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best cj5 lift kit

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The right CJ5 lift kit is the kind that’ll give you incredible appearance and performance from your Jeep without compromising the classic aesthetic of the 1954-1983 Jeep CJ5.

The CJ5 is an eternal classic in Jeep’s history, having been upgraded throughout the decades to accommodate new luxuries like air conditioning (1975) without ever losing the rugged power and look that defines Jeep as a brand. As a result, it’s hard to find the right lift kit for a CJ5 because you don’t want to ruin its timeless appearance.

Sure, amateur Jeep owners may think it looks like the Wrangler. But the true Jeep aficionado knows the CJ5 is all its own and deserves to be treated as such. Below are the right lift kits you can use to customize your CJ5 without compromising its factory-made integrity.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best CJ5 lift kits on the market:

Rough Country CJ5 Lift Kit 1.25-1.75″

The Rough Country 1 1/4” – 1 3/4” Boomerang lift shackles are the ideal way to increase ground clearance for your Jeep CJ5 without shelling out or emptying your wallet.

These lift shackles are designed to seamlessly integrate with your CJ5 to provide more spring, more articulation, and more momentum as you drive. The increased lift is also ideal for anyone who wants to take their CJ5 off-roading, but it still keeps the CJ5 perfect for driving on highways, back roads, and even city streets.

This Rough Country kit allows you to raise the rear of your CJ5 Jeep by 1 3/4”, giving your vehicle a unique appearance that still shows everyone it’s a timeless classic. Complete with a lifetime warranty, these lift shackles are some of the most affordable and reliable ways to raise the body of your CJ5.

Zone Offroad 3″ Jeep CJ5 Lift Kit 72-86

The Zone Offroad 3” CJ body lift kit is tailored to work with Jeep vehicles like the CJ5. This kit looks different than most other lift bundles on the market today because it includes body mount bolts, relocation brackets for the clutch, and static body blocks that you can use to raise the body itself.

This complete package is ideal for anyone who wants to use reliable, static-based raisers in the customization of their Jeep CJ5. The body blocks themselves are called “indestructible” because they’re made from a mix of high-durability materials that give it a simple look and shape with a shocking amount of strength.

While it’s true you have to move the CJ5’s clutch to ensure your Jeep can still operate with this kit installed, that’s a minor inconvenience for the sleek appearance and peace of mind you get from using such strong risers in your CJ5’s body.

If you want to customize your CJ5 while knowing it’ll always stay raised, even in bad weather or after years of use, the Zone Offroad 3” body lift kit is for you! It’s among the best CJ5 lift kits for the money.

Daystar, Jeep CJ5 Lift Kit 1″ – CJ5/7 1980 to 1986

The Daystar 1” polyurethane body mount lift kit is technically a factory-replacement opportunity to keep your CJ5 in like-new shape at any time. However, the kit also works to raise the height of your CJ5 by 1”, which gives it a sharper appearance while changing the Jeep’s center of gravity.

Compared to a lot of other lift kits for more modern vehicles, the Daystar kit includes a lot of hardware like sleeves, bolts, and even radiator core supports. This is because the CJ5 was made differently than most modern vehicles, making it require a different kind of kit to successfully lift and support.

This kit is also ideal if you want to install larger tires on your CJ5, but you can’t find the proper equipment to make it happen. The only downside to this kit is that it includes an enormous amount of small pieces, as opposed to simple shock extenders or suspension pieces, so it’ll probably take more time to install on a CJ5 than a typical lift kit on a modern pickup truck.

Still, all of the parts are made of high-grade materials that provide stellar durability. As long as you can keep your CJ5 running, these parts will stand the test of time as well.

Pro Comp K3069 2.5″ CJ5 Lift Kit – ’72 to ‘75

The Pro Comp K3069 2 1/2” lift kit is specifically designed for one of the middle generations of CJ5 manufactured from 1972 to 1975. This timespan encompasses CJ5s that were made to an ultra-specific set of standards that allowed them to be raised 2 1/2” higher, which was a lot of extra height in those days!

This lift kit costs a lot more than comparable kits because it includes higher-grade and more complex parts to keep your CJ5 running. Those parts include four bar suspension units, four suspension units, and all of the brackets needed to mount them.

While that may not sound like much, the additional bar suspension creates much-needed support to keep the body of the CJ5 safely raised 2 1/2” higher than factory intentions. In addition, the new suspension ensures the Jeep’s body can properly move as it goes over bumps, potholes, or off-road hazards.

Unfortunately, this adds a significant amount of weight to your CJ5 — about 140 lbs. — so your fuel economy will probably suffer. But when you have such a sleek-looking CJ5 with modern suspension and support, it’s easy to look past that minor flaw. This is, without a doubt, one of the best CJ5 lift kits around.

Which CJ5 Lift Kit Is Best for You?

Are you trying to figure out which CJ5 kit is the right one for your needs?

The Rough Country kit is ideal for anyone who wants a quick, simple, and affordable solution to raising their classic Jeep.

The Zone Offroad kit is more complicated because it includes smaller parts, but it’s still a solid solution for anyone who has a Saturday afternoon to invest in their CJ5.

The Daystar kit (see full specs) is by far the most extensive and thorough one on our list, giving you an incredible number of customization options to make your CJ5 truly your own.

Finally, the Pro Comp kit (see full specs) gives your classic Jeep all of the modern suspension and support conveniences while bringing it up a full 1” higher than competing kits.

Are you ready to get the best CJ5 lift kit for your Jeep? Check out our list today! Good luck!

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