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brightest t12 bulbs

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T12 bulbs are some of the most ubiquitous around. From garage lights, to shop lights, to commercial fixtures they’re in a lot of locations that need better than average lighting. If you’re looking to find the brightest T12 bulbs around then read on. We’ve picked out some of the best, making sure that there’s something here for everyone.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 brightest T12 bulbs on the market:

Philips T12 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb

Philips is the leading brand in lightbulbs for good reason, and these 110W fluorescent bulbs are some of the brightest around. These are 48”, making them ideal for many around the home applications while providing a superior amount of light to just about everything else on the market.

Pick these up if you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing in your garage or shop. The cool white color spectrum is easy on the eyes and the price is definitely right as long as you only need a couple of them.

4-Pack 40W T12 96″ 8ft LED Tube Single Pin

If you’re looking to replace a large amount of lights to save money and aren’t keen on sacrificing the brightness you’re accustomed to, these T12 LED bulbs might just be your best option. They’re available in packs of 4, 10, and 20.

They’re equivalent to a 90W fluorescent bulb (see full specs) while using less than half of the power that you’d be spending normally. On top of that, the savings over the duration of their lifetime will more than pay for their higher initial cost. Pick them up to cut down on energy used and not have to worry about replacing bulbs anytime soon. Hands down, these are among the best and brightest T12 bulbs around.

Sylvania 100 Watt T12 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb

This is a two pack of 100W bulbs which come in at 84”. They’re great for both commercial and home use as long as you have one of the larger fixtures which is available, and they’ll slot in quite easily (see full specs).

Sylvania is a great company which produces high-quality bulbs and these are no exception. They’ll last longer than most on the market, but they also come in at a slightly higher price. You may want to opt for something a bit cheaper if you’re replacing a ton of bulbs.

Philips 40W Daylight Deluxe 6500K Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb

If you’re working in a commercial setting, it makes a lot of sense to buy your bulbs in bulk. These 40W bulbs aren’t the brightest of our picks but they’re definitely above average. The big thing you’ll be able to get with them is the massive savings since you’ll be able to purchase them in bulk.

They come in a cool white color as well, which is easy on the eyes and great for offices and other white collar settings. Those who need to pick up every single detail may want to try something a bit higher on the power scale, however.

What to Look for in the Brightest T12 Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs really aren’t the most complicated purchase in the world, but if you don’t know the first thing about them then you’ll want to keep the following in mind.


The type of bulb you go for will largely depend on the application you’re going for. LED T12 bulbs are great for smaller shop lights, but they’re too expensive to replace for an entire commercial or industrial application.

Basically, anytime you need more than eight or nine bulbs you’ll probably want to stick with traditional bulbs. The LED options are mostly for shorter bulbs with more limited applications.

The color spectrum on LEDs throws a lot of people off as well.


The brightness of these bulbs is pretty easy to figure out: take a look at the wattage. The average T12 bulb will be around 20-25W, anything higher is getting into some serious brightness so that’s where we focused.

When you start getting into the 95W+ range, you’re going to be limited to much longer bulbs overall.

LEDs will usually have their equivalent listed, but their brightness is also measured in lumens if you need to directly compare them with other LED style bulbs.


Due to their common usage in commercial and warehouse settings, T12 bulbs come in a ton of different lengths.

For the most part, those which are commonly used around the home will be around 48”. You’ll want to check your fixture before you make a final decision.

Longer T12 bulbs are commonly used in commercial settings, and if you’re shopping for a warehouse then chances are that you’re looking for 84” or 96” bulbs to keep the floor lit.


You’ll want to check the average lifespan of your bulbs and calculate them against how long you generally leave the light on for to determine how long it’ll be before you have to replace them.

Brighter bulbs tend to burn out quicker, so keep that in mind as well.


The truth is, you’ll have to spend some more to get the better bulbs, no matter which type of bulb you end up choosing.

Exceptionally bright options will also cost quite a bit more, but in certain settings the increase in efficiency may just pay for itself.

We all know that, realistically, this is going to be the deciding factor for the vast majority of people looking, so just make sure that your budget fits with the brightness level you need to ensure the best fit for your life.


T12 bulbs come in a wide variety of different light levels and sizes, so making sure that you have the best is only common sense. You may have to dig a little bit farther, but if you stick with our recommended brands then you’ll be in good hands for a long time to come. If you need higher visibility in your workspace, then pick up the brightest T12 bulbs you can find and make things a lot easier on yourself.

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