The 4 Best Adjustable Hitches – Ball Mount Reviews 2024

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So why get an adjustable hitch? For some of us, it isn’t enough to buy the perfect hitch. Instead, it becomes imperative that we make sure that we can tow anything, anywhere, anytime. Rather than invest in a half dozen or more different hitches to throw on our trailer, it makes sense to find the right adjustable hitch. If you make the correct choice, then you can ensure that your towing experience allows you to switch smoothly, inviting more convenience into your life.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best adjustable hitches on the market:

Curt Dual Ball Adjustable Hitch Mount

The Curt Dual Ball Mount is a heavy duty, adjustable hitch with seven positions to pick from. The dual ball is also handy, allowing for two different sizes with the smaller rated for 10,000lbs and the larger rated for 14,000lbs.

It’s a versatile piece of work that will easily fit any vehicle with a 2” mount. Add in the locks and you can keep it from getting stolen. It’s a bit heavy, and probably not something you want floating in the bed of your truck, but that’s made up for by the bargain price and versatility of the hitch.

Andersen 3410 – 6″ Drop/Rise Adjustable Hitch

This polished aluminum hitch is a fantastic piece of work and most people might find they never need another hitch. The aluminum will keep things from corroding in normal usage and it has a 6” drop and a 6” rise to make sure that you can tow just about anything with it.

If you’re looking at carrying varied loads then you’re going to be pleased with this hitch. It’s rated for 10,000 pounds and its super durable. It’s among the best adjustable hitches around.

MaxxHaul Black/Chrome Adjustable Hitch

For heavy duty hauling, you might need some serious travel room and the MaxxHaul 70380 delivers on that end with an attractive powder-coated and chromed hitch. The maximum weight capacity sits at 10,000lbs, but of far more interest to most people is the fact that it has a maximum rise of 7 ½” and a drop of 6 ½” which gives you a wide range.

Add in the double ball and you’ll be in good hands with this hitch. As a functional and cheap adjustable hitch, it’s a star performer that won’t have you digging deep in your pocket book—easily one of the best adjustable hitches for the money.

B&W Tow and Stow Magnum Adjustable Hitch

What it lacks in vertical movement, and that’s not much, this tri-ball hitch from B&W makes up for if you fit the criteria. If you find yourself constantly switching between different types of trailers and you’re tired of forgetting the right ball then you’ll be in good hands.

Of course, all is still pretty good on the vertical adjustment, with a good 5” drop (see full specs). Due to the construction, you might want to use it if you need a considerable amount of rise. It’s a bit expensive as well, but for the right person it’ll be an absolute godsend.

Selecting Your Adjustable Hitch

For most people, which hitch and ball mount they end up going with is going to come down to what they’re planning on doing. There’s a couple of different reasons you might be looking for one of these hitches:

You’re planning on hauling several different trailers.


You’re planning on using the same trailer with differing levels of load, from empty to extremely heavy

Which hitch you’re planning on going with is going to depend largely on which of those categories you fall into.

For differing trailers, focus on making sure you have as many balls as possible. It might be uncomfortable on occasion if you miss out on some of the extra vertical movement of other hitches. However, being able to let just about anything hook onto your hauler is more important.

For just a couple of trailers with differing loads, vertical movement is your essential metric. A trailer which is empty versus one which is carrying three tons of merchandise is going to sit at wildly differing heights and being able to make sure that you’re at the optimal height is the most important part.

After that, it’s really a matter of how much money you’re planning on spending.

More expensive hitches will almost always have a tighter fit and run truer to their estimated weight. Tighter tolerances means less chance of failure over time and you’ll also find that they’re a lot less noisy. The clanging noise made by cheap hitches comes from pins made without tight tolerances.

Of course, in climates where the temperature varies widely you’ll also be looking at more trouble with tighter pins since the metal will expand and contract. If you find this to be a problem, you might want to keep a rubber mallet around just so you can be sure.

Pretty much every adjustable hitch on the market is made for a 2”x 2” receiver, so they should fit pretty much any truck or SUV out there. If in doubt, measure, but most people aren’t going to run into any problems.

Lastly, you want to make sure that both your vehicle and the hitch can haul whatever you’re planning on moving.

Once you’ve got all of that together: you’re in for a winning experience.

Adjustable Hitch Conclusion

Once you’ve found the best adjustable hitch for your needs, it’s just a matter of pinning it in and getting a move on. Don’t keep using a single position hitch when you need something more. The money spent will be saved in your effort in pretty much no time. It’s just a matter of assessing your needs and making sure that they’re met. Good luck!

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