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If you do a lot of off road driving with your Jeep, SUV or truck, then you know you need different air spring settings and tire pressures for different driving conditions. For example, even the best 4×4 vehicle will have trouble driving in sand with the tires at their properly inflated level; yet if you reduce the air in them by 10 – 20% they will zip right along in the sand.

The only problem is when you are done driving in the sand and it’s time to get back on the highway you now have underinflated tires. All this would not be a problem if you had your own on board air compressor that you could automatically adjust your air springs with and it could also be made to inflate your tires. Take a look at the 4 best on board air compressor kits on the marketplace.

AIR LIFT 25592 Load Controller II On Board Air Compressor System

Are you looking for a sleek little on board air compressor that fits into your vehicle nicely and comes equipped with all of the goodies? Then you really need to take a closer look at the AIR LIFT 25592. This model on board air compressor is consistently top rated and given excellent review scores time after time.

It all starts with a great compact design: the entire compressor unit is a sleek 14 inches long by 9 inches wide and is 6 inches high. That small design makes it easy to find a convenient place to mount it on your vehicle. The entire compressor unit itself weighs a light 4.6 pounds. It is a unit that is small enough to make it convenient to own and powerful enough to handle any air spring or shock inflating tasks you require.

One of the best things about the AIR LIFT 25592 is you get a strong little workhorse compressor at a price that will fit into just about anyone’s budget. You also really can’t go wrong when you purchase an on board air compressor from Airlift because they have been making quality compressors for over 60 years.

ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor

Here is another very user friendly on-board air compressor. It too gets very high ratings and is specifically designed to fit ARB Air LockerTM equipped vehicles but it can be adapted to fit other vehicles too.

It is a small: 9 inches long by 9 inches wide and is only a little over 5 inches high. This makes it easy to find a place to mount this handy little compressor unit. It also runs so quiet that many people choose to mount it right inside the cab of their vehicle. It is powerful enough to fill a 35” tire in less than a few minutes too. It comes with all the mounting brackets and hardware included right in the kit.

This is a very versatile little air compressor; not only does it mount easily because of its small size but it can handle filling up such things as air shocks, off road tires, and even camping gear very efficiently. This is one of the best on board air compressor kits you can buy.

AIR LIFT 25655 Load Controller I On Board Air Compressor System

This is yet another quality on board air compressor from the reputable company Air Lift. This unit is pretty much the Cadillac of on board air compressor units and its slightly higher price tag reflects that.

One of the most unique things about this air compressor (see full specs) is its dual compressor design. That means there is no waiting for the air compressor to recharge when doing such tasks as filling multiple large tires with air; it tends to keep right up with you and that is rare for a small on board air compressor. Its air pressure is so impressive that it can even run small air-powered tools.

It measures 20 inches in length by 10 inches wide and the unit is 5 inches high. That gives the user a lot of choices when it comes to mounting. The kit it comes in contains everything you need for mounting the unit and also contains a complete wiring loom and two relocatable splash resistant air filters.

VIAIR Ultra Duty Onboard Air System

This is a really nice on board air compressor that comes with all the bells and whistles included right in the kit. It is a bit of a high-range on board air compressor in price but that is more than acceptable given the power it has.

The compressor (see full specs) has a high end working pressure of 200 PSI and can easily inflate tires as big as 37” (in just over 7 minutes) and can run continuously for almost 1 whole hour while doing so. It is another compressor that is powerful enough to run small air pneumatic tools.

Due to its powerful capabilities and 26″ x 13” x 10” size it is not quite as easy to find a place to mount it as some smaller models but once you do find a place to mount it you will be happy you traded the power of this unit for that slight inconvenience. This should be on anyone’s list of the best on board air compressors.

Something to Keep in Mind

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for an on board air compressor is to not confuse it with its big cousin, the truck mounted air compressor. On board air compressors are not heavy duty and not designed to do such things as paint guns or high torque impact tools. These are simply designed to inflate tires, air springs, and do other light jobs on off road vehicles.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the on board air compressors mentioned above. Any one of them are among the best on board air compressors you can buy. And they are a must have if you like to go off road or require it for where you live or work. Find a compressor that fits your budget and if you buy it you will never again have to drive with your air shocks uncomfortably low or your tires dangerously underinflated while you look for a gas station to fill them.

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