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The best lightweight 8 lug wheels are the ones that fit your vehicle, make it lighter, and stand up to regular, rigorous use. As a result, it’s a challenge to find great 8 lug wheels today, especially when you value the strength and security that these bring to your vehicle in the first place.

There’s a lot that goes into a single 8 lug wheel that can help you determine whether it’s right for you. On this page, we’ll take a look at lightweight 8 lug rims. We’ll go over each, then afterwards, determine what you should look for when selecting such rims. So . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best lightweight 8 lug wheels on the market:

Vision Warrior 375 8 Lug Wheel (16×8″/6×139.7mm)

The Vision Warrior 375 gloss black machined face wheel is a large, durable, and affordable solution to getting a lightweight 8 lug rim for your vehicle. This wheel weighs a light 19 lbs., making it almost feather-light by the standards of 8 lug wheels. Its 18” diameter makes it ideal for pickup trucks, and its 8” thickness makes it compatible with high-grade, ultra-durable tires.

The real bonus to these Vision Warrior 8 lug wheels is that they give your vehicle a sleek, modern, and eye-catching look. If you’re the kind of person who likes to customize your favorite vehicle without the enormous, expensive payouts you have to front, then these are the affordable wheels to go on your prized pickup truck.

Plus, because they’re manufactured by a third party instead of a car company, these wheels are compatible with Cadillac, Toyota, Ford, and other makes.

Vision Warrior Wheels Review

Pro Comp Alloys 1069 Polished 8 Lug Wheel (16×8″/8×6.5″)

The Pro Comp Alloys 1069 polished 8 lug wheel is the sleek, metallic solution to giving your favorite ride a fresh new look. These 8 lug rims are polished to a mirror sheen to give your vehicle an ultra-clean, ultra-sleek appearance that’s second to none.

These lightweight 8 lug rims come with a classic design that’s reminiscent of classic, old-school vehicles. Still, they look outstanding when you add them to any pickup truck or SUV, especially one that complements the wheel’s bright and polished appearance.

Weighing just 20 lbs., this wheel is a no-brainer for anyone who values the flashy and eye-catching value of a vehicle. Plus, because the wheels are made of high-grade aluminum, they’re sure to last through virtually any harsh condition or repeated use, including mudding. These should be on anyone’s list of the best lightweight 8 lug wheels.

Procomp Wheels 1069 Polished

Helo HE791 Gloss Black Machined 8 Lug Wheel – (16×8″/8×6.5″)

The Helo HE791 gloss black machined 8 lug wheel is the sleek, dark, and modern solution to making your vehicle look fresh.

These 8 lug rims feature a painted matte finish that hides dirt and makes the wheel look outstanding. Plus, because of the added layer of paint, the wheels can stand up to rugged conditions while resisting rust and corrosion.

Helo is known for creating versatile, well-designed wheels. That’s why they’re used on everything from Toyota FJs to Ford F150s. Whether you’re driving in a raised pickup truck or a factory-made Jeep Wrangler, these wheels are top-notch solutions to making your vehicle look great without sacrificing quality.

However, these wheels are a bit heavier than the others on our list, clocking in at 25 lbs. Still, that’s significantly lighter than heavy duty wheels that’ll weigh your vehicle down at every turn. Plus, the extra poundage is all in the structure of the wheel, which helps hold the wheel’s shape under heavy loads that you’d find in pickup trucks and other short-haul transportation.

At the end of the day, these wheels weigh a bit more and they could cost a bit more. But the extra durability, reliability, and peace of mind are well worth the cost. Plus, it helps that the wheels come with a manufacturer warranty!

Helo 791 17x9 +18mm Wheel Rim Unboxing

Helo HE879 8 Lug Wheel with Gloss Black Milled (16×8″/8×6.5″)

The Helo HE879 8 lug wheel with gloss black paint is similar to the previous item on our list, but this wheel comes with a different and significantly more modern design.

This wheel uses a lot of negative space, meaning that the wheel itself doesn’t appear to have much in it. The whole wheel is coated in gloss black paint for a sleek appearance and long-lasting rust resistance. It also has a milled face and center cap that complete the whole look of the wheel so your vehicle always looks fantastic. Best of all, each wheel is coated in chromium to provide high-grade durability year after year.

These are the heaviest wheels that you’ll find on this list, but they’re still fairly lightweight (just under 30 pounds), all things considered. With a 16” diameter, these 8 lug wheels are also perfect for a variety of SUVs, pickup trucks, and nearly any vehicle capable of off-roading.

They could cost more, sure. But considering the power the could bring to your vehicle, these remain one of the best lightweight 8 lug wheels for the money.

Which Lightweight 8 Lug Rims Are Best for You?

So which 8 lug wheels are the right ones for your vehicle?

If you want the most affordable wheels for your ride, go with the 8 lug wheels from Vision Warrior. They’re cheaper than the others, but they still have a nice appearance that’ll complement your vehicle.

The Pro Comp Alloys wheels are your next best bet if you have the extra cash. They’re a bit more expensive than the Vision Warrior wheels — not to mention a tad heavier — but they’re still reliable for your money.

The Helio HE791 8 lug wheels (see full specs) are also an excellent choice, and they cost about as much as the Pro Comp Alloys. The main difference here is the appearance. Helio wheels are a bit more design-intensive, which means they look more modern and work better for more modern vehicles.

Finally, you can really shell out and go for the Helio HE879 8 lug wheels (see full specs). These are similar to the previous Helio wheels on our list, but they’re designed to work with a greater breadth of vehicles, they’re coated in chromium for even better durability, and they’re heavier than the other wheels on our list — although they’re still lightweight, all things considered. If you want the best of the best for your vehicle and you have cash to spare, then this is the choice for you!

Are you ready to pick the best lightweight 8 lug wheels for your needs? Check out our list now!

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