The 4 Best Saddlebags for KLR650 Bikes – Saddle Bag Reviews 2023

best saddlebags for klr650, best saddle bags for klr650

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Saddlebags for your Kawasaki KLR650 should one of the first accessories you should buy. Every rider needs saddlebags because they’re the most reliable way to carry anything with you. A good set of saddlebags should have enough room to hold everything you need while protecting it from the elements, without impeding your ride in any way.

You’re looking for capacity, durability, and to some extent style. You want your saddlebags to look good on your KLR650, after all. Security is another concern for some people. Some bags can be locked, but not all of them. If you don’t keep anything valuable in your saddlebags, that may not be an issue for you, but some people really value the ability to lock their bags.

We’ll take a look at some of the best saddlebags that you can purchase for your KLR650, including selections from a range of prices so that there’s something for everyone. Naturally, the cheaper bags will have fewer features, but you may find that you don’t want or need all the things the more expensive bags have to offer.

Here our recommendations for the best saddlebags for KLR65 motorcycles on the market:

AmazonBasics Motorcycle Saddlebags

These are, as the name suggests, quite basic. These dual saddlebags are designed to carry your personal gear comfortably and efficiently. They aren’t made specifically for Kawasaki bikes, but they’ll fit just about any dual-sport motorcycle out there, including the KLR650.

They’re made from heavy-duty water-resistant fabric with heat shields on the sides and bottom. These things are tough, and they’ll keep your gear protected from the elements, abrasion, and the hot exhaust from your bike. They’re easily big enough to handle carrying home your groceries, but they can also be used for stashing small amounts of personal gear.

High-visibility covers are included for added safety when riding at night. The best part about these bags, though, is the price. You won’t find quality saddlebags any cheaper than these. The reviews are almost universally great. Normally, with a price this low, you wouldn’t be expecting much in the way of quality, but it looks like these bags are that rare item that’s both cheap and well-made—one of the best KLR650 saddlebags for the money.

Chase Harper 3550 Aeropac II Saddlebags

These bags might be slightly more expensive than basic bags, but the extra money buys you extra features. They have hand-molded thermaplastic inserts for rigidity, a key fob hook, mesh pockets, and tab locks.

The added rigidity from the plastic insert also helps keep them aerodynamic. These have a huge interior capacity, too. The material is water and tear-resistant, and the reflective visibility strips on the outside mean that you don’t have to worry about a separate cover for adding visibility.

Again, these bags are not specifically designed for a KLR650, and are instead meant to have a universal fit. While they’re more expensive than basic bags, they’re still solidly in the low end of the saddlebag price range. You get a surprising amount of features for the price, too, and the quality really is high.

Nelson-Rigg Black SE-3050-BLK Sierra Dry Saddlebags

These Nelson-Riggs bags are completely water proof. The mounting hardware is made from aircraft grade aluminum for durability, and they come with two lightweight saddlebag liners to make loading and unloading easy.

You can choose between all black or yellow and black saddlebags, and each one comes with a plastic stiffener for rigidity. Each bag has a capacity of nearly 30 liters, too, which should be plenty of space for all your needs. It mounts to your bike with four quick release buckles, so it’s easy to remove the entire bag quickly when you need to.

The seams have all been electronically heat-welded to guarantee that the bags are perfectly water proof, and the UV coating on the outside ensures that the colors won’t fade in sunlight. As a consequence, these should be on anyone’s list of the best saddlebags for KLR650 bikes.

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Kawasaki 2008-2016 KLR 650 KLR650 Saddlebags

These are the bags made by Kawasaki specifically for the KLR 650. They’re the most expensive bag we’ve listed, but they’re also made by the manufacturer specifically for this bike, so that’s a plus.

These bags aren’t waterproof, but the rubberized finish is water-resistant and will resist abrasion, too. They also have KLR branding, if that’s important for you. Perhaps the nicest feature of these bags is that master locks can be used on the zippers, providing some decent security for your bags in case someone in the parking lot gets frisky. Not every saddlebag can be locked, so if security matters to you these might be your best option.

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The Best Saddlebags for KLR650 Conclusion

The best bag on this list might not be the most expensive one. The Neslon-Riggs bag (see full specs) has far more features than the Kawasaki bag, after all. The Kawasaki bag (see full specs), on the other hand, is indeed the best choice for security and branding.

The bag you choose will depend on what you need. If all you’re looking for is a place to put some personal items and maybe your groceries every now and then, the Amazon Basics bags should work nicely. They’re spacious, durable, and they’ll fit comfortable on your bike.

If you do a lot of off-road or cross country riding, then the Nelson-Riggs bags will suit you better. They have a huge capacity and they’re tough as nails. While they don’t offer much security, when you stop for the day it’s easy to just pull the bag liners out and take all your belongings with you, so you don’t really need a lock. The complete water proofing gives you peace of mind riding in any conditions, too. Any of the bags on this list would be an excellent choice and each, in its own way, can qualify as the best saddlebags for KLR650 bikes. It really all depends on what kind of bag you really need. Good luck!

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