench tops on our list!

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