The 4 Best Weight Distribution Anti-Sway Hitches – Reviews 2023

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A weight distribution anti-sway hitch is a great idea to invest in if you’re planning on hauling. They’ll reduce the amount that a towed item swings your truck around, making for a much smoother and safer ride on your end.

Picking one out can be a little bit trying, however, as there are a lot of different options on the market. Check out our reviews of the 4 best weight distribution anti-sway hitches around, so that you can get out on your adventures with a much smoother ride.

Andersen Mfg 3350 No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch44

The Anderson Mfg 3350 is an ideal option for most people. It will allow the weight to be put over the hitch properly and includes a no-hassle approach to sway control. Instead of the traditional bar or dual cam methods, the chains on the hitch will take care of any sort of swaying automatically.

It’s not vehicle specific, which means anyone can benefit. Likewise, the simple one pin installation (see full specs) means that even those who haven’t used an aftermarket hitch before will have absolutely no issues introducing this one to their towing.

Andersen Hitches Weight Distribution Hitch with ground-breaking Anti-Sway, Anti-Bounce

Eaz-Lift 48058 Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit

For heavy-duty towing up to gross 10,000 lbs., the Eaz Lift 48058 is an absolute wonder. Everything is pre-installed, including the sway control, which will allow you to be up and going in no time, and it has a 1,000 lb. tongue capacity. It’s silent as well, so you won’t have to deal with any additional noise. Installation is easy as well; only one hole will need to be drilled and everything else just bolts right on.

It’s a great design, and one which is sure to please the prospective consumer. The only problem you’ll find is that the heaviest model only runs up to 1200lbs, so it’s definitely not suitable for all users. But if you keep that limitation in mind, it among the best weight distribution anti-sway hitches period.


Reese 49902 Pro Series Complete Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with Sway Control

The Reese 49902 Pro Series is a complete kit that offers the best sway control hitch possible right out of the box. This one is mainly for users who are expecting a lot of wind or other sway-increasing factors, and it can be a bit harder to install than many others. That said, if you have the technical skill and the need, you really can’t go wrong with it. It comes in at a bargain price as well.


CURT 17063 Round Bar Weight Distribution Complete Kit

The Curt 17063 comes complete with weight distribution and top-of-the-line sway distribution features. This kit (see full specs) is easy to install and makes swaying a thing of the past as long as you get the settings right. Best of all, everything you need is included in the kit so you don’t have to go searching for additional hardware. Make hauling easy on yourself and your vehicle — and most importantly, make it safe!

Who Needs a Weight Distribution Anti-Sway Hitch?

If you’ve noticed, while hauling your trailer, that you have a large amount of sway you’re an ideal candidate. Sway isn’t just troublesome, it can also be dangerous on the roads and one of these hitches is a great way to protect yourself from this common problem.

Other reasons you might want to make the investment in one of these hitches are the following:

  • Your trailer weighs more than 50% of your vehicle.
  • You experience sagging in the rear end of your towing vehicle when connected
  • Your vehicle’s headlights are angled upwards once you’re connected
  • Being attached to your trailer makes driving much more difficult
  • You’re nearing the tow capacity of your vehicle

If you’re experiencing any of the above, consider the investment.

In addition to that, we all know that trailers sometimes just don’t ride all that well. Getting the best weight distribution anti-sway hitch is a great way to help out with this problem.

The anti-sway features are particularly important for trailers which lack decent aerodynamics. A gust of wind into the side of a recreational trailer on a highway can cause a lot of problems in a hurry and it’s best to just avoid having to deal with that mess altogether.

Choosing the Best Sway Control Hitch

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that the hitch you’re looking at can support the weight that you’re planning on working with. This means you’ll have to calculate the tongue weight of your trailer.

“Tongue weight” is simply the amount of downforce put directly on the back of the vehicle. While the weight ratings for most of these hitches seems quite low, it’s because they’re actually rated for this instead of the gross weight of the trailer.

There are two ways to figure out your tongue weight.

The first is to simply figure it at 10%-15% of the gross trailer weight. This is a bit inaccurate, and you really should go down to about 10% if you’re not willing to actually weigh it out. You can also purchase a special tongue weight scale which will give you a highly accurate reading. In either case, assume 20% extra over the tongue weight to account for loading with your trailer.

You’ll also want to make sure you have an anti-sway feature of some sort built in. Dual cam systems are the best, but in reality pretty much any of them will work well for those who don’t have to tow for a living. The weight is really the most important factor here.


By choosing the best weight distribution anti-sway hitch you can find, you can make your ride while hauling much easier and safer than you’d be able to achieve using your normal hitch. Most of them are quite easy to install, and once you’ve found the perfect one you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Get ready for a smooth, easy ride with a trailer that follows the truck with ease instead of fighting you at every turn. Make the purchase now for it’s a great investment in a more luxurious ride. Good luck!

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