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best utility knife blades

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Utility knives are without a doubt of one the handiest tools to have in the home, workshop, or office. When shopping for a new utility knife one should always ensure that the blades are easy to replace and affordable, but quality should never be sacrificed. Always make sure that your replacement blades carry both good strength and flexibility, as both are needed to ensure a long lasting product. Many good sets of utility knife blades come with sturdy blade holders, a feature that is great for both organization and preventing nasty cuts.

Below we have compiled an overview of the 4 best utility knife blades on the market. They should fit the vast majority of popular utility knives.

Stanley 11-921L 50-Pack

The quality of Stanley utility blades is hard to beat, making them a reliable choice of affordable replacements. The Stanley 11-921L 50-Pack Heavy Duty Utility Blades with Dispenser is also available in packs of 100, 200 and 400. They come housed in a plastic dispenser that does a great job of keeping things together, while allowing for easy removal of a blade. These utility knife blades are extremely sharp and can really be put through their paces before losing their ability to cut well. Stanley has manufactured replacement blades of the highest quality, these blades are very difficult to break. Stanley has precision-honed the edge of each blade to provide the optimal cutting surface, and their technology works.

The Stanley 11-921L 50-Pack Heavy Duty Utility Blades with Dispenser contains standard US size utility blades that fit almost any utility knife. They fit exceptionally well into Stanley utility knives, although the same could be said for the majority of brands tested. For the majority of lightweight applications, a single fifty pack could very well last for many years; however, for those working with fiberglass or similar materials, a larger pack may be recommended. Stanley is a trusted supplier of tools across all facets of DIY and their utility knife blades are yet another accolade amongst their outstanding product range. These just might be the best utility knife blades for the money.

TEKTON 82580 100-Piece

Tekton is a great supplier of tools across the entire range of DIY applications. The TEKTON 82580 Utility Knife Blade Dispenser, 100-Piece, gives you one hundred razor sharp utility knife blades (yes, we’re good with math), fitting almost any brand of utility knife. Their universal fitment capability makes them a great choice for those that are not sure of what to buy, although all standard US utility knives carry a fixed size. The quality of these blades is outstanding, with each manufactured from SK5 spring steel, giving both flexibility and strength. While these blades are sharp and tough, one may go through a few of them when dealing with more rigorous activities than cutting through card, cardboard, vinyl or plastic sheeting.

The dispenser provided is easy to transport, giving you safe access to a replacement blade, one at time. It is also of tough enough quality to last, showing no sign of breaking easily, and it is also capable of being wall mounted. The TEKTON 82580 is an affordable set of replacement blades that will not disappoint.

LENOX Tools Blades, Titanium-Coated, 50Pack

LENOX Tools Utility Knife Blades, Titanium-Coated, 50Pack, also available packs of one hundred, are premier quality utility knife blades comprised of superior materials and craftsmanship. The blade edge is coated with a titanium-allow, giving you a razor-sharp edge that will persist through the toughest of tasks. The overall construction of the blade is far superior to most other products thanks to the bi-metal composition allowing for bend and flex without the risk of breaking. They also carry a specialized four notched design, giving you the ability to make deeper cuts.

These replacement utility knife blades are perfectly suited to cutting through abrasive material such as insulation, flooring, roofing, fiberglass and drywalls. They are manufactured to standard US size, and fit all popular utility knives. The fit is firm, with very little room for error regardless of which utility knife you have. The dispenser provided is of a high quality and does a great job of neatly storing your blades with no risk of cutting yourself. The dispenser is capable of dispensing either one or five blades at a time, a nifty addition. For a supply of reliable, long lasting titanium coated utility knife blades, definitely look to these from Lenox, you cannot go wrong. They’re among the best utility knife blades on the market.

Wiss RWK14D .025-Inch 100 Blades

Wiss RWK14D .025-Inch 100 Heavy-Duty Utility Knife Blades is manufactured from the highest quality steel, offering customers a set of replacement blades that will last through the toughest cuts and hardest practical applications. They are perfectly suited to professional use and are some of the toughest blades available. Manufactured in the U.S.A., these Wiss utility knife blades are sharp, precise, and rugged. They fit all standard sized utility knives and Apex Tool Group has done a great job of ensuring a precise fit.

The only downside to their otherwise fantastic replacement blades is the fact that they don’t come with a dispenser, although for the quality that one receivers this can be easily overlooked. If you simply want the best utility knife blades available, then look no further than these fantastic Wiss RWK14D .025-Inch 100 Heavy-Duty Utility Knife Blades

Purchase Quality

A utility knife is a tool that everyone will put to good use in one way or another. It is wise to purchase a knife that is reputed to be durable, one whose quality is apparent. By matching the manufacturer of your utility knife blades to the manufacturer of the knife itself, you can ensure a firm fit and good quality all-round. It is always a good idea to have spare blades ready when using your utility knife. There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck with a blunt or damaged blade. Good luck!

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