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Glasspack mufflers follow what is known as a “straight-through” design structure. They are the simplest form of muffler found on performance-optimized vehicles.

Within the center of a glasspack muffler is located a perforated exhaust tube. A muffler using an angled tube is the quieter choice, while the straight tubed versions are those that produce loud sounds. Glasspack mufflers have design structures that are free from many restrictions, giving the ability to build more horsepower while roaring out deep tones from your exhaust. Glasspack mufflers are noticeably louder than turbo mufflers and the extent of the volume ranges from louder than average to deafening.

Below are our reviews for the 4 best glasspack mufflers on the market:

Flowtech 50252FLT Red Hots Glasspack Muffler

The Flowtech 50252FLT Red Hots Glass Pack Muffler gives amazing value for money and deep, powerful sound. The backpressure of this muffler is decreased to increase the flow capability. This muffler does not only look good, but it is long lasting and gives a great performance boost. Available in red, this Flowtech muffler is manufactured in the U.S.A. and is comprised of superior materials and craftsmanship. This muffler is both rust and corrosion protected. The overall length is measured at 24”, while the case diameter is 3-12”. The inlet and outlet diameter measures at 2-12.

One can expect a longer header life and in turn more horsepower when choosing a Flowtech 50252FLT Red Hots Glass Pack Muffler. The ceramic design even lowers temperatures under the hood. The sound given is powerful and rich, enhanced by the rounded shape. For anyone that is looking for an affordable glasspack muffler, definite keep this excellent option from Flowtech in mind. The increase in flow will help your vehicle’s fuel economy, while breathing new life into the sound of your exhaust system. It’s one of the best glasspack mufflers for the money.

Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler

The cherry bomb style of muffler has been a reliable favorite since 1968. The Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler carries the unique, rich sound that is instantly recognizable by any automotive fan. The straight-through design reduces back pressure while maximizing your horsepower. This muffler from Cherry Bomb features a universal fit capability allowing it to be used with all forms of cars, motorbikes, and SUVs. The body length measures at 8 inches, while the inlet and outlet have a 2.5-inch diameter each. In total, the length of this cherry bomb muffler is 12 inches.

The Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler gives your vehicle a distinctive very loud sound. The durability of these mufflers cannot be faltered, with a single unit giving you many years of reliable service. They are rust and corrosion resistant, and will hold the bright red exterior veneer for many years to come. The total value provided by Cherry Bomb is outstanding, making this muffler a highly recommended affordable choice for the performance orientated motorist.

Flowtech 50225FLT Purple Hornies Slip-Fit Glasspack Muffler

The Flowtech 50225FLT Purple Hornies Slip-Fit Muffler carries an attractive purple finish and uses a spiral louver design at its core. The sound produced by this unique offering from Flowtech carries deep, low tones and has quite a bit of range. The fitment of this muffler will give you amazingly rich exhaust sound, a decrease in backpressure and an overall boost to your horsepower. The diameter of the inlet and outlet measures at 2.5-inches and matches the majority of vehicles or motorcycles, without the need for extensive customization to be made.

The Flowtech 50225FLT Purple Hornies Slip-Fit Muffler gives you both sound reminiscent of a hot rod, and performance that matches any modern muffler compared. The corrosion and rust resistant nature, along-with the stunning purple veneer, will give you long lasting durability and in turn a muffler than is well worth the expenditure. The sound produced is rather unique and found highly favorable by most enthusiasts. Not ifs and buts, this kickass product is one of the best glasspack mufflers period.

MagnaFlow 18146 Large Stainless Steel Glasspack Muffler

For a high quality muffler that carries unique acoustics, look no further than the MagnaFlow 18146 Large Stainless Steel Glasspack Muffler. This excellent muffler from MagnaFlow carries an aluminized stainless steel construction and makes use of a reversible design. This is a muffler that carries a straight-through design structure and is extremely heat resistant. The acoustic dampening material used reduces any annoying noises, leaving nothing but rich, deep, roaring sound.

The MagnaFlow 18146 Large Stainless Steel Glasspack Muffler measures at 30-inches in length and the shiny finish makes a worthy addition to any performance tuned-car. MagnaFlow is a trusted manufacturer of high quality automotive components, and this affordable muffler is a great addition to their range. The MagnaFlow 18146 Large Stainless Steel Glasspack Muffler is a muffler manufactured in the U.S.A., carrying a backing that you can rely on. The ends of this muffler slip easily over a 2.5” exhaust pipe, making them a good all-round fit.

Of course, like most companies that make glasspack mufflers, MagnaFlow provides tons of other sizes (see them here).  The video below shows an 18134, which is pretty much the same thing as the 18146 except it’s 5.6 inches shorter:

Installing a Glasspack Muffler

When one obtains a glasspack muffler that has an inlet and outlet diameter matching of one’s exhaust, which is most frequently the case, then one simply slips the muffler over the exhaust pipe. If welding is needed and one does not have the tools or experience, then simply visit an exhaust shop to have your glasspack fitted at a relatively low expense.

Glasspack Muffler Replacement

After extended use, glasspack mufflers do take a noticeable knock to the roaring deep tones once heard. Whenever this happens one can safely know that a replacement is necessary as your old muffler is showing signs of not being able to absorb sound properly. As glasspack mufflers age, they degrade and simply cannot resonate the same sounds nor give the same performance boost that they once did. Fortunately, change brings diversity, and thus the exercise of replacing your muffler can breathe new life into your vehicle, causing a new range of unique tones to be resonated relative to your driving. And with this article, we hope you’ve found the best glasspack muffler for your needs. Good luck!

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