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Learning to weld correctly can be a most rewarding pastime. The satisfaction of having constructed something yourself or having performed a much-needed custom-modification is a reward that is to be experienced for full appreciation.

When wishing to go out and buy a new welder, the wide range of options available can be quite daunting. We have compiled an overview of the different welders, but since folks are busy, those explanations will follow our recommendations.

So, let’s see first our suggestions for the 4 best beginner welders!

Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder, 120-Volt, 125-Amp

The Forney easy weld 299 flux core welder is exactly what it says on the tin — an easy-to-use and convenient welding unit for home or hobby use.

This MIG welder works with gasless flux core welding only, giving you a limited range of options when you use it. However, because you’re going to use it at home, you don’t need all of the options that a commercial unit would give you. As a result, you get a much more specialized and work-appropriate welder for your needs in your home shop.

This welder is rated to work with 24 gauge metal up to 1/4” thick. It can also work with 2 lb. and 10 lb. spools, giving it a surprising range of versatility. Plus, with a 120V input and 120A output, this welder can plug into any conventional outlet that you have in your garage or shed.

To keep things simple, the controls on this beginner welder are restricted to on/off and power output. The torch is your standard trigger-based unit, and the entire welder comes with a convenient carrying handle so you can transport it on a whim.

Is the Forney Easy Weld 299 flux core welder the most powerful unit in the world? Not by a long shot. But when you’re just starting to weld, it’s the best price, value, and power for your needs!

Welding with the Forney Easy Weld® 125 FC

Forney 304 MIG Welder 95FI-A Flux Core Only, 120-Volt, 95-Amp

If you would prefer to start with MIG welding, then the Forney 304 MIG Welder 95FI-A Flux Core Only, 120-Volt, 95-Amp is one of your best options. It gives the capable to weld flux core straight out the box. It comes with a convenient carry handle to assist portability and weighs just 43 pounds. This great MIG welder from Forney is perfect for all forms of automotive work.

The duty cycle of this MIG welder (see full specs) is also very efficient, giving you 20% at 60 Amps. Thermal overload protection is featured so that your welder should down when a surge is detected. Both forms of flux cored wire are supported, allowing for both .030” and .035” diameter wire.

A one pound roll of MIG wire is fitted standard so that you have no delays when wanting to test your new welder. Forney is a reliable supplier of over 500 products covering the hardware, automotive, and mechanical market, and the Forney 304 MIG welder is a fantastic addition to their line-up. It features a “Tweco” styled welding torch, a face shield, ground clamping and a combination chipper hammer/brush.

One of the great benefits of MIG welding is that you do not need CO2 or Argon, and at the price this great offering from Forney should most definitely be considered as an alternative to standard stick welding. It’s without a doubt one of the best beginner welders on the market.

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200amp 110/220 Dual Voltage PULSE ACDC Welder

The Everlast PowerTIG dual voltage welder is a high-quality welder that’s designed for easy use like no other TIG welder out there. First and foremost, the entire control panel of this welder is color-coded for the simplest possible operation. With it, you can tell at a glance what dial you need to turn to get the results that you want from your welding job.

In addition, the unit comes with an arc force control stick that reduces spatter and improves the arc performance — which also makes it safer! It works on a110/220 volt (120/240V) electrical supply, and it draws up to 20 amps when it works on max settings. To start, though, it only draws 2 amps to conserve energy. Best of all, it comes with an optional outlet for WC 300 water cooler tanks if you’re going to be using the Everlast welder for an extended period of time.

It’s important to note with this welder that a110/220 volt connection is essentially the same as a modern 120/240 volt electrical supply. So if your shop or home has a 120 volt outlet, you can still use this handy welding machine. In fact, the Everlast PowerTIG is so versatile that it can even work on AC or DC electrical current!

If you’re going to make a serious investment in your welding machinery, this is the unit for you to get to start. It may cost a bit more than other models, but its color-coded control panel and sheer versatility make it an excellent first buy. Bar none, it’s one of the best welders for beginners.

🔥 AC Welding: Pulse vs. No Pulse | Everlast PowerTIG 200DV Review

TIG 160 Amp Torch ARC Stick DC Welder 110/230V Welder

This TIG 160 amp welding machine is a direct-current, 110/230V powerhouse of reliability. It’s also affordable enough to fit into any beginning welder’s budget, making it an ideal first purchase for anyone just starting with metalwork. Plus, the controls are all simple enough for anyone to figure out — even first timers!

The torch is optimized for flawless welds with every use, and it’s capable of welding up to 3/8” thick metals, including stainless steel. In terms of arc quality, electrical control, and duty cycle, it’s nearly impossible to beat the value of this compact, beginner welding unit. With all of that from one welding machine, you’ll practically never have to clean up after a job!

This TIG welding machine comes with a huge variety of accessories and parts to ensure you get the versatility you need. In short, it should be on anyone’s list of the best beginner welder.

Amico Power ARC160DC Using E7018 1/8" Electrode

Different Types of Welders

OK, now for those explanations we were talking about. When selecting a starter welder, it’s often necessary to know the 3 basic types of welders:

Arc Welding

Arc welding is also known as stick welding, and it is the simplest form of welding to accomplish at home. It is suited to the welding of heavy metals, 4mm and upwards.

MIG Welding

MIG Welding is the most common form of welding that beginners are commonly familiar with. MIG welding, otherwise known as Gas Metal Arc Welding, is used to fuse stainless-steel, mild-steel, and aluminum.

TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas welding, or TIG welding, is a process that takes a lot of expertise to accomplish. This form of welding is carried out when a superior finish is required, without the need for sanding or excessive clean-up of any sorts.

Buying Advice

When shopping for the so-called best beginner welder there are some handy factors to be aware of. Depending on the thickness of the steel that you intent to weld, one requires varying amperage. A 140 amp welder is suitable for 1/4-inch steel, 180 amps for 3/8-inch to 5/16-inch steel, 200 amps for 5/16-inch and a 250 amp welder for 1/2-inch thickness steel. Stick welders require one to stop often, while if you opt for a TIG welder then always be sure to consider the duty-cycle that the unit is capable of. Regardless of your choice of welder, it is always wise to purchase one that has a good warranty as a welder is seldom replaced anytime in the near future.

Essential Welding Safety

Before setting out to weld make certain that you are well protected. A welding helmet (see a ton here) and gloves (plenty here) are essential and one should never risk welding without the necessary safety equipment. Always ensure that no part of your skin is touching any metal that you are welding since the voltage is deadly! Lastly make certain that you weld where there is adequate ventilation, the fumes can be toxic. Good luck!

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