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So why get a fire extinguisher for your car? Well, it’s the most vital thing you can have in your vehicle for safety. Finding the right one, however, can be something of a pain.

Instead of just guessing when it comes time to pick up one of these lifesaving devices, we’re here to show you how to find the right fire extinguisher for cars. There’s nothing more important than your safety, so let’s get down to it with our favorites.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best fire extinguishers for cars on the market:

H3R Performance MX100C Fire Extinguisher

The H3R MX100C Fire Extinguisher is a high-quality, sodium bicarbonate based extinguisher which is engineered to handle both flammable liquids and electrical fires. This makes it pretty much the perfect extinguisher to keep handy in your vehicle.

On top of that, it’s lightweight and small enough to fit in most vehicle mounted brackets (see full specs). It’s one of our favorites for good reason, but the quality of construction also comes with a higher price tag than many of those on the market.

2 1/2 Lb. Type ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

This small fire extinguisher is perfect for keeping in your vehicle. It’s designed to handle Class A, B, and C fires and comes in a small enough package to fit easily in pretty much any car. On top of that, it comes with a mounting bracket to allow for easy access if something does happen.

It’s a little bit heavier than some of our favorites, but quite manageable at 2.5lbs (see full specs). The fact that it comes with its own mount definitely puts it head and shoulders above the competition. For this and other reasons, it’s among the best fire extinguishers for cars period.

Fire Gone (FGC-1100) Suppressant Blister Pack Extinguisher – 16 oz.

Fire suppressant sprays are a little bit different than standard fire extinguishers, but the small can and extreme ease of use means that it’s perfect for vehicles. Just point and pull the trigger and the can will release a spray of fire-destroying foam.

It’s also super cheap, but the real advantage here is the fact that the can is able to be used time and time again until all of the foam contained within has been used up. The only real issue is that it’s a bit small in the case of extreme emergencies.

FIAFESA5 – Fire Extinguisher For Gasoline/Oil/Grease/Electrical Fires

If you’re looking for something on a lower budget but feel uncomfortable trusting your safety to a suppressive spray then you’ll be right on track with this fire extinguisher. It’s a bit smaller than most but it’s cheap and easy to operate.

It’s rated for all of the different fires which may occur within an automotive and also comes with a mounting bracket so you can always be sure that it’s only a moment away if something happens. We strongly recommend it, especially for those with compact vehicles. For the money, it’s undoubtedly one of the best fire extinguishers for cars.

Who Needs a Fire Extinguisher for Their Car?

The short answer: Everyone.

The longer answer: You should always have a fire extinguisher within reach in your vehicle. Many people make the mistake of sticking them in their trunk or in another location which isn’t readily accessible.

Fire extinguishers which are held within a vehicle hold two purposes:

1. A fire extinguisher in your car can be used to save your vehicle from excessive damage in the case of an accident or other fire-causing incident. Saving the value of your vehicle from relatively minor interior fires can be super helpful. It can also keep the fire from spreading and completely destroying your vehicle.

2. In the event of a serious incident, a fire extinguisher can be a life saving device, especially for other occupants of a vehicle. This is what they’re mostly billed for, but events where this is necessary are pretty rare, provided you have a fire extinguisher in the first place.

It just makes sense to ensure that you have one in the event something happens.

What to Look For

What you’re looking for in one of these is pretty simple at the end of the day.

The main thing to make sure of is that it can handle any fire which might emerge within your vehicle. Fire extinguishers are rated by class.

  • Class A extinguishers are used for ordinary combustibles. Paper and wood fires would be good examples of this type of thing.
  • Class B extinguishers are used for flammable liquids. In autos, this generally means gasoline or oil.
  • Class C extinguishers are used for electrical fires. These are a real risk within modern vehicles, although not as common in older models.
  • Class D extinguishers are used for flammable metals like magnesium. They’re of no real concern in an auto fire.

What does this mean for you?

You want an ABC fire extinguisher at the very least. This will allow you to suppress any fire which starts within a vehicle without having to worry about it, just point and shoot.

There are a few other things to look for specifically in a car fire extinguisher as well:

  • Lightweight models are preferable. Most people recommend around 2lbs, although going up to 2.5lbs might not be a bad idea for those who have a larger vehicle. Commercial vehicles have their own requirements.
  • A mounting bracket is pretty essential. Place it somewhere you can easily access it instead of the trunk, under the seat is a great place for most cars.
  • Dry fire extinguishers are also nice for vehicles. While many people worry about what this might do to their interior, you’re better off with a dry material since it will also suppress the fire to keep it from restarting.
  • A metal body is also essential for vehicles, preferably something durable since the most likely time a fire will start is after a collision.

If you keep all of the above in mind, then you’re sure to be in good hands at the end of your flaming encounter.


Making sure that you have the best fire extinguisher for cars is an essential part of automotive safety. As you can see, it’s not too hard to find something which fits the bill. You might not think about it often, but you’ll be thankful you have it in case of a collision or engine failure. Pick one up today!

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