The 4 Most Comfortable Harley Grips – Davidson Hand Grip Reviews 2023

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You deserve the most comfortable Harley grips that work for your favorite ride! Your Harley Davidson, after all, is more than a motorcycle – it’s a way of life!

Grips are important because they let you customize your Harley without compromising the signature appearance, style, and feel of the motorcycle. In fact, some grips are specifically designed to keep the factory appearance of your Harley while providing your hands with a finer grip.

Custom grips are essential for Harley riders who take long road trips to prevent fatigue and promote positive friction between your hands and your steering. So how do you find the right grips that let you do all of this? Just check out our list below!

These are our recommendations for the 4 most comfortable Harley grips on the market:

Comfortable Harley Grips 1: Arlen Ness 07-321 Black Fusion Grip

The Arlen Ness 07-321 black fusion grip is designed first and foremost to promote traction between your hands and your Harley’s steering. These grips are intricately machined from billet aluminum for a deep, dark, and attractive appearance that helps you keep control of your favorite ride. The billet aluminum is outstandingly strong, and the metal is further protected with black anodizing.

As for comfort, these grips come with 11 4” interior collars that keep them locked on your Harley at all times. They also have inner air cushions with rubber thumb pads, rubber grips, and slotted billet aluminum end caps.

All in all, this gives your grips — and your Harley — an incredible look while making it easier for you to enjoy the great outdoors on your Harley. Plus, because they’re so affordable, these grips can fit in just about anybody’s budget!

Arlen Ness handles & Motogadget m-Blaze Disc on Harley Davidson - Breakout 2014

Comfortable Harley Grips 2: Kuryakyn 6228 Premium ISO Handlebar Grips

The Kuryakyn 6228 premium handlebar grips combine rugged durability with a unique appearance and surprising hand comfort for your Harley. These grips are designed to dampen the vibrations that make it to your hands while providing a soft, non-slip surface that makes the handles easy to grip. The recessions between individual grip pads also promote air flow to prevent your hands from becoming sweaty or overheated when you’re riding in the sun.

The end caps are compatible with the Harley-Davidson factory air reservoir as well, and the contoured throttle boss relieves forearm fatigue on longer rides.

All in all, these grips give you two actual grip replacements, a throttle side grip, and a tube of adhesive. All you need to finish installation are hex keys, utility knives, 80-100 grit sandpaper, and adhesive solvent. These are among the most comfortable Harley grips for the money.

TOTW Accessorize Kuryakyn ISO Grips

Comfortable Harley Grips 3: Performance MacHine Contour Renthal Wrapped Grips

The Performance MacHine grips are aftermarket parts specially made to give you the same exact grips on your Harley that you got on the day you bought it.

These grips feature a contoured design that makes them fit perfectly in your hand, and the exteriors are coated in good, old-fashioned rubber to keep your hands from slipping. The exposed metallic parts of the grips are colored with a black anodized finish, which also helps keep the grips strong and prevent rust, especially in inclement weather.

The best part about the Performance MacHine grips is that they’re compatible with every Harley HD model motorcycle manufactured between 1982 and 2009, which is an enormous range of options! As a result, these are the grips to purchase if you’re unsure about buying other grips that may not be compatible with your Harley.

The Performance MacHine contoured grips may not be the most eye-catching or creatively-designed grips ever made, but you know what you’re getting with them — a pair of well-made, durable, and reliable grips that are practically guaranteed to fit your Harley!

Harley-Davidson Get a Grip

Comfortable Harley Grips 4: Arlen Ness 07-050 Chrome Soft-Touch Grip

The Arlen Ness chrome soft-touch grips are premium-level replacement grips that help take any Harley’s appearance to the next level. These comfortable grips are made of dimpled kraton rubber for exceptional durability, outstanding resistance to weather, and a grip that simply cannot fail. They have billet aluminum end caps for additional strength and convenience, and the collars are also made from high-grade aluminum.

Best of all, you can easily make other parts of your Harley come to life with the appearance of chrome by matching these grips to replacement shifter pegs and other parts that Arlen Ness offers. With such a unique appearance, you can bet that you’ll have two of the flashiest and strongest Harley grips on the market, and you’ll love how long they last.

The Arlen Ness chrome grips are also made right here in the United States. As a result, you can be sure the money you spend on them will go right to an American business and the workers who staff it. Buying domestic has never felt so good!

Arlen Ness Grips Buying Guide at

If These Are All the Most Comfortable Harley Grips, Which Ones Are Right for You?

Well, it depends on what you want!

First, the Arlen Ness fusion grips are a mild upgrade from your factory Harley grips in terms of overall durability, palm comfort, and appearance. They’ll look great on any ride, but they’re not necessarily right for everyone.

The Kuryakyn premium grips are made to be stronger, more comfortable, and more attractive than your Harley’s standard grips. Kuryakyn also uses a unique design on their grips to ensure airflow to your hands, preventing sweat and heat from building up in your palms.

The Performance MacHine grips (see full specs) are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to replace the grips on their older Harley, but still love the classic appearance of the factory design. They’re almost tip-for-tap the same parts you got when you first purchased your ride!

Finally, the Arlen Ness chrome grips (see full specs) are by far the sleekest and best-looking grips available. They also have a unique design to promote positive contact between your handlebars and your palms, and their end caps are made for exceptional durability.

With all of these choices at your fingertips, now is your chance to find the most comfortable Harley grips for your needs! Good luck!

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