The 5 Best Scratch Start TIG Torches & Kits – Reviews 2024

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The best scratch start tungsten inert gas (TIG) torches are hard to find. These welding torches are designed for heavy-duty use with one of the hardest and most durable metals in the world — tungsten. And when you use a scratch start TIG torch, you’re getting more than the reliability of a tungsten weld. You’re getting the quick convenience of igniting your torch with a flick of your wrist! That combination of power and convenience makes scratch start TIG kits in high-demand throughout the welding world.

With that in mind, scratch start TIG torches are highly-specialized, highly-specific items that work best when they’re in the right hands and the right situation. These aren’t the welding torches that you use in hobby metal shops — they’re professional-grade, and they’re priced that way, too!

Still, you can find relatively affordable scratch start TIG setups online. You just need to know where to look! That’s why we compiled some of the best scratch start TIG torches available. They’re from a variety of vendors, and some of them are packaged as a complete scratch start TIG kit. So, without further ado . . .

Here are our reviews for the 5 best scratch start TIF torches on the market:

Warrior Flexible WP-9FV SR-9FV TIG Welding Torch Head Body

The Warrior flexible WP-9FV SR-9FV TIG welding torch head body is the fast and easy attachment you need to get your welder back in action!

This TIG torch head is cooled by air and draws 125 amps of juice whenever you’re using it. It comes with a gas control valve right at the connection point between the head and the hose, and the exterior is made to comfortably fit in your hand. Plus, the high-quality plastic material ensures this torch stand stands up to repeated use while also fitting into your budget.

When you need to replace the head of your welder with a quick-action, scratch start TIG torch head, Warrior has you covered!

WeldingCity TIG Welding Torch Kit WP-17FV-12R (Flexible/Gas-Valve Head)

The WeldingCity WP-17FV-12R TIG welding torch kit is an all-in-one solution that’s intended to let you plug into your welding machine and go! This TIG setup comes complete with a flexible gas hose, valve head, torch grip, power hose, nylon cable cover, power cable adapter, and accessory kit.

The torch itself works with machines that draw 150 amps, and its air-cooled design means you can light it up, do your work, and let it sit without any special coolant. It works with a variety of manufacturers’ welding machines as well, including WeldingCity, Everlast, Weldcraft, and more.

Plus, WeldingCity understands that your go-to welding equipment can wear out sometimes — including your gloves! That’s why they ship an additional pair of welding gloves, goggles, or glasses (at random) with every purchase.

Naturally, every accessory in this TIG welding kit is designed to work with a scratch start. It’s all the convenience, accessories, and power you could need for your welder at a price that’ll keep you in business!

Blue Demon 150 Amp Air Cooled TIG Torch, GTAW

The Blue Demon TIG torch is a single torch or replacement unit for your existing welder. Above all else, this TIG torch is designed for fast action and convenience.

You can attach this torch’s hose and nozzle with a snap using its 35-70 twist-lock connection. You can also control the flow of gas right at the head of the torch, ensuring you can extinguish your flame at any time. The 3 ft. nozzle can handle a variety of tungsten sizes, and the torch pulls 150 amps of electricity whenever it’s in use.

Altogether, this TIG torch features a lot of options in one package without breaking your bank, which makes it one of the best scratch start TIG torches around.

Weldflame WP-9V-25R 25 ft 125 Amp Air-Cooled Complete TIG Welding Torch

The Weldflame WP-9V-25R TIG welding torch is a complete torch, hose, and nozzle assembly that’s designed to plug into your welder and get to work.

It pulls 150 amps of juice wherever it’s plugged in, and its 25 1/2 foot rubber hose is flexible to work around the stationary fixtures of your metal shop. It also comes with a power cable adapter, a short back cap, multiple ceramic cups, several collets, and a convenient carrying bag if you ever need to transport your torch.

All of this together gives you an outstanding welding torch that’s at home in any shop. Best of all, Weldflame welding torches are designed to activate with a scratch start.

TIG 160 Amp Torch ARC Stick DC Welder 110/230V Dual Voltage Welding Kit

This welding machine is a full-package deal that gives you a complete welder, hose, and TIG torch all at once!

The welder itself is a dual-voltage unit with 110/230 service. The TIG head pulls 160 amps while it’s in use, and it’s designed to outperform all other torches in its class. Plus, it generates enough heat to weld more than just tungsten, including steel, chrome, cast iron, and alloys. Best of all, the whole unit is optimized to practically eliminate splashes and drips so you can run a safe shop with minimal cleanup.

This machine comes with every attachment, hose, and accessory you need to weld with tungsten. If you want a reliable workhorse that gives you the whole package, this is it!

Which Scratch Start TIG Torch Is Right for You?

When it comes down to brass tacks, you know your welding needs better than anyone else. You’re the only person qualified to determine which TIG torch is right for you!

The basics are all there for each of these items. They use tungsten, they’re designed to stand up to rugged use, and they start with a quick scratch. The big question is this: what else do you want from your TIG torch?

If you only need the torch itself, there’s no need to get the hose and attachments as well. Get the torch alone, plug it into your current hose, and get to work! At the same time, you may want a whole scratch start TIG kit to ensure you have all of the accessories you need to use your welding machine — even if you just want some spare parts for the shop.

In addition, you may want to be sure that your TIG torch will work with the machine you already have. If that’s the case, look at the hose diameter you need and pick out the corresponding hose and torch. These items are packaged together for two big reasons: convenience and certainty!

Third, do you have everything you need to fully make use of a TIG torch? Is your welding machine up to date? Is one of your units on its last leg? If this is the case, then shell out for the full welding machine that comes with a scratch start TIG torch. This ensures you have a brand new welding machine for your shop, and it eliminates the risk of downtime when your older units start to fail.

Plus, you know for a fact that the torch, hose, and accessories will all fit on your new welding machine since you bought them in one package.

Your answers to these questions will guide you to the best scratch start TIG torch for your needs. If you want to take a closer look, just check out the torches above for yourself! Good luck!

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