The 4 Best 10 Meter Radios – Reviews 2023

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If you are a licensed short wave amateur radio hobbyist you know the importance of having good equipment. Having a powerful 10 meter radio gives you a lot of options when it comes to enjoying this activity and it will give you greater range too.

Ten meter radios come in all price ranges but if they are expensive it does guarantee they are good and if they are inexpensive it does not mean they can’t do a nice job. Here are four of the best 10 meter radios in different price ranges that do a great job and are really nice to own.

Stryker Sr-655hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Are you interested in a top notch 10 meter radio that has some of the finest send and receive capabilities you will find in the marketplace? If the answer is yes then this lower price range amateur radio will be perfect for you. It is made by Stryker which is a strong name in the CB and 10 meter radio fields.

Right out of the box I noticed how sturdy this unit was built and it looked great. There were lots of bells and whistles on it to so you can choose different bands such as AM/FM and more. When I plugged it in there was a huge variety of colors that showed up in the backlit LED faceplate that was a nice little touch.

How did it work? For starters it was one of the highest power 10 meter radios that we tested. 200 watts will really get a signal very far out there. The different controls were awesome and featured such things as a dimmer switch, clarifier and variable power control. It even has six different roger beeps.

You really can’t go wrong purchasing this model amateur radio from Stryker. It’s easily one of the best 10 meter radios on the market.

Connex 3300hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio w/ Roger Beep

Here is another lower price range amateur radio that worked really well for us. It is made by Connex which has been manufacturing good radios in this product niche for a long time now. The Connex 3300hp seems way more powerful than the 40 watts it indicates it has and was really impressive right out of the box.

As far as looks go it is a very sleek looking model that lights up well at night and can be adjusted for brightness. The controls are all there on the front of the unit and there are many different adjustments to help make the clarity of your conversations as ideal as possible. The channel selector is a large display so if you mount this in your vehicle it is easy to change channels even while driving.

This 10 meter radio has a bunch of things you can do with it and several controls. A couple of its best features are an automatic noise limiter that works excellent and what they call a noise blanker. The AM and FM modes are easy to switch between and the roger beep is a nice extra too. There are also 6 bands on this radio that you can select from. It is a nice inexpensive unit that is great for beginners or even more experienced amateur radio operators. It makes for one of the best 10 meter CB radios period.


DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio with Single Sideband

Are you an avid and active amateur radio operator? Then this excellent model 10 meter radio is just right for you. You might consider it to be the Cadillac of amateur radios. It even comes with a convenient side band so you can expand your realm of communications to both the USB and LSB communication worlds.

Even coming out of the box this unit (see full specs) looked great with its sleek control system that has everything located where it is easy to operate so you can maximize your radio communication experience. It even has a very easy to read power meter on the face so you can see the signal strength, RF output power and the current SWR level at the present time. For nighttime use it has a nice lighted faceplate and adjustable dimmer light built right in.

It has not one but “two internal fans” for cooling and a whole host of controls that help eliminate background noise and other bothersome radio noise while using it. Its huge 200 watts of power should satisfy even the most ardent amateur radio user. Once you factor in the nice two year warranty on this unit it really becomes obvious what a great 10 meter radio it is.

My New Galaxy DX-98VHP

Stryker Sr-955hpc 10 Meter Amateur Radio

This is the second really nice Stryker amateur radio on our list. It has a few more features and a higher price tag than the first one but for what it does it is well worth the money.

Among the radio’s best features (see full specs) are all the different radio readings that are easily visible on the front of the radio. All of these readings are background lit too which makes using the unit at night real easy; what a great design here. We also can’t forget to mention all the adjustable controls that will help keep your radio conversation as clear as possible while using it.

It has a full 70 watts of communication power which should satisfy just about anyone who uses this model radio. It even lets you select between five different roger beeps. It only weighs a little over six pounds and is easy to mount just about anywhere. This is really one of the best 10 meter radios for the price and the many reviews from others that have purchased and use it only back this statement up further.

Any of These Are a Great 10 Meter Radio Purchase

You work hard and deserve to enjoy life and being an amateur radio operator can be fun and interesting. It’s even more fun if you have a great radio to do it with. So take your search seriously and take your time while doing it. If you are not into doing a lot of research on your own then take the solid advice offered here and purchase one of the excellent radios we reviewed here. They are all great buys that work well when it comes to 10 meter radios.

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