The 4 Best Driveway Ramps for RV’s – Reviews 2023

driveway ramps for rv

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Getting a driveway ramp for your RV is a no-brainer since there is nothing worse than hearing the rear bumper on your RV scrape every time you pull in and out of your property. In time, this can result in serious and expensive damage. Curb or driveway ramps extend the drop to a point where this no longer happens.

Think of the driveway ramp as a bridge between your driveway and the road negating the sudden drop built into your driveway. By installing this type of ramp either permanently or temporarily, you make it much easier to pull into the driveway without having to floor the accelerator pedal risking not being able to stop.

Finding the right driveway ramps for an RV can take a lot of time and energy. You’ll find they vary significantly in size, materials, quality, and cost. To help reduce the time it would take for you to find the perfect curb ramps for your RV, we have created this guide that includes our favorite ramps.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best driveway ramps for RV’s on the market:

Driveway Ramp for RV 1: Heavy Duty Rubber Curb Ramp by Uyoyous

These ramps are made from high-density rubber and can handle up to 22,600 lbs., which should accommodate most RVs with ease. You can keep them in your garage, in your RV, or use the integrated bolt holts to permanently install them at the end of your driveway. They feature a textured surface designed to provide extra traction for RVs, cars, trucks, motorcycles, powered scooters, and more.

Driveway Ramp for RV 2: BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp Set

This set of curb ramps can be expanded to cover up to 12 feet of driveway. They are made in the USA from solid rubber and can handle the weight of virtually any RV on the road today (20,000 per axle load rating). They are heavy enough to stay in place and have built-in water channels underneath to allow for proper drainage. Being so heavy, there is no need to fasten them permanently in place, so you can simply pick them up and store them in the garage as needed. Not only do they make it easier to get your RV in and out of your driveway, but they also do so for every vehicle you own.

Driveway Ramp for RV 3: Rage Powersports Heavy Duty 5 Ton Curb Ramp Straight

These curb ramps are made from thermoplastic rubber chosen for its durability. They feature a non-slip surface designed to provide extra traction when needed. At 23.5 inches long, they are big enough for RVs with dual wheels in the back (and they can handle 5 tons [that’s 10,000 pounds for you mouth breathers out there] so it can handle most but not all RV’s). The 20-degree incline provides a smooth transition to curbs up to 3 7/8th” tall. Their design is modular allowing you to create a ramp as short or long as you need in minutes.

Driveway Ramp for RV 4: MAXSA 20031 (23″ Wide) Curb Ramp

Made from heavy-duty plastic and weighing in at only 7lbs, this ramp is one of the more portable models on the market. Despite being made from plastic, each ramp can support up 10,000 lbs (so if you have a super-heavy RV, this might not be for you). They feature holes in the end caps that let you bolt several together as needed and holes through the top so they can be fastened in place. At 23 inches wide, they are wide enough for most RVs, but you can always bolt more than one together if more width is needed.

What to Look for in the Best Driveway Ramps for RV’s

While we stand behind our recommendations, we thought you would like some information covering what we looked for when shopping for the best driveway ramps for RV’s.

The Material They Are Made Of

In order to support the weight of your RV, the best ramps are made of polypropylene, rubber, or a combination of the two materials. These materials are both exceptionally durable and waterproof. Bear in mind that rubber tends to emit strong odors for the first few days or weeks. If you are planning to store them inside, you may need to leave them out in the weather for a few weeks until the smell dissipates.

In Curb Ramps as In Many Things, Size Matters

Before deciding on a particular style or brand of curb or driveway ramp, you need to measure the width of your tires, especially if your RV has dualies in the rear. If the ramps you are considering aren’t going to be wide enough, you may have to buy more than two. Should this be the case, be sure the ones you buy are designed to be connected together or in such a way as to prevent them from sliding around during use.

Load Capacity

This is a very important factor as the last thing you need is for your ramps to collapse under the weight of your RV. Start by determining the approximate empty and loaded weight of your motorhome. Then use this information to help you choose ramps designed to support the weight. You can find this information listed in your RV’s owner’s manual or Google your RV model. If you plan to upgrade to a larger motorhome in the future, plan for the extra weight and buy a set of ramps to match it.

Permanent or Portable?

Do you need ramps that are lightweight and easily portable, or do you plan to install them permanently at the foot of your driveway? If you’re planning to take them with you on the road, lightweight plastic ramps are the better choice. The last thing you want is to end up getting a hernia lifting your heavy rubber ramps in and out of your RV. In this case, rubber would not be the best driveway ramps for an RV!

Speaking of Permanent Installations

If you plan to permanently install your curb ramps at the end the driveway, be sure you choose ones that have pre-formed or pre-drilled installation holes. This will make it much easier for you to install them.

Driveway Ramps for RV’s — the Last Bump

After much deliberation, we choose two different ramps from those listed above as our best driveway ramps for an RV. For portability, we like the MAXSA ramps (see full specs) as they weigh in at 7 lbs. each and can be quickly bolted together when more length is required. This and the fact they can handle up to 10,000 pounds per ramp.

For a more permanent installation, our winner is the 3-piece expandable curb set from BRIDJIT (see full specs). Being made from solid rubber, they are heavy enough to hold themselves in place without the need to bolt them down. This and the fact you can expand them up to 12 feet wide, which should be wide enough for most RVs. We also like the fact that since they don’t need to be bolted down, you can pick them up and store them in the garage if needed.

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