The 4 Best Kerosene Lanterns – Oil Lamp Reviews 2024

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Kerosene lanterns are extremely handy around the house, outdoors and are often an essential part of any camping experience. Many prefer the light cast from a kerosene lamp to those from LEDs and other synthetic lighting solutions. A good kerosene lamp will not only light up the area, but warm it up too! Make sure that your choice of lamp warms the area, but does not get excessively hot to the touch as a result of shoddy design.

When selecting a lantern for regular use it is best to ensure that it has a sturdy composition and won’t leak. The unit should also be well ventilated. The smell of kerosene burning from a low quality kerosene lamp can overpower one and entirely fumigate confined areas. A good, sturdy lantern will however do nothing of the sort, providing nothing but a faint scent of kerosene, or your choice of fuel.

We have taken a look at some of the best kerosene lanterns and lamps for camping and the great outdoors. Each benefits from good construction, good illumination and reliable service. The majority of these light sources can use kerosene or citronella oil as fuel, the latter being fantastic to repel insects around a campsite. We have also included two outstanding options that follow the design of your classic kerosene lantern, but improve upon it greatly, making them an asset to any avid outdoorsman.

V&O by 21st Century 610-76114 10-Inch Centennial Solid Brass Trim Oil Lantern

This is a great lantern that follows the classic kerosene lamp design with a slightly smaller footprint. The reduced size, about 10”, maintains the same illumination as standard-sized lamps. Overall, this lamp can maintain a consistent brightness for eleven hours. At maximum strength, this lantern also warms up smaller areas well in the event you don’t have a primary heating source. The brass composition adds a lot of durability to this classical kerosene lamp, while not upping its price too much.

Filling this lamp is easy and the base is well sealed. The glass is not the thickest, but it is durable enough to last. It would be best not to fill this lamp too high as your fuel may leak out the wick, keep it low and you’re good to go. Kerosene, Citronella and Lamp Oil can all be used as fuel. V&O’s 10-inch Oil Lantern is an affordable option that sticks to the basics and functions well. Handle it with care and you can be assured many nights of good service. This is one of the best kerosene lamps period.

V & O 200-30060 Camping Lantern 12″ Blue

The classical kerosene lantern has a 12-ounce tank for oil and a long lasting burn time of roughly 35 hours. Both the glass covering and the wick are replaceable. Replacement wicks are cheap and this lantern burns through them at a very slow rate (with some wicks, a millimeter every 25 hours is not unheard of). A variety of fuel can be used. You have the choice of burning kerosene, lamp oil, citronella, or liquid paraffin.

The V & O 200-30060 Camping Lantern measuring between 11 and 12-inches, is a reliable, cost effective means of providing light outdoors. Care should be taken when carrying this lantern as the handle can get slightly hot. When using kerosene as fuel the smell is present but not overpowering. Overall this is one of the best kerosene lanterns that can take advantage of all cheap fuel sources.

Coleman One Mantle Kerosene Lantern

Coleman’s One Mantle Kerosene Lantern is the favored choice of many, providing excellent durability, rugged design and service that you can rely on. Its classic kerosene burner design uses Coleman’s number 11 mantles (one is pre-installed), burning for roughly five and half hours on a two pint tank of kerosene. The light cast is clear and bright, the flame is easy to ignite and it goes out immediately once turned off. The illumination rates at 784 lumens, on par with a 60 Watt light bulb.

The construction of this lantern is very strong: it will not rust and the fuel tank is coated to make certain that it can last through repeated use. Coleman have even included an automatic tip cleaner; you will never have a problem with your mantles. The lantern does not give off an excessive smell of kerosene when lit. This is a great lantern, you will barely hear or smell it burning. Its single knob adjuster makes setting your brightness simple. The outer surface of this lantern remains relatively cool and as coated as not to crack. Coleman’s One Mantle is a straight-forward, simple outdoor light that can be depended upon in any terrain or for any purpose and is one of the best kerosene lanterns on the market.

Dietz #90 D-Lite Kerosene Burning Lantern

The Dietz #90 oil lantern is an outdoor-ready lighting solution that’s perfect for campsites, porches, and power outages.

This kerosene lantern has a 7/8” wick and a combined total of 14 candle power, giving it an effective burn for exceptionally dark areas. Overall, this unit can burn for a total of 27 hours before requiring a refill on kerosene as well, making it energy-efficient compared to many others.

For portability, this kerosene lamp is less than 14” tall with a 7 3/4” diameter base. It only weighs two pounds too, meaning you can haul this lamp anywhere, anytime and hardly notice it’s in your luggage.

If you need a solid all-around kerosene lamp, this is your choice! This is easily one of the best kerosene lanterns for the money.

Taking care of Kerosene lanterns

A kerosene lantern is a great help when outdoors at night, but it can be a hazard if not used correctly. Always ensure that you only fill to the fill-line if marked. If there is no level indicator then just leave ½-inch headway. After use you should always clean your kerosene lamp, at the very least wiping the globe and neck with warm, soapy water. Good luck!

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