The 5 Best LED Lights for 2×2 Tents – Grow Light Reviews 2023

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Finding the right LED lights for 2×2 grow tents can be daunting for first-time shoppers. There are so many different brands and styles to choose from, things can be confusing. To help take some of the confusion out of buying LED lights, we’ve put together a guide that covers what you should consider in your purchase. First, we’ll offer our suggestions, then afterwards, we get into the nitty-gritties what you should look for in grow lights. So, without further ado . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 5 best LED lights for 2×2 tents on the market:

LED Grow Light Bloom Plus BP-1000 Grow Lights

This is a high-efficiency grow light that features Samsung 2835 diodes and a huge heatsink to help keep your tent’s temperature more stable. Energy consumption is minimal at only 90 watts. The light measures 1.5×1.5, making it the perfect choice for a 2×2 tent.

The LEDs are full-spectrum covering blue (5000K), warm white (3000K), red (660nm), and infra-red (730nm) lighting to provide your plants with a higher level of natural light. It’s easy to set up, simply hang in place and plug it in.

Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light

The Spider Farmer LED grow light is very energy efficient at only 100 watts yet provides the same yield as those more wasteful 1000 and 12000 wat blurple lights that make your plants look weird. Running silently as opposed to noisy cooling fans, this LED light features a massive aluminum heat sink that does an excellent job of dissipating excess heat to protect your plants.

The Spider Farmer also produces the full sunlight spectrum, blue (660-650nm, red (5000k), white (3000K), and infra-red (760 nm). This gives your plants everything they would get in terms of light if you had planted them outside, making this one of the best LED’s for 2×2 tents around.

Spider Farmer SF Series 1000 watt, light spectrum testing and review. Part 2.

Exlenvce 1500W 1200W LED Grow Light

The Exlenvce features triple chip 15W LED lights for added brightness and more energy efficiency in comparison to single LED chips. Like most LED grow lights, this one provides the full spectrum of sunlight needed to encourage plants to grow.

This light offers VEG, BLOOM, and VEG+BLOOM settings that provide more blue light that seeds need to germinate, and young plants crave and a Bloom setting that provides a higher level of red light for flowering plants. The VEG+BLOOM setting can be used to support growth and improve plant performance from seedling all the way to harvest.

MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led Grow Light

The MARS Hydro offers full-spectrum light using the latest SMD technology to provide maximum output. Intended to replace a 1000W standard grow lamp, it features 342 LEDs but only consumes 150 watts.

The highly reflective aluminum heat shield has been proven to increase the amount of light reaching your plants by up to 20% while removing the excess heat and saving your plants from being burnt to a crisp. While it will work great for your 2×2 tent, it’s also powerful enough to cover a 3×3 tent if you prefer a bigger grow tent.

Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED test grow ep 9

Aceple Full Spectrum Sunlike White LED Grow Light

The Aceple offers a mix of red and white light, which is a custom spectrum of light developed by professional indoor growers. Power draw is a mere 85 watts, and the light spectrum is perfect for your plants from seedling to harvest.

The fanless design means silent light, and because it’s waterproof, you never have to worry about damaging it when watering your plants. At only 3.3lbs. this is one of the lightest LED lights available and perfect for your 2×2 tent.

What to Look for in the Best Grow LED Lights for 2×2 Tents

With so many models on the market, it can be hard for the first time buyer to know which are the best grow lights for 2×2 tents. Here we look at those things you should consider:

Your Crop

Believe it or not, the type of LED grow light you buy is heavily dependent on the kind of plants you plan to grow. You should also consider how far into the growth cycle your plants will be under the lights before they are transplanted outside or into your regular indoor hydroponic system. You may also want to consider how many plants you plan to cram into your 2×2 tent.

The Size of Your Grow Space

While you are essentially buying your lights for a 2×2 tent, you never know if you might use it elsewhere in a larger space. Keep in mind that in order to be considered effective, a standard LED grow light must be capable of using more than 32 watts per square foot. Thus, a 2×2 tent needs a light rated at 128 watts minimum (2×2 equals 4 square feet: 4×32=128).

Quality LED Lights

The next part of shopping for LED lights has to do with their overall quality. We recommend the lights you choose have the following attributes:

Top-Notch Semiconducting Chips

At the heart of any LED light is the semiconductor chip. This all-important chip converts electricity into light and can be used to determine the color of light by the wavelength of the signal creating it. The best LED’s for 2×2 tents use chips that are rated at a minimum of 3 watts per LED. If you settle for anything lower, your lights will not produce the light required to help your plants grow.

Low Heat

It’s equally important that the LED lights you buy do not produce excessive amounts of heat. Most modern lights are fanless, using an aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat without the noise of running fans. However, you can still find lamps that are fan-cooled. Lights that produce excessive amounts of heat can quickly overheat the inside of your tent and scorch your plants. Excess heat will also cause the LEDs to burn out faster, helping to keep your costs more under control.

Color Spectrum

Although you would think that all LED grow lights would provide the same full spectrum of light, this is not always the case. Any light you choose must produce blue, red, infra-red, and white light. This “full-spectrum” of light will help your plants grow from seedling to harvest while keeping them healthy without the risk of them being burned.

Ease of Use and Installation

The last thing you need is to buy an LED light for your tent that is complicated and confusing to install. Not only should the light be capable of being installed in just a few minutes, but as your plants grow, you will need to be able to adjust the height of the light. You should also look for lights designed to allow you to change the intensity of each important color. Many have preset choices such as VEG, BLOOM, and combined.

A Good Warranty

While everyone claims LED bulbs last practically forever, they are not the only component in them that can fail. Be sure the ones you choose have an extended warranty and come from a company with a reputation for honoring their warranty.

The Best LED Grow Lights for 2×2 Tents – Final Thoughts

LED grow lights are becoming very popular and are rapidly replacing expensive halogen lights in many indoor grow operations. They are becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of providing carefully controlled full-spectrum lighting that your plants will need to flourish. Hopefully, this information will help you sort through the many different lights on the market, so you end up with the best 2×2 grow lights for your use. Good luck!

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